[Info] 130107 Jaejoong Sells Out 16,000 Tickets To His Solo Concert in Record Time

[Info] 130107 Jaejoong Sells Out 16,000 Tickets To His Solo Concert in Record Time

Jaejoong has sold out 16,000 tickets to his first solo concert.

On January 7th C-Jes Entertainment stated, “After the tickets to Jaejoong’s first solo concert Your, My, and Mine went on sale at 8PM, the servers were bombarded and the tickets were immediately sold out. He became the #1 searched term on the main portal sites while his tickets were on sale. This is Jaejoong’s first solo concert in Korea, and it’s made of a program that we’re trying out for the first time, so we’ve had high interest. The concert is set in three parts of fanmeeting, product history talk, and mini concert.

The label also revealed that Jaejoong had many foreign fans attempting to buy tickets as well adding, “Fans from not only Japan and China but also from Europe and the Americas focused on Jaejoong’s ticketing. The most foreign IP addresses tried to access the site in its history.

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credit: allkpop

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5 thoughts on “[Info] 130107 Jaejoong Sells Out 16,000 Tickets To His Solo Concert in Record Time

  1. I’m so glad for you, Jaejoong. No one doubted that your tickets would sell out. You are definitely a draw. I hope that everyone who managed to get a ticket has a fabulous memory-making time with you at the fan meet, product history talk, and the mini concert. <3 The rest of us will simply shed tears. 😉 TT 😮

  2. Tell me about it, YF. We keep dreaming and praying and I truly believe that we will get there someday. Such a wild, beautiful, young spirit is Kim Jaejoong. 🙂

    Sorry for the no-shows. This household is so busy that I have to steal time to get things posted. I am going on Twitter today for the first time in a while. I Love You. Cha

  3. That’s okay! I come and go too, and when I am online I am mostly too tired and end up saying some weird things. xD Just get well soon please. Life gets to us and before we know it, we’re getting too weak. Do get lots of sleep when you can, OK? ^.^
    Thanks for saying we will make it someday. Sometimes I get worried that it’s never going to happen. But when you say it like that, it sounds perfectly logical really. 🙂 Oh and thank you for the comments too ^___^

  4. You’re welcome my friend. I’m sometimes there, as you say, on the run, and I don’t comment. Sometimes I just read.

    As time goes by, I feel the surety more and more that I will get there. Perhaps by stubbornness alone, but mostly because it is a desire and a dream. If I give up on my dreams all is lost.

    You need sleep too, so please get as much as possible. I’m trying to learn not to fret or have an overactive imagination which is what robs me of peace and sleep.

    BTW. Please be praying for a lady in my women’s group named Donna. She is having hip surgery on the 10th. Cya <3 Cha

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