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[NEWS] JYJ Fandom News Advert – ‘Boardcast Companies Obstruct Activities’ Satirization + T/N Explainations
May 25, 2011 by withjyj

It’s the longest article I’ve ever written.
I took the time to interpret and collate all these works.
Other than the orignal article translations, the interpretations are based on my understandings.
It could differs from person to person and does not represent the intention of the original writer.
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JYJ (Kim Junsu, Park YuChun, Kim JaeJoong)’s fans were not able to see them on boardcast channels so they released a press media to satirize about this issue and it’s catching a lot of attention.

The advert reads,”On moonlit night on the last day of the month a document secretly handed over. Fret not about the 3 childen who is an eyesore there won’t be an issue. No matter what the judge says, believe in the entertainment country. [T/N: Translated as accordance to the direct meaning of the peom!]” and a picture of a woman who puts a TV on her head and a man who wore a mask was following right behind the woman was included along with the poem. The advert is trying to say that because of the on-going issue that JYJ has with their previous management company, they were not able to appear on boardcast programs and their previous management company has a certain amount of influence on these broadcast companies.

On the other hand, JYJ fans requested that KBS give a formal reply with regards to the reason why JYJ is not able to attend ‘Music Bank’ and KBS replied saying, “Because JYJ who still has an on-going lawsuit, does not have an album released after 17th February and plus the circumstances differs from singers to singers who qualify to make appearance in the show, JYJ did not qualify. And, “On an additional remark, the OST that JYJ has released did not qualify to the subject.” Adding on, “About the selection of performers, it’s at the sole discretion of the production crew so until JYJ releases a new album or has some work, thereafter the production crew will decide.”

[Translation Note: The explainations of the poem and the picture is based on my own interpretations. It doesn’t represent the intention of the original writer.]

The title of the poem is “JYJ 제명가” which literally means “JYJ Commandment Song”

On moonlit night on the last day of the month – It speaks about deep into the dark on a secretive night like on a secret mission that no others should come to know about it. It happens during the midst of the night when everyone should be sound asleep.

a document secretly handed over – an important document that needs to be discussed in discreet (like in ancient times meeting in discreet and sending out hand written documents of a high level of importance) being sent out by SM to various TV stations and companies

Fret not about the 3 childen who is a thorn in your eye because there won’t be an issue. – there’s no need to even worry about those 3 children standing in your way for they won’t even be able to appear on TV as of what you’ve wanted it to be.

No matter what the judge says, believe in the entertainment country- The entertainment country do not follow the decision made by the judge and that they have their own rules and laws that they adhere to.. It begs to differentiate the different kinds of world the broadcasting companies are standing at and their viewpoint on issues and how the judge views on the issue. In short, it shows that the entertainemtn industry is like a separate country ruled by their own laws and not follow what the judge said.

Notice that single chinese character in the whole chunk of Korean words?
It means “country” in Hanja Character. The writer is trying to stress the meaning of the line of that poem. Although in Korean 예능국 which means “Entertainment Department” has the same writings as the word “국” in Hanja Character, the writer has used the chinese character to stress that the entertainment department is a country of its own and has its own set of laws and regulations which is overruled by the judgement of the judge or simply put, anyone beides those in that entertainment country ie. SM Entertainment and Boardcasting compaies.

A closer look into what the picture says

The picture shows a woman, a man and a frog. If you take a closer look at their expressions, the woman look frustrated and the man has a sheepish look. Note that his hand is grabbing the arm of the woman. The picture, according to the dressings and hair styles, protrays an image of ancient Korea. In Korea culture, it means a lot for a man to grab a woman by the arm in public area – it could be viewed as harrassement.

The woman balances a TV on her head which represents the Entertainment Country. The man behind her represents the management companies. It is well-known that Lee SooMan, CEO of SM Entertainment has a nickname call “toad” or the “wine toad” because of his looks and because he once invested in winery. Thus the toad represents him. The toad is glaring at the man and woman. Management companies buy the good looks of the Entertainment Country so they can dominate and rule it; like how a man rules his woman.

Below is the extract from the image link in the advert

Subject: Newsroom’s Idol JYJ

Huge reveal of the reason why they can only be seen on current affairs programs!


1. The exclusion of JYJ 1st World Wide Album [The Beginning] from [Music Bank K-Chart] Countings
On October 2010 last year, JYJ’s album [The Beginning] has been officially released and even though JYJ received a high level of sales (as accordance to Hanteo Chart of 2010 with a number of 127 000 copies), KBS’s music program [Music Bank]‘s music chart K-Chart has totally excluded the countings of the album out of the chart with no appropriate reason.

2. [SKKS OST. “Found”] released but been exempted to perform on [Music Bank]
On August 2010, the OST of the drama SKKS which has been broacasted on KBS sold 110, 000 copies which was the first time ever that an OST has sold so well and in the album, the song “Found” which was sung by JYJ was charted on KBS’s very own music chart K-Chart as #2 for the first week of October and #3 for the second week of October. Although the song has received great results, there was not once that JYJ was able to perform that song. On May 2011, after over a long period, KBS claimed that the sales of the OST which accounts to the counting of K-Chart will be exempted and “Found” which counted towards the K-Chart in 2010 was exmpted for the reason being the rules that runs the charting has differs in 2011 from that of 2010 was revealed on January 2011.

3. [Kim Seung Woo’s Win Win] Denied of Appearance
On March 2011, JYJ’s member Park YuChun was supposed to appear as ‘Unknown Guest’ of Kim KamSu’s episode on Win Win. However, on the day that he was supposed to appear on the show, he suddenly received a notice saying that he’s not qualified to attend the variety show. With regards to this, KBS has yet an acceptable explaination for it.

Take Notice!
DNBN will open a page for fans to go and ask questions about the advert, so stay tuned! There will be a Q&A page.

***You conclude yourself what is the true meaning of this advert.***

Reference Article: [Article] How management and broadcast companies work

Source. Star Daily, TXVQ Gallery, DNBN
Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ

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