FANACCOUNT 110827 A-Nation in Tokyo

[Fanaccount] 110827 A-nation in Tokyo

The following are tweets by @lisaliolisalio who has kindly translate tweets of fans who were at the event.
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  • When Yunho looked around the audience after Stand by U, he gave a warm expression. Changmin showed us a very cute smile and then looked down out of shyness and shook his head. It was so impressive. RT @MinChan_4U39 Stand by U が終わった後、ユノが客席を見渡した時に表情がふっと緩んだ チャンミンも客席を見てかわいい笑顔を見せてくれた後、照れて下を向いて頭を降ってた 凄く感動した瞬間
  • Yunho stumbled and slurred his words repeatedly. Soooooo cute(*´艸`) As always, he gave a lot of service, eg, pointed at each camera and gave a wink ☆☆ RT @naaao0405 ユノが噛み噛みで超〜〜〜かわいかった(*´艸`)今日もカメラ探しては指差したりウインクしたりサービスいっぱい☆☆
  • The fireworks at the end of concert suited Tohoshinki(*´ェ`*)…♥ They have become a great artist who can close a festival concert even in Japan. I’m so impressed. RT @kuroyunho: 大トリの花火と東方神起、とてもよく似合ってました(*´ェ`*)…♥ 日本でもトリにふさわしいアーティストになったという事だね。ただただ感動
  • Tohoshinki’s popularity was cruel LOL. The cheers!! I don’t know how to deal with this situation. I didn’t know Tohoshinki is that popular! Amazing! Really amazing….LOL. RT @jdabc_yasu 東方神起の人気えぐいw歓声!!着いていけないっ!東方神起ってこんな人気やったん!すげーっ!ほんますげー…(笑) .
  • I didn’t see Ayu’s performance. So without Ayu, Tohoshinki received the loudest cheers and made the audience excited the most today. Two boys next to me shouted repeatedly the names of Yunho and changmin (^^ゞ RT @bravo218MAXあゆは見てないからわからないけど、それ以外では今日の出演者の中で一番反応良くてもりあがったのは東方神起だとおもう。友達の隣の男子2人ずっとユノとチャンミン連呼してた(^^ゞ
  • #TOHOanation After the stage, fireworks burst across the sky. The boys who were looking at them were beautiful. What was in your mind? Tohoshinki is terrific. RT @chyh2: ステージ終わって花火が上がりそれを見てた二人綺麗だった どんな気持ちで見つめたのかな~東方神起最高です
  • #TOHOanation I had a good time at a-nation (^^). Tohoshinki’s popularity is amazing. RT @harunaaaaa212 a-nation楽しかった(^^) 東方神起の人気はやばいね。
  • Tohoshinki was amazing! Surprisingly they closed a-nation! Yunho looked into the camera repeatedly! Changmin poured water over his own head while singing Somebody to Love. RT @xiah_micエイネ東方神起やばかった!まさかのトリ!ユノのカメラ目線多かった!STLでチャンミン水かぶった!
  • Tohoshinki was the right artist for the last performer. They caused the biggest excitement today. Yunho and Changmin are too hot. I jumped and screamed hard and now am all in a sweat. They were smiling, made smug look of triumph and looked happy all the time. Tohoshinki is awesome!! RT @Kuujj東方神起大トリに相応しかった。1番の盛り上がりだった。ユノとちゃみが素敵すぎた。ジャンプしまくって叫びすぎて汗びっしょりだけど、2人がずっと笑顔だったりどやったり幸せそうだった♡東方神起最高!!
  • Tohoshinki..The cheers are out of control. All the people around me are Tohoshinki fans, so I feel sooo left out. The stadium is all red. RT @erkaaat東方神起。声援やばすぎ。周りみんな東方神起ファンでアウェー感ハンパない。会場が真っ赤です。
  • I’m now at a-nation. I’ve attended concerts of many idols such as Hello project ones. But I’ve never experienced this excitement. LOL Furthermore, I thought this isn’t a Tohoshinki’s conert LOL. RT @anztolchock私も今a-nationにいます。私もハローを中心に結構アイドル紺の現場に行っていますが、味わったことの無い状況ですwしかも、これa-nationで東方神起紺じゃないはずなのにw
  • Now Tohoshinki’s performing. The audience is crazy. It’s like Aerosmith’s concert. There’s no way to defeat them. LOL RT @Mathahiro_ 東方神起、客がスゲぇ。エアロスミスのライブみたいな客。こんなんに勝てる訳無い(笑)
  • Today I became very aware that Tohoshinki’s popularity is extraordinary. RT @ryoheyhey21東方神起の人気はレベルが違うことが今日、改めてわかりました。
  • They will close a-nation for the first time. Tohoshinki! They jumped out on the stage. Why dance intro, followed by Rising Sun. The stadium is all red! RT @mposttv エイネーション、初のトリ、東方神起登場!下から飛び出して、whyダンスイントロ.そして、ライサン。会場真っ赤!
  • Wow, Tohoshinki is the last performer!!!!!!
  • Tohoshinki’s T-shirt has already been sold out! RT @hysayuaya まさかのTシャツ売りきれ!w #TOHOanation

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