Video 110901 Poseidon Teaser 2

[Vid] 110901 Poseidon Teaser 2

credit: KBSdrama

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6 thoughts on “Video 110901 Poseidon Teaser 2

  1. Finally something is happening! The teaser looks promising. It is sure to be exciting, but not only because of all the action – what is really exciting is how the characters relate to eachother and how those relationships can or cannot thrive under conditions such as these. I am glad this is the focus of the drama 🙂

  2. Hey, YF. At least you have some concept of what it’s all about. I obviously missed that one. Guess I’d better do my homework. I’m just glad to see Poseidon on the making end instead of the dump. Just add it to the list of my ‘must sees’. 😉

  3. Hm, I just recall what was written at the time when Yunho was rumoured to appear. Perhaps they have changed the plot by now, since they`ve altered his part. ^^ Thank you so much for alll the great posts! 😀

  4. You’re welcome, YF and ditto. I always find interesting things coming out of your neck of the woods. (Don’t ask 🙂 ) I thought that Yunho was just doing a cameo appearance. Is he all through the storyline?

  5. Giggle. Suddenly, I find myself peeking into the bushes and parting the grass. You never know, do you. 🙂 I`m not really paying attention to Yunho and Poseidon I`m afraid, but you are quite right, it is a cameo appearence. The part was bigger to begin with, I think. With a new album (there is a new album coming, right? Told you I hadn`t been paying attention. xD) and promotion I guess a cameo is as good a compromise as any. 🙂

  6. Yeah. There are so many albums and singles spinning around right now I am getting dizzy just keeping track. I still don’t know how they do it. Do they sacrifice food, or sleep, or entertainment, or all of the above? I’m glad that Yunho got to do even this much with the tight schedule that they have. TT’s

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