[Info] 140505 Amazing Celebrity Siblings: Is It In Their Genes?


In order to become a celebrity, you need talent as well as good looks that can stand out and outshine regular citizens. For this reason, it’s not an easy feat to have even just one celebrity in the family, let alone more than one. However, there are an increasing number of celebrity siblings appearing in the entertainment industry in recent years.

A prime example of this are the Jung sisters: Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal. Not only do they actively promote within their own respective groups, they also show their abilities in various different areas through dramas, musicals, CFs (commercial film), photo shoots, and more. The two sisters have beautiful looks, exceptional fashion sense, and are currently the muses of a famous accessory brand.

Idol siblings, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder are known for their round eyes and extremely small faces, acting as the nation’s baby-face siblings. The numerous photos of them together show off their incredible visuals, as well as their similar fashion styles.

Park Yoochun and Park Yoo Hwan, with their good looks, are both in the midst of solidifying their positions as actors. With their tall height, broad shoulders, and handsome features, they have everything it takes to shake the hearts of all females. These brothers are called “Mother’s Friend’s Sons” for their positive image. Other similar famous siblings include Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan, Rainbow’s Jaekyung and N.Flying’s Kim Jae Hyun, and singer Joo and BTOB’s Ilhoon.

CF director Bae Doo Han and actress Bae Doo Na are a sibling duo that emerged as UNIQLO’s campaign models, displaying their own distinctive synergistic results.

Now, siblings are even forming groups together. Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun of Akdong Musician (AKMU) have debuted as a sibling duo after winning on SBS’ audition program, “K-Pop Star Season 2, ” in 2012. They instantly received the public’s love and interest with their numerous self-composed songs and original music style that is hard to come by in today’s music industry.

Following Akdong Musician’s win on the audition program through a relateable original song, they signed a contract with YG Entertainment. Also, they have been garnering more and more attention after finishing up their successful debut stage on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on April 9.

The public’s expectations for these celebrity siblings are rising and you can’t help but think that it runs in their blood when you see such talented and good looking siblings in one household.

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[NEWS] 140109 ‘Three Days’, “Not just an ordinary criminal investigation drama!”


Three Days’ production company stated, “We won’t go so heavily just because of the criminal investigative genre. Like the famous American show [“24”], the drama will also have love and other complex emotions and it will draw the viewers’ empathy. ‘Three Days’ will be a complex criminal investigation drama that combines multiple stories.”


Although the presidential assassination is used as material, the content is much more than that. Besides action and suspense, there is also a strong love story. The drama will have the story of the president’s bodyguard Han Tae Kyung (Park Yuchun) being framed and searching for the president, a policewoman Yoon Bo Won (Park Ha Sun) who helps him, and agent Lee Cha Young (So E Hyun) who is his peer.


Last year, through dramas ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ and ‘Master’s Sun’ and more, opened the successful period for complex dramas. SBS drama director Kim Young Seob said, “The drama must have the element for people of all ages to enjoy. It is not supposed to be inclined toward either one way or the other. ‘Three Days’ adds dramatic elements through deep melo[dramatics] and increase the depth of the relationships between each characters” and “It’s a common criminal investigative genre but will be a very particular criminal investigative genre”.


Following after ‘You Who Came From the Stars’, ‘Three Days’ will first broadcast on February 26.

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[Vid] 131103 A Look @ Park Yoowhan Compilation

A talented actor, singer, and great brother is Park Yoowhan. He has a young freshness that is very endearing. 🙂

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[News] 130501 K-Pop Celebrity Siblings Spotlight: Stars Run in the Family

[News] 130501 K-Pop Celebrity Siblings Spotlight: Stars Run in the Family

How many star siblings are there and who are they? We will explore the star-studded families here.

In K-pop, there is quite a number of sibling celebrities. Their so-called star genes are often the subject of the public’s envy as an average person’s family picture pales in comparison to that of self-radiating celebrity families. So how many star siblings are there and who are they? We will explore the star-studded families here.

The Actor-Actress Families

Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan have both had great acting careers. Kim Tae Hee, after debuting in 2000 as an advertising model, gained a lot of momentum in the widely popular ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and has continued to build a great track record as one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea. Lee Wan, initially relegated to a title of Kim Tae Hee’s younger brother, gradually marked his territory as a talented actor in film industries as well as the small screen.

Um Jung Hwa and Um Tae Woong are also well-known celebrity siblings. Um Jung Hwa has enjoyed a great deal of success as a singer in her 20s and early 30s and now as an actress in the big screen. The brother, Um Tae Woong, made his mark with his work in ‘Resurrection’ back in 2005 and began to elevate his career.

JYJ’s Yoochun and Yoohwan are known as the good-looking brothers. Yoochun, has ventured out to acting and established himself as a well-balanced actor who can spearhead a drama.

The Idol Group Families

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal are probably the best-known siblings. Often called the ‘beautiful Jungs,’ they are both members of top-notch girl-groups.

2NE1′s Dara and MBLAQ’s Thunder are also siblings. After spending their childhood in the Philippines, Dara paved the way for her brother as she got selected to become an idol trainee through a survival audition program and eventually became a member of 2NE1.

Last but not least, there are the Gwangmin-Youngmin twins of Boyfriend. With pretty facial feature, they have build a respectable fan base with their group, Boyfriend.

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[Trans] 121202 Park Yoochun, “My Younger Brother Made Me Very Proud Of Him”‏

[Trans] 121202 Park Yoochun, “My Younger Brother Made Me Very Proud Of Him”

Park Yoochun who is currently acting as the lead in MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Missing You’, recently praised his younger brother in an interview, “In the past, I have a feeling that I had to lead the family (as a family head) but now my younger brother’s strength is getting stronger gradually that he made me feel that I have some parts I can depend on.”

Ever since his younger brother Park Yoohwan (21) debuted as an actor last year’s February in MBC weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’, he experienced a total of three dramas last year, including MBC ‘Gye Baek’ and SBS ‘Thousand Days Promise’, making his face and name known. Especially in ‘Thousand Days Promise’ where he acted as the younger brother of Soo Ae, his sincere tearing acting gained attraction.

This year, he was chosen to be the lead in Channel A ‘Strongest Kpop Survival’, followed by a six month stint in MBC sitcom ‘Can’t Live Without You’.

Park Yoochun laughed saying, “Yoohwan seems to be acting very well. As he have acted in sitcom and dramas, he has more acting experiences than me.”

He continued to emphasize, “His non-stop filming of 110 episodes recently is very commendable. Seems that since the both of us are acting, we are able to understand and relate to each other. Thus it feels really comfortable and good.”

Park Yoohwan is the typical example of ‘started acting through his brother.’ Living together with his older brother and mother, he returned to Korea after spending 6 years in America. Before he found his goal at acting, he was at a lost with no dream.

However through his older brother Park Yoochun, he developed an interest in acting and after a year of acting classes, he received a pass immediately at his first audition and acted in ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’.

Park Yoochun said, “It’s only a few years ago that I became an actor together with Yoohwan. It was really unexpected. My younger brother is currently doing very well and I am very proud of it.”

source: segye
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[TRANS] 121128 Will The Doors Of Broadcasting Companies Open For JYJ? “Discussions Are Needed”

[TRANS] 121128 Will The Doors Of Broadcasting Companies Open For JYJ? “Discussions Are Needed”

Will the doors of broadcasting companies open for JYJ, who have been locked in a legal battle with their former agency SM Entertainment?

Following the announcement on the 28th that SM Entertainment and JYJ reached an agreement after three years locked in a legal battle, many are curious to see if this will lead to an appearance in broadcasted TV shows by JYJ.

According to legal circles, SM and the three members of JYJ reached an agreement that all contracts signed by the two parties had effectively ended on the 31st of July, 2009. All relevant lawsuits were to be dropped, and neither party would interfere with the opposite party’s future activities.

With the end of the lawsuit, new possibilities have opened up for the three members of JYJ in the entertainment industry. When JYJ began their individual activities, they weren’t able to appear on TV shows run by the three main broadcasting companies due to their lawsuit with SM. Though Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong have been making appearances on TV through dramas, they have not been able to appear on music programs or awards shows since releasing their albums.

For example, in May of 2011, KBS explained the reason why JYJ were not to appear on variety shows such as ‘Music Bank’ when they stated, “JYJ’s lawsuit has not ended with their former agency. It is normal for us to wait and refrain from casting celebrities who are locked in legal battles, as their appearance on TV shows may influence the results of their lawsuits.”

Now that an agreement has ended the lawsuit, the spotlight has shifted to the three main broadcasting companies. Many are curious to see if the end of the lawsuit that has freed JYJ from restrictions will give them the chance to appear on music programs or variety shows.

Regarding this, Jeon Jin Guk, the director of KBS’ variety sector, stated in a phone conversation with OSEN that, “We heard the news through an article. I believe the details of our stance on the issue will be solidified through further discussion,” and “I don’t believe there will be any reason for us to refrain from allowing JYJ to appear on KBS TV shows if their lawsuit has come to a complete end, as that was the reason for our actions.”

MBC’s Won Mak Sik stated, “Though the lawsuit between the two parties has ended, we believe it is a problem that requires time to observe the situation.” Another representative of MBC’s variety sector explained, “We have not yet discussed the possibilities of JYJ appearing on music programs and variety shows,” and “This is an issue that must be considered by the entire variety sector.”

PD Park Seung Min of SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ gave a short statement of, “This is an issue for the entire variety sector to discuss. I can’t say much because there hasn’t been any discussion as of now.”

Source: [osen]

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[NEWS] 121116 Fans React Differently Toward JYJ Receiving A Commendation

[NEWS] 121116 Fans React Differently Toward JYJ Receiving A Commendation

People give heated reaction toward JYJ receiving a minister citation.

On November 15, JYJ received a commendation from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy at the opening ceremony for the Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2012. Their comprehensive activities in cultural industry were highly recognized.

JYJ said, “We were very glad to see many people loving our music and Korea through our concerts and expos. We humbly and gladly take the award and will try to pay you back with better performances.”

The group’s agency said, “The award can be viewed as the result of successfully advertising Hallyu culture through the world tour that visited 15 different cities around the world involving 210,000 fans and helping Japanese fans find a means to visit Korea by giving domestic performances and holding fan meetings and expos though we were given limited activities in Japan.”

Netizens gave various reactions at the news: “JYJ is awesome.” “The award practically proves JYJ’s popularity around the world.” However, some gave critical feedback: “There are other singer who contributed far more than JYJ. It’s kind of weird.” “Award other Hallyu stars with the commendation.”

Source: TV Report
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[TRANS] 121003 Park Yoochun Wears The Bracelet His Brother Gave Him For 8 Years ‘An Exceptional Brotherly Love’

[TRANS] 121003 Park Yoochun Wears The Bracelet His Brother Gave Him For 8 Years ‘An Exceptional Brotherly Love’

The exceptional brotherly love of JYJ’s Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan has been revealed.

On the 3rd, MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’ aired a corner titled ,’BEST Idol Families Chosen by Idols’.

Third place went to JYJ’s Park Yoochun and his younger brother, Park Yoohwan. With the older brother making his debut into the industry as a singer and the younger brother following him as an actor, the two celebrities have showcased an exceptional love for each other.

For the past eight years, Park Yoochun has worn a bracelet that Park Yoohwan gave him, and it is said that he presented his younger brother with a car to celebrate his drama debut. He also attended the press conference of Park Yoohwan’s debut drama, showing all his affection and love for his brother.

Source: [TV Daily]

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[Trans] 120414 Park Yoowhan Mentions Park Yoochun In An Interview With Sports DongA

3. Oh who could this be? Isn’t it his majesty the crown prince!
When I arrived at the waiting room, hyung (Park Yoochun) was already there. Although we live together, we have not seen each other at home for a long time since we are both busy. As he was filming “Rooftop Prince” in Incheon, he also came by our set on Yeongjong Island. Perhaps it was because “Rooftop Prince” ranked first on the day he came. Hyung was smiling very widely.

4. “The Park Clan”, our staff members
Hyung and I have almost the same staff members. It has been more than a year since I began working with these people. If filming ends at dawn, they will come over to our house to stay the night. We are really like a sports team haha. ‘The Strongest K-POP Survival’ ‘Rooftop Prince’ Fighting!

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports DongA]
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[News] 120321 Park Yoo Chun Leaves Brother Park Yoo Hwan a Heartfelt Message

[News] 120321 Park Yoo Chun Leaves Brother Park Yoo Hwan a Heartfelt Message

 Following the loss of their father, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun expressed his brotherly love and appreciation towards his younger brother, Park Yoo Hwan. On March 21, Yoo Chun tweeted, “To the person I love most in the world, Yoo Hwan. Let’s live an awesome life. I’m always grateful for you, and I love you.” The heartfelt message moved many fans, who were heartbroken over the recent circumstances regarding JYJ’s sasaeng fans and Yoo Chun’s loss.

Yoo Chun and Yoo Hwan’s father passed away last week on March 14, and both brothers canceled their schedules to lay their father to rest, as well as to mourn. While it was expected that he would return to filming SBS’sRooftop Prince” on March 19, Yoo Chun returned earlier than anticipated on March 17.

 Many netizens sent their support and condolences, commenting, “Yoo Chun and Yoo Hwan! Fighting!” “Everything will get better soon,” “This post made me cry,” “Today’s the first airing of Yoo Chun’s drama! Let’s support him,” and more.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun’s “Rooftop Prince” is about a Chosun era Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun), who was in the midst of investigating the death of his Crown Princess (Jung Yumi), when he mysteriously gets sucked into the future and meets his destined love (Han Ji Min). The historical-fusion-contemporary-fantasy drama “Rooftop Prince” will premiere on SBS tonight, March 21, at 9:55PM KST

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[NEWS] 120316 JYJ’s Yoochun and Park Yoohwan Lay Their Father To Rest, Jaejoong Unable To Attend Due To Deep Sorrow T_T

[NEWS] JYJ’s Yoochun and Park Yoohwan Lay Their Father To Rest, Jaejoong Unable To Attend Due To Deep Sorrow T_T

 On the morning of March 16th, brothers JYJ‘s Yoochun and Park Yoohwan buried their father to rest after holding a funeral ceremony at the Seoul Sungmo Hospital.

Their father had passed away on the 14th. Although Park Yoohwan was able to be by his side during his last moments, Yoochun had been away, and was unable to make it while on his way back. Upon hearing the unfortunate news, Yoochun had rushed to the hospital in tears.

Since the 14th, his fellow JYJ members and C-JeS Entertainment labelmates had stayed by the brothers’ side at the wake with consolation visits from stars like Alex, Han Ji Min, KARA‘s Nicole, and other seniors and juniors. Jaejoong was unable to attend due to the deep sorrow he felt for Yoochun and his loss. A representative revealed to Star News,“Kim Jaejoong could not stop his tears in his deep sadness. He was in a state in which he was not able to do anything, so he was not able to attend.”

The funeral was conducted with Buddhist rites and he was laid to rest at the Seoul Memorial Park.

May he rest in peace

Source + Photos: OSEN via Nate, Star News
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[Trans] 120315 Park Yoochun – Unable To Eat Nor Sleep, Kept Tearing‏

[Trans] 120315 Park Yoochun – Unable To Eat Nor Sleep, Kept Tearing‏

Park Yoochun is currently staying vigil at his father’s funeral who passed away on the early afternoon of the 14th.

Since the beginning of the South American tour on the 6th and the receiving of his father’s death news, he has not been getting proper rest for almost four days. As his flu has gotten better when he was in South America, he is still currently staying strong.

Park Yoochun’s representative relayed to Osen through a telephone call, “Park Yoochun is currently not eating nor sleeping at all while staying vigil at the wake. His brother Park Yoohwan had wanted to let him rest while taking over his duties but as Yoochun is the ‘family’s mourner’ (the deceased’s eldest son), thus had to fulfill his duties. On a lighter note, he has pretty much recovered from his flu thus there’s not much problem with his health right now. But at such a young age, it has been a big trauma to him.”

SBS representative said, “Currently the filming schedule is not fixed yet, therefore as to whether is there a back up plan to film or not, it will be discussed after the funeral ended.”

source: osen
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T/N: It’s just too painful to translate this. People might not be comfortable with this but I guess we have to be fair to all other fans who care about Yoochun’s update and do not know of other languages. Stay strong, Yoochun and Yoohwan.