NEWS TVXQ’s Yunho and Claudia Transform Into Marionettes For Kiss & Cry

[News] TVXQ’s Yunho and Claudia transform into marionettes for ‘Kiss & Cry’

On the latest recording for SBS’s ‘Kiss & Cry‘, TVXQ’s Yunho and his partner, Claudia, transformed into marionettes for a special ice performance that drew cheers from the audience.

Wearing white masks, the two showed off secure lifts and improved skills. But their audience really went wild over how the pair threw off their masks and ripped off their costumes. After his performance, Yunho touched viewers by revealing, “Because I have to fall before my partner falls, I learned how to break falls.”

Kim Jang Hoon praised, “Even from the viewpoint of a man, Yunho’s performance was amazing and impressive.”

SHINee’s Minho had also joined the performance as a puppet master, leading judges to ask, “You’re famous for being an athletic idol. Watching Yunho’s performance, did you ever think of wanting to skate?” Minho wittily replied, “It’s amazing to see Yunho hyung’s stage live, but if I practice…”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

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  1. I honestly didn’t realize that this program was going to run this long. I guess it’s like So You Think You Can Dance format. Our Jung Yunho is putting his heart and soul into this among all the other demands on his time and energy. Hwaiting, Yunho!!! <3 Momma Cha

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