Translation 110803 PD of Kiss & Cry Says, ” It’s A Shame That U-Know Yunho and Claudia Had to Withdraw

[Trans] 110803 PD Of ‘Kiss&Cry’ Says, “It’s A Shame That U-Know Yunho And Claudia Had To Withdraw”

The U-Know Yunho-Claudia couple have decided to withdraw from the SBS variety show ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss&Cry’.

PD Kim Jae Hyuk of ‘Kiss&Cry’ stated on the 3rd that, “U-Know Yunho and Claudia will be withdrawing from the competition,” and “Out of all the participating figure skaters, Claudia is currently the only active skater as a backup national athlete and will begin training from early August.”

He continued to add, “Claudia will also be competing at the Junior Grand Prix prematch which will be held at Taereung in early August. Her scheduled activities will overlap. What an active skater needs more than anything is practice and competitions. That is why she decided to withdraw.”

This meant that the two didn’t participate in the filming of the fifth round that was held on the 2nd. They will replace their scheduled performance with an interview regarding their withdrawal for the episode that will air on the 7th.

PD Kim stated, “Initially, ‘Kiss&Cry’ was scheduled to end at the end of July,” and “However, the World Figure Skating Championships, which Kim Yuna was listed to perform in, was delayed a month due to the earthquake in Japan. Therefore, ‘Kiss&Cry’ was delayed a month as well. We’ve been continuously trying to adjust the schedule but it wasn’t an easy task. It’s a shame.”

He also added, “U-Know Yunho is also feeling extremely sad about it,” and “It would have been nice if U-Know Yunho and Claudia could have stayed with us till the end, but they have had to unfortunately withdraw and it’s a real shame. Though the program is important, training is more important to an active skater like Claudia. We ask for our viewers to understand their situation.”

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Translation 110725 Kiss & Cry U-Know Yunho: “I’m Worried About Claudia Getting Hurt, Thus I’ve Learned How To Fall”

[Trans] 110725 Kiss & Cry U-Know Yunho: “I’m Worried About Claudia Getting Hurt, Thus I’ve Learnt How To Fall.”‏

For his partner Claudia, Yunho even learnt the method to fall. At the 3rd competition on Kiss & Cry broadcasted on the 24th, U-Know Yunho and Claudia displayed their stage with a Marionette theme.

SHINee’s Minho was also present to give his support to this special stage with Yunho and Claudia performing the unique Marionette performance, attracting the judges’ attention. Additionally, the different trials on lifting displayed their improved skills.

Judge Kim Yuna praised, “U-Know Yunho displayed the difficult lift routine thus the steady improvement in his skill can be seen.” U-Know Yunho said, “It was really tough. Because I ever lift up Claudia and after that she fell badly.”

“Thus I wanted it to be different from that time. This time (if Claudia falls) I should fell first, thus I learnt the way to fall. During the practice of falling, I should fall first and then allowing Claudia to drop safely. Because of this, Claudia became confident in me and I gained my self-confidence too.” In order to prevent his partner from getting injured, he learnt the method to fall which made the judges pleased with Yunho’s hardwork.

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Translation 110725 The Innocent Question Of Why Don’t You Have A Girlfriend?” Left Yunho Breaking Out In A Cold Sweat

[Trans] 110725 The Innocent Question of “Why Doesn’t You Have A Girlfriend?” Left Yunho Breaking Out In Cold Sweat‏

TVXQ U-Know Yunho broke out in cold sweat with the innocent questionings from the kids Cha Joon Hwan and Jin Ji Hee, arousing laughters.

On the Kiss & Cry that was broadcasted on the 24th, Yunho abide by his promise of buying Tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork) for Claudia. At the request of the youngest in the team Cha Joon Hwan and Jin Ji Hee, the four of them went to a Chinese cuisine restaurant.

Facing Cha Joon Hwan’s constant questioning of “Why doesn’t Yunho hyung have a girlfriend? It is not okay for an artiste to not have one~” left Yunho breaking out in sweat and replied, “Hyung would loved to have one too.”, showing his heartfelt feelings.
(T/N: Cha Joon Hwan is the boy who helped to tie YH’s shoes.)

Yunho continued to genuinely say that, “As I have to be performing overseas very often, wouldn’t I be in tense mode due to that person who is waiting for me (to return)? Because if we were to break up, we will be heartbroken and hurt isn’t it?”

To this, Cha Joon Hwan replied simply, “Then why don’t the two of you just go (overseas) together?” It made Yunho laughed out loud, “So it can be done just like that… I shall do what Joon Hwan had suggested,” replying to Cha Joon Hwan’s innocent suggestion.

After that, when Cha Joon Hwan again raised a question of “Do you think Choikang Changmin hyung is handsome or U-Know Yunho hyung?”, Yunho immediately showed his desire to win, saying, “The most important point to this question is that in this life that you have lived, who is the one that is buying Tangsuyuk for you all.” In the end Yunho became the ‘Pretty Boy’ with everyone’s agreement, and he revealed his satisfied smile.

Yunho who broke out in sweats by the questionings from Cha Joon Hwan and Ji Jin Hee, said, “When I’m together with Ji Hee and Joon Hwan, it’s as though I can gained a lot of advantageous strength. We are like friends when we are together.”

In the broadcast that day, Yunho and Claudia performed on a Marionette-themed stage, attracting audiences’ attention.

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NEWS TVXQ’s Yunho and Claudia Transform Into Marionettes For Kiss & Cry

[News] TVXQ’s Yunho and Claudia transform into marionettes for ‘Kiss & Cry’

On the latest recording for SBS’s ‘Kiss & Cry‘, TVXQ’s Yunho and his partner, Claudia, transformed into marionettes for a special ice performance that drew cheers from the audience.

Wearing white masks, the two showed off secure lifts and improved skills. But their audience really went wild over how the pair threw off their masks and ripped off their costumes. After his performance, Yunho touched viewers by revealing, “Because I have to fall before my partner falls, I learned how to break falls.”

Kim Jang Hoon praised, “Even from the viewpoint of a man, Yunho’s performance was amazing and impressive.”

SHINee’s Minho had also joined the performance as a puppet master, leading judges to ask, “You’re famous for being an athletic idol. Watching Yunho’s performance, did you ever think of wanting to skate?” Minho wittily replied, “It’s amazing to see Yunho hyung’s stage live, but if I practice…”

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Translation 110630 U-Know Yunho Say’s “I Skated In The Streets Of Europe For Kiss & Cry”

[Trans] 110630 U-Know Yunho Says, “I Skated In The Streets Of Europe For Kiss&Cry”

Why was U-Know Yunho clenching his teeth?

In the second pair competition of ‘Kiss&Cry’ that was held at the SBS Ilsan Production Center on June 21st, U-Know Yunho signaled an extravagant revival with a charismatic performance.

Because of his recent concert schedule in Europe, U-Know Yunho has not been able to practice his skating for a period of time. This meant that his partner Claudia had to attend the mid-week assessment alone, causing fans to worry about his future stance in the competition.

The worry was heightened by the fact that U-Know Yunho placed 8th out of ten teams in the first competition due to the mistakes he made while performing.

But U-Know Yunho partook in the second competition and had the ‘Rose Evaluators’ fired up with his extravagant dancing and b-boying skills.

After his performance, U-Know Yunho said, “I’ve never been so worried about a competition as I was for this one. But I rehearsed my part on the ground because I didn’t have access to a skating rink, and I had faith in my partner Claudia.” During his stay in Europe, U-Know Yunho took every minute of spare time he had to put on his skates and rehearse his routine, whether he was in his hotel or on the streets.

His partner Claudia was moved when she heard how hard U-Know Yunho worked to find time to rehearse.

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“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again” (Edward Hixon “Moral Song, 1857)

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News TVXQ’s Yunho Had Leg Injuries During ‘Kiss and Cry’ Performance

[News] TVXQ’s Yunho had leg injuries during ‘Kiss and Cry’ Performance

Praying for your healing, U-Know Yunho. 🙂 Momma Cha

TVXQ’s Yunho managed to wow the audience with his suave “Summer Night” performance with partner Claudia Mueller, but a bonus, unaired clip from SBS’s “Kiss and Cry” showed that Yunho had actually performed with a severe leg injury.

In the unseen clip, which aired after the June 19th episode, Yunho was interviewed about his competition performance. “I had a previous leg injury from another concert,” he revealed. “My leg was ripped and swollen but I want to enjoy the stage without thinking about it.”

Meanwhile, his partner, professional figure skater Claudia Mueller, expressed her admiration for Yunho’s dedication. “Yunho oppa was much more handsome and self-assured on the stage, compared to the rehearsals,” she said.

Yunho and Mueller’s team scored a combined total of 40.1 for the first round, landing them in 8th place for the time being. The total scores from both the first and second rounds will be averaged, with the lowest-scoring team being eliminated from the competition.

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News 110612 Yunho Expresses His Disappointment On ‘Kiss & Cry’

[News] 110612 Yunho expresses his disappointment on ‘Kiss & Cry’

TVXQ’s Yunho expressed his disappointment in falling during his pair-skating performance.

On the June 12th broadcast of SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry“, Yunho and his skating partner, Claudia Mueller, gave a pair-skating performance from the musical “Grease“.

In the last episode, Yunho, who placed 1st during the first singles performance, was unable to practice much for the pair-skating performance because of his overseas schedule. Because of this, he gave a sluggish performance during the half-way evaluation.

Yunho revealed, “I was so shocked during the half-way evaluation that I wondered if I would be able to stand on stage. We have a performance, but I just came back from abroad today.”

The two skaters were much more in sync during the actual performance, but because of the lack of practice time, Yunho did make some mistakes.

The experts stated that Yunho’s skating was good, but that they were disappointed by his mistakes. Skater Kim Yuna stated, “Your spiral was good, but I was a little disappointed in the speed.” Singer Kim Jang Hoon commented, “I liked that you didn’t get flustered when you fell and got back up.”

Meanwhile, the pair received a score of 33.7 for their performance.

Watch Yunho’s performance below!

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News 110606 Yunho’s Busy Schedule Affects His Performance on “Kiss & Cry”

[News] 110606 Yunho’s Busy Schedule Affects His Performance on “Kiss & Cry”

Yunho. Sometimes demands to perform are larger than life, and your work ethic shows. You are doing your best under pressure and I believe that you will continue to do your best whatever the outcome. That is what is important. Love you. Momma Cha

You Can Do This Yunho!!

After coming away with a win on the pilot episode of ”Kiss & Cry“, TVXQ’s Yunho seems to be struggling to keep his title due to his overwhelming schedule.

The show’s June 5th episode focused on the stars’ preparations for their performances. Throughout his training period, Yunho kept apologizing to his partner, Claudia Mueller. Because of TVXQ’s upcoming world tour and Japanese promotions, the two had only two days to train.

Even with the two days, Yunho could only train in the early morning, which was difficult for Mueller, who’s a student in junior high school. She commented, “We’d train from midnight until two or three in the morning, so it was very tiring.”

The lack of preparations showed in the way their steps would tangle. Yunho fell over while holding Mueller up and continued to fall during all of the spins and spirals required for their performance. Instead of expressing frustration, however, Yunho seemed more apologetic towards Mueller and had a difficult time holding up his head in front of her.

Judge Kim Yuna commented, “In ice dancing, the man must throw himself on the floor if he has to in order to protect the woman from a fall. It’s harder for couples than singles when there isn’t enough practice. It didn’t really live up to my expectations.”

In the following interview, Yunho said, “I think I felt too safe because I had won our opening show. I am most apologetic towards my dongseng, Claudia Mueller.”

Check out whether Yunho manages to overcome the obstacles on June 12th!

source + photos: TV Report via Nate
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