[TRANS] 121128 Will The Doors Of Broadcasting Companies Open For JYJ? “Discussions Are Needed”

[TRANS] 121128 Will The Doors Of Broadcasting Companies Open For JYJ? “Discussions Are Needed”

Will the doors of broadcasting companies open for JYJ, who have been locked in a legal battle with their former agency SM Entertainment?

Following the announcement on the 28th that SM Entertainment and JYJ reached an agreement after three years locked in a legal battle, many are curious to see if this will lead to an appearance in broadcasted TV shows by JYJ.

According to legal circles, SM and the three members of JYJ reached an agreement that all contracts signed by the two parties had effectively ended on the 31st of July, 2009. All relevant lawsuits were to be dropped, and neither party would interfere with the opposite party’s future activities.

With the end of the lawsuit, new possibilities have opened up for the three members of JYJ in the entertainment industry. When JYJ began their individual activities, they weren’t able to appear on TV shows run by the three main broadcasting companies due to their lawsuit with SM. Though Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong have been making appearances on TV through dramas, they have not been able to appear on music programs or awards shows since releasing their albums.

For example, in May of 2011, KBS explained the reason why JYJ were not to appear on variety shows such as ‘Music Bank’ when they stated, “JYJ’s lawsuit has not ended with their former agency. It is normal for us to wait and refrain from casting celebrities who are locked in legal battles, as their appearance on TV shows may influence the results of their lawsuits.”

Now that an agreement has ended the lawsuit, the spotlight has shifted to the three main broadcasting companies. Many are curious to see if the end of the lawsuit that has freed JYJ from restrictions will give them the chance to appear on music programs or variety shows.

Regarding this, Jeon Jin Guk, the director of KBS’ variety sector, stated in a phone conversation with OSEN that, “We heard the news through an article. I believe the details of our stance on the issue will be solidified through further discussion,” and “I don’t believe there will be any reason for us to refrain from allowing JYJ to appear on KBS TV shows if their lawsuit has come to a complete end, as that was the reason for our actions.”

MBC’s Won Mak Sik stated, “Though the lawsuit between the two parties has ended, we believe it is a problem that requires time to observe the situation.” Another representative of MBC’s variety sector explained, “We have not yet discussed the possibilities of JYJ appearing on music programs and variety shows,” and “This is an issue that must be considered by the entire variety sector.”

PD Park Seung Min of SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ gave a short statement of, “This is an issue for the entire variety sector to discuss. I can’t say much because there hasn’t been any discussion as of now.”

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  1. Broadcasting companies still playing games, Mancubs? Time and a few nudges here and there will tell the story. I am not naive enough to think that this is all over. Let’s Keep Fighting!!! 🙂 <333

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