[TRANS] 131014 Shill Duty Free Holds A ‘TVXQ Fan Festival’ With Japanese Tourists


The TVXQ Fan Festival was held on the 13th at COEX and gave Japanese fans an opportunity to fly to Korea to meet with TVXQ.

A total of 2,000 Japanese tourists flew in for the event, twice as many as last year, for the two day trip and enjoyed a trip around Seoul and the Shill Duty Free main shopping centre, and met with TVXQ during their fan festival before flying back to Japan.

The day’s event had TVXQ gifting lucky fans with the shirts and cardigans they had worn during their Shilla Duty Free photoshoot.

Source: [asiae]

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[TRANS] 131005 Messages From TVXQ: Cassiopeia Special Day With TVXQ

homincassiopeiaspecialdayMessages from TVXQ
found in the postcards given at the 2013 Cassiopeia Special Day with TVXQ Fanmeet on October 5th, 2013.
homincassiopeiaspecialday1[Max] To all my Cassiopeia friends! ^_^
I’m happy to be holding today’s fanmeet, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?
I’m so very glad to see you guys keke Let’s all do our best to have a great time today!
My friends, thank you all so much for coming today~ ^3^
Let’s all have fun today♡
homincassiopeiaspecialday2[U-Know] To. Cassiopeia~^^*
Wow~ We get to see you all for the first time in a while!..
My heart’s racing~ also~ because we will be sharing this precious time with new fans as well~
In this space that only we can experience~ we’ll share fun stories~
And stories that we never got around to finishing~♡
To be honest.. My heart is racing.. so fast…
Am I the only one who feels this way?? Hahaha see you soon~♡

Source : [Postcards from the TVXQ Fanmeet+Personal Photos]

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[Trans] 130701 [JYJ MW] Part 2: What’s Different… The Fusion Of Science Technology And Service

[Trans] 130701 [JYJ MW] Part 2: What’s Different… The Fusion Of Science Technology And Service

– A large-scale introduction of new technology through the fanmeet and art gallery… second movers emerge


A moment from the free fanmeet of the JYJ fan expo

The ’2013 JYJ Membership Week’ fan expo created new economically innovative contents, using JYJ’s singing and acting as its basis. At the center of it lies IT technology and the mindset of creating fan service that communicates with fans. Aya (Female, 24), who participated in the event, said, “I liked the JYJ art gallery because it showcased artwork created by the members and allowed us to connect with their emotions. The various artwork on display made me feel like they were with me the whole time.” A blogger who visited the fan expo commented, “I walked through a tunnel of screens that expressed JYJ’s words of welcome through videos. I didn’t know this at the time because I was lost in the videos, but an audio track was played to sync with the video messages.”


A photo of JYJ singing during the JYJ fan expo

# vs Concert

JYJ’s fan expo screened footage from JYJ’s recent concert instead of holding an actual concert. Fans could attend a screening by reserving a seat beforehand at the ticket booth, and the concert was shown up to nine times a day at the Concert Hall section of the expo.


The concert hall had a large screen, surround sound system and an extravagant lighting set that mirrored an actual concert stage. Footage from JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert in April was shown, giving Korean fans an opportunity to watch a 10,500 Yen (approximately 124,000 Won) Japanese concert for free.


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong plays a game with his fans during the JYJ fan expo

# vs Fanmeet

A fanmeet with JYJ was held on the 29th and 30th for members who had been chosen through a lottery system. JYJ met, talked and played games with 4,000 fans across the two days. JYJ did their best in all of the programs to create happy memories for their fans, and added performances by the group and each member to complete a fanmeet that lasted over two hours. JYJ stated, “We’re so happy that this has become a festival for us to have fun and create new memories, and we’ll repay your love with more activities. We truly feel the love you give us, and we hope this will become an opportunity for the fans to feel our sincerity.”

JYJ’s fans met JYJ for free, without having to pay an entry free or buy MD goods. Through a gift coupon service, fans were able to exchange coupons for drinks, snacks, and various goods. Fans (official members) who were unable to attend the fanmeet will be sent a free DVD of the fanmeet and the event did not accept any gifts or wreaths.


A picture from the art gallery at the JYJ fan expo

# vs Art Gallery

JYJ’s fan expo featured a Media Facade (A fusion of ‘Facade’ and ‘Media’, in which media is heightened by LED lights shone on the side of walls)and an art gallery that featured artwork created by the members of JYJ.

The main feature of JYJ’s fan expo was that JYJ participated from beginning to end, starting with the planning process. Taking JYJ’s opinions into consideration, the fan expo incorporated a humanistic aspect to IT technology and large-scale projects. In order to create a space to connect with fans, JYJ featured artwork they had created themselves through a ‘JYJ Art Gallery’ to add a more analogy aspect to their expo.

Lee Jae Eun, the head of the PR department of C-JeS Entertainment, stated, “The JYJ fan expo’s economically innovative ideas have become a hot topic in the entertainment industry, even becoming a model for other Korean entertainment businesses to follow,” and “It has given us the opportunity to create a new fanmeet culture that is being called a brand new kind of Hallyu service by fans.”

Source: [edaily]
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[Trans] 130701 [JYJ MW] Part 1: ‘Innovative Economy’ Creating a Future Paradigm For The Entertainment Industry

[Trans] 130701 [JYJ MW] Part 1: ‘Innovative Economy’ Creating a Future Paradigm For The Entertainment Industry


A moment from the free fanmeet of the JYJ fan expo

JYJ’s fan expo came to a close on the 30th of June.

JYJ’s fan expo, titled the ‘JYJ Membership Week’, was held for a total of four days from the 27th of June at SETEC in Seoul. A total of 17,000 fans from Korean and Japan visited the event. CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, stated, “We’ve created a space for artistes and fans to meet. Because we’ve wanted this event to be a long-running event from the moment it was first created, we tried to make it a place for JYJ and their fans to connect with each other.”

JYJ’s fan expo consisted of a ‘Media Facade Square’, that showcased a large fountain that played JYJ’s music and a cafeteria that provided free drinks, a ‘JYJ Art Gallery’ that showcased various artwork created by JYJ and included a space for fans to create their own, and a ‘Concert Hall’ that showed JYJ’s April Tokyo Dome concert to their fans for free. Photo zones were created for fans to take photos with JYJ, and 10 photo sticker booths were set up for fans to create special memories at the event.


A moment from the free fanmeet of the JYJ fan expo

The reason why JYJ’s fan expo, which has entered its second year, has garnered so much attention is because it has brought forth a new paradigm that differs from the fanmeets, concerts and handshake events of other entertainment agencies. They haven’t stopped at just singing and acting, but they have also utilized artwork and technology to create various attractions for fans. Last year, they opened up the possibilities of commercializing IT technology by having the members of JYJ appearing through hologram videos. JYJ’s Membership Week has created a new term ‘fan expo’ and created attractions that showcase everything under the sun.

JYJ’s fan expo, which has shifted the paradigm in the industry, has also caused secondary economic effects. 4,000 Japanese fans arrived at Incheon and Gimpo Airports from the 27th of June to attend the expo. A representative of Lotte Hotel said, “Because of the depreciation of the Yen and the worsening relations of the two Koreas, the number of Japanese tourists in Korea has markedly decreased. The fact that 4,000 Japanese fans came to Korea to see JYJ is a surprising and welcomed event for the tourism industry.” Experts of the industry estimate that JYJ have brought an economic effect of 10 billion Won to Korea, if one considers the fact that each Japanese fan spent approximately 2 million Won each during their trip to Korea for the fan expo.”

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We have tried to reduce the commercialization of the fan expo as much as possible by providing services such as the fanmeet and concert hall free of charge, as well as not selling any MD goods,” and “We tried to create a space for JYJ to connect with their fans more closely through the JYJ Membership Week.”

Source: [edaily]
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[Pic] Kim Jaejoong Grand Finale Live Concert and Fanmeeting in Japan {369 pic}

[Pic] Kim Jaejoong Grand Finale Live Concert and Fanmeeting in Japan {369 pic}

130624~130626 Kim Jaejoong Grand Finale Live Concert and Fanmeeting at the Yokohama Arena


credit: as tagged+JaetimE
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[TRANS] 130627 Post of JYJ Tweets

Thanks for the info 😀
(Jaejoong, 3:24pm KST) ‘Make Up’, the song that I performed during the LIVE concert, is a song by Nakajima Miyuki that was released in the 70s, so I think there were a lot of fans who didn’t know the song very well~ I’m writing this because there were a lot of people asking about the song.. End~

Ooooh lucky child \o/
(Jaejoong, 3:34pm KST)
The CDs I received from HYDE and Tokunaga Hideaki(≧∇≦)My ears will be enjoying themselves for a while now~~~ pic.twitter.com/HDXnsCxfz3

Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]

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[TRANS] 130627 Jaejoong’s Yokohama Arena Performance Draws To A Close

[TRANS] 130627 Jaejoong’s Yokohama Arena Performance Draws To A Close


Jaejoong ended his 5-month long Asia Tour together with over 45,000 Japanese fans.

From 24 to 26 June, Jaejoong held his “Kim Jaejoong Grand Finale Live Concert and Fanmeeting” at the Yokohama Arena, meeting with over 45,000 fans.

For Jaejoong’s concert this time, as soon as the ticket sales begun, the number of ticket applications received exceeded (the number of tickets available) by 4 times, and tickets were completely sold out. In response to requests from fans, standing seats and restricted view seats were added, and sold out completely as well, demonstrating Jaejoong’s high popularity.

During the first part, the fan meeting segment, Jaejoong spent an enjoyable time with the audience that filled the venue over the 3 days. During the second part, the concert segment, aside from singing songs from his first album, Jaejoong also touched the fans by singing popular Japanese songs such as “Precious”, “Crescent Moon” and “Glamorous Sky”.

During the second segment, when Jaejoong transformed into a rocker and appeared together with the live bands, the fans cheered loudly.

Jaejoong opened the mini-concert with “Mine”, the title track from his first solo mini-album, and sang all-live covers of popular Japanese songs including “Moonlight” and “The Last Rain” aside from the songs previously revealed through the setlist.

When Jaejoong began singing Ayaka’s “Crescent Moon”, the fans did a little event for Jaejoong by taking out their respective green lightsticks. And during B’z’s “Ultra Soul”, Jaejoong heated up the atmosphere of the concert as he and his fans took turns singing verses.

In response to the endless calls from fans for an encore, Jaejoong sang Nakashima Mika’s “Glamorous Sky”, presenting an explosive live stage right up to the last song, to which fans also gave their passionate support right up till the end.

Even after Jaejoong left the stage following the encore stage the fans continued calling out “Kim Jaejoong” for some time. Jaejoong then went back out on stage without a mike, shouting his thanks to the fans. Many fans were seen tearing up and not leaving the venue.

During the last performance yesterday (Wednesday), Jaejoong expressed his feelings about the conclusion of the Asia Tour, “I really wanted to meet everyone. Thank you for coming all this way. I would be great if we could meet again. I love you.”

On another note, following the release of his first solo album in January, Jaejoong began his Asia Tour through Korea, Thailand, China (Shanghai, Nanjing), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and finally Japan, and met with over 83,000 fans in a total of 7 cities.

Source: [jyjjapan]

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[Vid] Jaejoong Asia Tour Grand Finale in Yokohama

Beautiful work chosen to be sung by Jaejoong once again. Congratulations Sweetheart. More of the actual performances as they become available..   🙂

Additional Footage added. Enjoy this wonderful artist!!!

credit: Angel Wing+Be Hao+TV5XQHome+HEAVENJYJ+diekato

JYJFantalk Source: youtube

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[TRANS] 130625 Kim Jaejoong’s Yokohama Concert In Japan Is Unveiled As He Sings ‘Close Your Eyes’

[TRANS] 130625 Kim Jaejoong’s Yokohama Concert In Japan Is Unveiled As He Sings ‘Close Your Eyes’


Hidden Japanese classics were unveiled at Kim Jaejoong’s concert. On the 24th of June, Kim Jaejoong opened his ‘grand finale concert’ at the Yokohama Arena in Japan, the last leg of his Asia Tour.

Ahead of the concert, Kim Jaejoong revealed three of the seven Japanese classics he was planning on performing (Ito Yuna – ‘Precious’, Ayaka – ‘Crescent Moon’, Onitsuka Chihiro’s ‘Moonlight’) through the SNS messenger application LINE.

During this day’s performance, Kim Jaejoong also sang B’z’s ‘Ultra Soul’, Nakajima Miyuki’s ‘Make Up’, Nakanishi Yasushi’s ‘Last Rain’ and Ken Hirai’s ‘Close Your Eyes’.

Kim Jaejoong’s rendition of ‘Close Your Eyes’ showed his affection for his fans as it is a song that they have been waiting for, as it was sung by TVXQ when they were a five-member group.

Kim Jaejoong was called back on stage by his fans’ requests for an encore, and sang Tokunaga Hideaki’s ‘Boku No Soba Ni’, and ‘Glamorous Sky’, which he had performed with the other members of JYJ at their Tokyo Dome concert.

His latest performance is expected to attract 45,000 fans across three days. With the Yokohama Arena maxed out to its full capacity, he has created a concert full of various fanmeet programs and a live band.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Yokohama Grand Finale Fanmeeting and Concert’ will be held at the Yokohama Arena from the 24th till the 26th of June for three days.

Source: [topstarnews]

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[Info] 130624 JYJ(EN)Line Update

[Info] 130624 JYJ(EN)Line Update

Today!! The dress code of concert is “Rock”!! Don’t forget!

Only you and I can make this fanmeeting, Only we can share the concert! Ready to go!!

Guys.. Thank you today. Let’s have fun tomorrow! and thank you for the Champagne!! :)

credit: JYJ (EN)Line
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[Info] 130619 JYJ(EN)Line Update

[Info] 130619 JYJ(EN)Line Update

[Official]here is an event with Naver Japan kstyle for Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Grand Finale!! There are lots of fans out there who didn’t get the concert ticket cause of ticket competiton!! join this event guys!!


Plus!! Jaejoong’s interview is coming up soon! please wait for it!!!

credit: JYJ(EN)Line
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130414 [Video] Jaejoong Mini-Concert/Fanmeet in Taipei Compilation

30414 [Video] Jaejoong Mini-Concert/Fanmeet in Taiwan Compilation

Hi Jaejoong. It is so wonderful watching you, listening, and enjoying your performance. Stay strong. We love you.  Momma Cha

credit: annejejung+greenlightismj+onlytvxq+S9102083+keke Lin

Momma’s Source: youtube Thank You Everyone

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