[Trans] 120315 Park Yoochun – Unable To Eat Nor Sleep, Kept Tearing‏

[Trans] 120315 Park Yoochun – Unable To Eat Nor Sleep, Kept Tearing‏

Park Yoochun is currently staying vigil at his father’s funeral who passed away on the early afternoon of the 14th.

Since the beginning of the South American tour on the 6th and the receiving of his father’s death news, he has not been getting proper rest for almost four days. As his flu has gotten better when he was in South America, he is still currently staying strong.

Park Yoochun’s representative relayed to Osen through a telephone call, “Park Yoochun is currently not eating nor sleeping at all while staying vigil at the wake. His brother Park Yoohwan had wanted to let him rest while taking over his duties but as Yoochun is the ‘family’s mourner’ (the deceased’s eldest son), thus had to fulfill his duties. On a lighter note, he has pretty much recovered from his flu thus there’s not much problem with his health right now. But at such a young age, it has been a big trauma to him.”

SBS representative said, “Currently the filming schedule is not fixed yet, therefore as to whether is there a back up plan to film or not, it will be discussed after the funeral ended.”

source: osen
credit: mickylovelove
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source; sharingyoochun.net

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T/N: It’s just too painful to translate this. People might not be comfortable with this but I guess we have to be fair to all other fans who care about Yoochun’s update and do not know of other languages. Stay strong, Yoochun and Yoohwan.

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  1. Yoochun. Dio Not worry about filming schedules at this time. We will wait on you to resume your schedule. Be strong for your brother and Mom. We love you. Momma Cha, Bethbethree, thatmelancholysoul <333

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