Translation 110828 A-Nation Tokyo (First Day) Staff Report and Thank You Message

[TRANS] 110828 A-Nation Tokyo (first day) Staff Report & Thank you message from Tohoshinki

1. A-nation staff report

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a-nation Tokyo, first day

Again, everyone got very excited with today’s live! For those who came to the venue, thank you very much for supporting them until the last moment♪
The photo is just before their performance, right in front of their backstage room. The scarf (one of the official goodies) perfectly matches their stage outfit, they really look cool♪


2. Thank you message

To all the fans in Tokyo!! Thank you again for the outstanding cheers today. We really know that the stage is not made only by Tohoshinki! Everyone’s cheers are included and blended into one, that is the first time that the performance would be complete.
We were really impressed today! We are sorry that this year’s a-nation will finish with tomorrow’s stage, but we would do our best to liven up the stage until the last moment. Thank you very much again for today!

T/N: This message was directly sent to my cellular phone, I went to a-nation Tokyo today.

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