[Pic] 121015 Changmin ‘Fly With The Gold’ Red Carpet

[Pic] 121015 Changmin ‘Fly With The Gold’ Red Carpet

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4 thoughts on “[Pic] 121015 Changmin ‘Fly With The Gold’ Red Carpet

  1. Hi Myndless. I agree, but with some reservation. I guess I find it hard to equate that beautiful baby face with crime. O.K. They’re actors, right!! Buck up Momma Cha and enjoy their work.

    BTW, have you heard of Roku? All of our Guys movies and dramas are accessible on Drama Crazy and several others including Dr. jin. I hope this means that ‘Fly With The Gold’ and ‘Here comes Jackal’ will be available to us soon. Cha

  2. You can do it, Cha! ^o^ I think it fits: you’d never suspect he’d do anything with his baby face.

    ‘Roku’? Is that a nother movie or something? I haven’t heard of it before, but it reminds me of the number 6 because that’s how it’s romanized in Japanese. Yup~! Drama Crazy is where I watch alot of dramas (Jdramas/Kdramas/Taiwanese dramas). There are other sites I visit too: MySoju, Drama Fever, and Good Drama. I also hope that the two movies will be up there. :3 It might take a while though (with subbing that is).

  3. Yeah. I have been fighting to watch Heading To the Ground for two years. I always get to the second episode and then it won’t play anymore.

    Oh, Roku is a very reasonably priced [$ 60.00] device that hooks into your TV. You manage it on the Web and it has hundreds of channels to choose from–some paid, but most free. Drama Crazy wants you to upgrade to a premium membership at $10.00 a month or $100.00 a year to watch the Boys movies on Roku.. Dr. Jin is already available. i guess if you add up the money, that’s less than most of them cost to buy singly.

    I would like to get Heaven’s Postman, PTB, HTTG, Dr Jin, Rooftop Prince, and Miss Ripley. Dream girl dream. Gradually. Did you buy, “Catch Me?”

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