[TRANS] 130806 “We Want To See Kim Junsu’s Performances” – The Seoul Arts Center’s Homepage Crashes

Fierce competition for ‘Elisabeth’ tickets, the Seoul Arts Center’s homepage crashes


A flood of fans are aching for tickets to see JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) in the musical ‘Elisabeth’, leading to the homepage of the Seoul Arts Center, who are in charge of ticket reservations for the musical, to crash.

At 10a.m. on the 6th, Interpark and the Seoul Arts Center opened up the third round of ticket reservations for the musical ‘Elisabeth’.

Kim Junsu’s fans flooded in to grab tickets for Kim Junsu’s performances. Almost as soon as reservations opened up, the Seoul Arts Center’s homepage crashed. Though fans could access Interpark, Kim Junsu’s shows were sold out in an instant.

The reason behind the Seoul Arts Center homepage’s crash is probably Kim Junsu’s fans. Many of the posts written on various online communities were made by Kim Junsu and JYJ’s fans and said, “I want to get a ticket but I can’t access the website.”

During the first and second round of ticket reservations, most Kim Junsu-related online communities were flooded with posts about buying tickets for Kim Junsu’s ‘Elisabeth’ performances.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu, who is charge of the role Death (Tod), attended the ‘Elisabeth’ press call on the 25th of July at the Seoul Arts Center and said, “‘Elisabeth’ is the production that won me the Best Musical Actor Award. I loved working with the greatest actors of the industry and I wanted to feel that excitement again. I’m happy to be working with everyone in this year’s cast. I learned so much from Robert Johansson last year, and I’d like to learn more from him this year.”

The musical ‘Elisabeth’ is a production that depicts the life of the beautiful Austrian empress Elisabeth. Her dramatic life story of love and death is highlighted by the fantasy character of Death.

Ok Joo Hyun, Kim Junsu, Park Eun Tae, Min Young Ki and Lee Jung Hwa will be joined by Kim So Hyun, Park Hyo Shin, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Isak and Noh Ji Hoon, and the musical will be performed from the 26th of July till the 7th of September at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera Hall.

Source: [xports news]

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[TRANS] 130325 The Park Yoochun Effect – Breaks The Record For The Fastest-Selling Online ‘Singles’ Edition

[TRANS] 130325 The Park Yoochun Effect – Breaks The Record For The Fastest-Selling Online ‘Singles’ Edition

With Park Yoochun gracing the cover of the April edition of ‘Singles’, many are amazed by the extent of the ‘Park Yoochun Effect’.

The April edition of ‘Singles’, which includes a charismatic and honest interview with Park Yoochun, was released online on the 18th and broke the record as the fastest-selling edition of the magazine. A distribution company representative stated that the magazine would soon be sold out offline as well.

The ‘Singles’ homepage contains the honest and energized 50-minute interview with Park Yoochun, who was asked questions made by Park Yoochun’s fans and online Singles members. He talked about holding a concert in Tokyo Dome for the first time in four years, his thoughts on having a public relationship, and an honest confession that an act of publicizing a relationship would mean that he was considering marrying his partner.

The interview and photoshoot are available both online and offline in the April edition of ‘Singles’. (http://www.thesingle.co.kr/index/asp)

Source: [jkn news]

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[Info] 130107 Jaejoong Sells Out 16,000 Tickets To His Solo Concert in Record Time

[Info] 130107 Jaejoong Sells Out 16,000 Tickets To His Solo Concert in Record Time

Jaejoong has sold out 16,000 tickets to his first solo concert.

On January 7th C-Jes Entertainment stated, “After the tickets to Jaejoong’s first solo concert Your, My, and Mine went on sale at 8PM, the servers were bombarded and the tickets were immediately sold out. He became the #1 searched term on the main portal sites while his tickets were on sale. This is Jaejoong’s first solo concert in Korea, and it’s made of a program that we’re trying out for the first time, so we’ve had high interest. The concert is set in three parts of fanmeeting, product history talk, and mini concert.

The label also revealed that Jaejoong had many foreign fans attempting to buy tickets as well adding, “Fans from not only Japan and China but also from Europe and the Americas focused on Jaejoong’s ticketing. The most foreign IP addresses tried to access the site in its history.

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[Info] 121204 ’2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ Ticketing Will Start at 8pm

[Info] 121204 ’2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ Ticketing Will Start at 8pm


2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ ticketing will start at 8p.m.!!

credit: JYJ Facebook
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[Trans] 120723 This Year, Which Group Artiste Will Go Solo?

[Trans] 120723 This Year, Which Group Artiste Will Go Solo?

JYJ Kim Junsu: Solo Album Released Under “Restrictions” Circumstances

His first album was seen as a protest against JYJ’s restriction. To this, Kim Junsu felt disheartened.

When JYJ, who used to be a part of TVXQ, was resolving their contract with SM Entertainment, their company filed for their restriction from appearing on any music programmes or performances. The court later on ruled against the filing, however it was said that due to SM Entertainment’s strong influence, Korean broadcasting companies had to “show some respect and gave in”. Though the filing for restriction was ruled as invalid, JYJ is still under restriction circumstances.

It has been 8 years since Kim Junsu debuted and when he released his solo album “Tarantallegra”, he continued to be absent from all music programmes, causing rumours of the “restrictions” once again.


He helplessly said, “It was not easy during the production. Especially under the circumstances knowing that I was not able to promote it on television programmes. Therefore I emphasized more on the vocal quality and MV filming. But what troubled me was that, the album was seen as me using my own energy to protest against certain issues.”

Though he was unable to escape from the rumours, his album was a big sell-out. His Asia tour tickets were selling fast and almost every stop was sold out. The 17000 tickets in Seoul was in fact sold out in 15 minutes.

JYJ Park Yoochun envied Kim Junsu’s solo album and expressed, “Looking at Junsu’s album, it’s as though my wish was fulfilled. I am proud of him and no one else can do it better than him. Therefore I want to thank him for making JYJ shine so brightly.”

source: MyPaper Singapore
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[News] 120510 Tickets Sell Out For Kim Jae Joong’s Taiwan Fan Meeting

[News] 120510 Tickets Sell Out for Kim Jae Joong’s Taiwan Fan Meeting

Tickets for Kim Jae Joong’s Taiwanese fan meeting sold out as soon as they went on sale.

On May 10, Kim’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said, “Tickets for Kim’s exclusive fan meeting, which will be held on May 23 at ATT Hall in Taipei, Taiwan, sold out right after they went on sale. We decided to hold a fan meeting to thank Kim’s fans for loving his TV series Protect the Boss.”

Kim will talk about the behind the scene stories for the series. He will also play games with his Chinese fans and sing his songs, including “I’ll Protect You,” which he personally wrote for the series.

Kim sold out his fan meetings in Shanghai and Turkey last year. He also proved his high popularity by being chosen as one of the most searched Hallyu stars on Twitter by a K-pop online site.

A spokesperson for SBS says, “Thanks to the internationally famous Kim, the series is very popular in foreign countries. The series is even been sold to Ukraine for the first time as a Korean TV series. We also felt Kim Jae Joong effect is powerful because he helped the series become the most popular series in Asia.”

Kim is currently shooting MBC’s series Dr. Jin, which will start airing on May 26.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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[News] 120403 TVXQ’s Tokyo Dome Concert Tickets Sell Out Within 30 Seconds

[News] 120403 TVXQ’s Tokyo Dome Concert Tickets Sell Out Within 30 Seconds

TVXQ has once again evidenced their immense popularity in Japan.

The group is planning to hold performances for their Japanese fans at the Tokyo Dome from April 14th to the 16th. The tickets went on sale for the public on April 1st at 10 a.m. (local time) and within 30 seconds, all the seats had completely sold out. Additionally the tickets for their Osaka Kyocera Dome concerts, which will be held from April 21st through the 23rd, also sold out in a mere two minutes.

The Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome seat 55,000, and 36,477 respectively. With the three concert dates at each location, the total seats at each location amount to 165,000 and 109,431, respectively.

In addition, the ticket reservations over the phone also sold out, leading to a ticket war between the fans. The tickets that originally sold for 8,500 to 9,500 Yen, has been marked up to 10 times the amount, and is being bought by fans at 80,000 Yen.

Although the group has already added additional dates to their concerts, fans are still desperately requesting for even more dates.

Source + Photo: Sports Chosun
credit: allkpop


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[TRANS] 120229 JYJ’s First Concert In Peru Expected To Be A Big Hit

[TRANS] 120229 JYJ’s First Concert In Peru Expected To Be A Big Hit

“Atmosphere already heated for concert on 11 March”
“Additional 1,000 seats sold out in an instant”

An additional 1,000 seats were added for JYJ’s Peru concert, as requested by local fans. The passionate atmosphere can already be felt even before the concert itself.

On 11 March, JYJ will be holding their concert for 5000 people at Peru’s Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental. Due to strong requests from local fans, who rarely have the opportunity to watch (JYJ) perform, the organisers have also added extra seats.

JYJ’s management agency, C-Jes Entertainment, expressed, “As there were many requests from fans who were not able to purchase tickets,and (JYJ’s) schedule really did not allow for an additional show, we added 1,000 slots in empty spaces in the standing section. The 5,000 original tickets had sold out on 30 January, 2 days into the presales, and the additional 1,000 slots were also sold out in an instant.”

The passion of JYJ’s fans in Peru was already showcased back in January, when a queue formed the day before tickets for VIP seats, the closest seats to JYJ, went on sale.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Donga]

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[TRANS] 120220 JYJ Movie, Surpasses “Crime” To Rank 1st In Presales…Seats In 19 Cinemas Sold Out, “Expected To Blow Up A Storm”

[TRANS] 120220 JYJ Movie, Surpasses “Crime” To Rank 1st In Presales…Seats In 19 Cinemas Sold Out, “Expected To Blow Up A Storm”

Group JYJ’s daily-life documentary “The Day” is will be hitting the theatres.

According to statistics from the Film Council’s real-time cinema ticket sales figures on the afternoon of 20 February, JYJ’s “The Day” took 1st place with a whopping 42.8%, while “Nameless Gangster (The War Against Crime)” ranked 2nd with 11.5% of the total sales. (JYJ) took 1st place with a large margin of almost 4 times.

Furthermore, once the ticket sales opened, more than 110,000 users logged into the site at the same time, causing the server to crash. JYJ’s management company C-Jes Entertainment expressed, “Seats for “The Day” in all 19 Lotte cinemas have been sold out.”

Representatives of Lotte Cinema commented, “At 1pm, when the reservations for tickets of shows during which JYJ would make appearances were put on sale, 110,000 users were on the site at the same time, causing the server to crash temporarily. And the sales for all 19 cinemas which opened at 4pm also sold out within an hour. In particular, (tickets for) the Busan cinema sold out in a record time of 5 minutes.”

“The Avenuel shop near Lotte Hotel was crowded since morning with Japanese tourists who were there to purchase tickets. Usually, even contents related to singers also only sell about 30%, and the fact that (“The Day”) was able to receive an explosive reaction of selling out so quickly left even the management surprised. They are true Hallyu stars.”

JYJ’s representatives expressed, “As it was produced with the intention of fanservice, we have yet to decide how long it will be running in cinemas. However, as we have been receiving many calls from the fans who have not been able to purchase tickets, we, together with Lotte Cinema, are currently considering increasing the number of screenings.”

“‘The Day’ is a 90 minute production made with the intention of fanservice, for the fans for Valentine’s Day. It records the daily lives of the 3 members of JYJ, as well as their dreams, friendship, happiness and true stories.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + OSEN via Nate]

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[Trans] 111130 JYJ Become “Sold-Out Boys”…. 70,000 Copies Of Remix Special Edition Sold Out

[Trans] 111130 JYJ Become “Sold-Out Boys”…. 70,000 Copies Of Remix Special Edition Sold Out

Group JYJ’s special edition album has sold out at 70,000 copies.

On 30 November, JYJ’s management company C-JeS revealed that “JYJ’s first Korean album released in September, recorded 250,000 copies in sales despite the broadcast restrictions, a proof of their burning popularity. To express their gratitude towards the fans, JYJ released a special edition album which included a MV DVD and remix versions, and this (special edition album) is currently sold out at 70,000 copies.”

This Special Edition album includes remix versions of the two songs that have been greatly loved by fans across the world during their worldwide concerts, “Get Out” and “In Heaven.” The trendy electronic mix for Get Out was co-produced by DJ Fractal, who had previously worked with Seo Taiji.

As for the ballad “In Heaven” which leaves a deep impression of people with its 3-member harmony, it uses an acoustic guitar sound as its focal point, blending the unique softness of pop ballads together with powerful rock elements.

JYJ said, “As these are songs that we wrote ourselves, the remix versions are even more special.This year, be it those who hope to have a sensitive, delicate year-end, or those who are at a party with their friends, we hope that everyone can enjoy the remixed songs comfortably, and with our new music, spend a warm winter together with your loved ones. “

C-JeS said, “The “In Heaven” Special Edition which was released last week was sold out from its release, and requests from fans who have not been able to purchase the album have been pouring in. As this is a special edition album and not an actual album, having a situation of such a high level of demand is extraordinary in the music industry. To thank the fans for their never-ending support, we will continue to use various opportunities to give back to the fans for their love.”

JYJ’s remixed tracks will be released on Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, Cyworld and other key music distribution sites on 1 December.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + My Daily via Nate]
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[News] JYJ Kim Junsu – Musical Tickets Sold Out in 10 Minutes

[News] JYJ Kim Junsu – musical tickets sold out in 10 minutes

Posted on November 22, 2011 by DBSK Always

JYJ’s Junsu has shown his “ticket power” once again.
According to his management agency, when the first round of ticket sales for Junsu’s musical [Elisabeth] opened at 10am on 22 November, more than half of the tickets for all the shows available were sold out within 10 minutes.
In particular, all of Junsu’s performances were sold out. Junsu participated in [Mozart!] last year, as well as in [Tears of Heaven] and the encore performances for [Mozart!] this year, and each time all the tickets for all of his performances were sold out. The musical [Elisabeth] is a piece of work which depicts the dramatic life of the beautiful queen Elisabeth and her fantasy-like love story.
On the other hand, preparations for the musical [Elisabeth] have begun and it will run for approximately 3 months, from 9 February to 13 May 2012, at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall.

Source: [kstarnews]

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[News] 111017 JYJ Draws 80,000 Fans To ‘JYJ UNFORGETTABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN 2011′

[News] 111017 JYJ Draws 80,000 Fans to ‘JYJ UNFORGETTABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN 2011′

JYJ‘s latest solo concert has confirmed their fame in Japan, as they managed to attract more than 80,000 fans over two days!

Concert tickets for ‘JYJ UNFORGETTABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN 2011‘ sold out as soon as tickets became available, and the server crashed due to a massive influx of visitors. Every seat for the solo concert was sold out, and even standing room sections at the venue was practically brimming over with excited fans.

On October 3rd, thousands of fans flocked to the park to see JYJ perform from cities like Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo, and more. It’s being reported that all parts of the country got hit with heavy traffic due to the amount of fans driving to the concert. An associate of the concert commented, “We were already surprised because the tickets were sold out, but we were surprised again by JYJ’s fame when the standing sections (which could hold a capacity of thousands) became full.”

JYJ had put on a spectacular show, performing songs from their first Korean album, ‘In Heaven‘, as well other hit songs from their worldwide album, ‘The Beginning‘.

They also had the crowd going wild when they performed OST songs from dramas that JYJ were affiliated with, such as “I Found You” from ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal‘, “Protect You” from ‘Protect the Boss‘, and “You Are So Beautiful” from ‘Scent of a Woman‘.

One 40-year-old fan commented, “I really like JYJ. I’m a housewife so on the day of the ticket site opening, I waited in front of the computer from morning to night, waiting for the site to reboot. I applied through the ticket lottery for front seats; luckily, I was given a good seat. The JYJ members are good-looking and they have a great harmony. They are also funny, which makes them even more popular.”

Another fan, aged 45, admitted, “My daughter and wife love JYJ so inevitably, I ended up liking their music as well. The whole family left the house at 3:00 AM to watch their concert, but we couldn’t get to the front of the standing section. I’m so excited, regardless, because I got to see JYJ’s performance.“.

Touched by the overwhelming show of support, the members expressed, “We are so blessed to see our fans in Japan. We had mixed reviews when it was revealed that our concert would be at a spot that got affected by the earthquake, but we didn’t want to miss the chance of seeing our fans in Japan. On this day, we felt everyone’s love for us and because of that, it gave us courage.”

When the members finished giving their message to their fans, the fans reacted with their tears and started to chant, “It’s okay, JYJ!” JYJ finished the concert with their song, “In Heaven“.

source & photo: Naver
credit: allkpop

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Translation 111003 JYJ Are Unable To Sell More Albums Because They’ve Sold Them All

[Trans] From 110928 JYJ Are Unable To Sell More Albums Because They’ve Sold Them All

50,000 copies are sold in two days since its release… More CDs to be produced as there aren’t enough in stock

JYJ’s first Korean album ‘In heaven’ has sold 50,000 copies in one day.

‘In heaven’ topped Hanteo Charts’ daily and live charts on the 28th and by 5p.m., it was recorded that JYJ sold over 50,000 copies of their new album.

These record-breaking sales were expected from the start. Orders flooded in from the 10th and they recorded pre-orders of 300,000 copies. Though the album’s distribution company is working at a fast pace to fill the orders that have been placed, it’s actually running low on albums to distribute.

 This explosive reaction is also occurring online. All of the songs of the album, including ‘In heaven’, the title song by Kim Jaejoong, and the pre-released ‘Get Out’, ranked high on various music charts.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We are currently pushing the distribution company to fill the pre-orders,” and “We will soon begin printing an additional set of albums.”

Source: [hankooki]
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News JYJ Kim Junsu Sells Out “Mozart” Once Again

Junsu, are we surprised. Nawwww… Keep up the great work. Hwaiting!!! Momma Cha

News: JYJ Kim Junsu sells out “Mozart!” once again

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (JYJ, Xiah Junsu) once again accomplished a legend in selling out tickets.

Musical “Mozart!’s” producer EMK Musical Company revealed, “the ticket sales for Kim Junsu’s 8 performances in “Mozart” which started today (4th) have sold out.”

The number of sold-out tickets are for a total of 13,000 seats in eight shows. Kim Junsu, when he was appearing in “Mozart!” last year, had also sold all 30,000 seats for 15 performances in Saejong Culture Hall. [Previously], the 40,000 seat musical concert starring Junsu had also sold out.

EMP Musical Company stated, “questions regarding canceled and transfer tickets are pouring in already. Please look forward to the third round of ticketing on the 25th.”

“Mozart!” is a piece made by world famous playwright Michael Kunz and composer Sylvester Levay. It received much love during its premiere [in Korea] by reinterpreting Mozart’s dynamic life in a modern way with various music such as rock and jazz.

Kim Junsu tired musicals for the first time last year with “Mozart.” Kim Junsu, who received the nickname “Xiahzart (Xiah Junsu+Mozart),” positioned himself as a musical actor with excellent singing ability and natural acting.

(Last few sentences regarding other actors and ticketing information omitted)

Source. Nate News
Translation by. withJYJ
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