[Info] 130328 “Yawang” Production Company Sues Japanese Netizen for Copyright Infringement

[Info] 130328 “Yawang” Production Company Sues Japanese Netizen for Copyright Infringement

Uh oh! It looks like the production company behind SBS drama “Yawang” has recently sued a Japanese Netizen because of charges of copyright infringement. According to the CEO of the production company on March 27, “One Netizen that lives in Japan has created teaching material for Korean by using the script of ‘Yawang.’ We have found evidence that it is currently being sold on the internet and we have submitted our lawsuit to the Seoul Gangnam police department.”

According to the production company, this Japanese Netizen recorded all of the dialogue. This was made into Korean subtitles that were then used as teaching material for Korean.
A representative of the legal team for the production company stated, “Currently we have the defendant’s IP address and proof of business transactions on the website. We have now submitted our lawsuit. The police department will work with Interpol and investigate about the defendant.”

The production company also added, “We have decided to ask for the investigation to represent the interests of all the production companies that create Hallyu content.”

“Yawang” will have its last episode on April 2. It will begin broadcasting on Japanese KNTV in May.

credit: soompi

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2 thoughts on “[Info] 130328 “Yawang” Production Company Sues Japanese Netizen for Copyright Infringement

  1. Wow!!! You would think that they would know better than to plagiarize material from an ongoing drama. I can see the potential for teaching material that is there. Queen of Ambition aka Yawang is an interesting, socially impacting drama, but to use dialogue without permission from the production company for monetary gain is a definite No-No.

  2. I don’t believe that everyone is thinking clearly in this present Internet age. There is such a trail with the IP address that it is hard to delete or block any transaction. Even legitimate statements or transactions sometimes find their way into the wrong hands. The best thing to do is to stay honest and responsible. I need to catch up with Queen of Ambition. I haven’t gotten to Episode 19 yet. 😉

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