[TRANS] 130627 JYJ, Large-scale Fan Event “Membership Week” Finally Opens! Art Pieces Made By Members On Display

[TRANS] 130627 JYJ, Large-scale Fan Event “Membership Week” Finally Opens! Art Pieces Made By Members On Display

jyjmembershipweek2013JYJ has opened their large-scale fan meeting event, the “2013 JYJ Membership Week”, which has the purpose of allowing the fans to have fun (along with the members), and costs over 3 billion won to produce.

JYJ will be holding the “2013 JYJ Membership Week” from 27 to 30 June at SETEC in the Gangnam district of Seoul, and over 15,000 people are expected to participate. The special point about the membership week this time, is that the members have taken on a much larger participative role. Last year, JYJ created the concepts for the various corners with the aid of state-of-the-art technology, but this year, the exhibition space will be filled with art pieces done by the members, as well as photographs.

The exhibition venue of the membership week this time is approximately 3000 square metres, and comprises 3 different halls. The first hall will be used for the fan meeting, the second hall will be a “Media Facade Square”, and the third hall has been planned as JYJ’s art gallery and concert hall. In particular, the third hall houses art pieces with sensitivity, created by the members of JYJ themselves. After the exhibition ends, these pieces will be sold through an auction, and the proceeds donated.

There are also many areas where fans can participate. On one side of the exhibition hall is a large mural formed by puzzle pieces. Postcards are also prepared for fans to write letters to the JYJ members. At the exit of the exhibition hall, there is also an interesting corner where fans can stick stickers to vote for the member whose art piece they like the most.

The 2nd Membership week this time has been talked about as it takes on a new concept of fanservice from the heart, by removing the commercial aspect of the event. JYJ’s representatives see this as an investment, rather than focusing on revenue generation, and have planned a budget of 3 billion won this year, following the 3.7 billion won from last year.

JYJ’s representatives said, “SETEC is a top-notch exhibition hall. It is expected that 3 billion won will be required to cover the costs of the fanmeeting, including the fees to assist Japanese members who are visiting Korea.”

CEO Baek Chang Joo said, “The commercial aspect has been excluded from the JYJ Membership Week, and it is a plan focused solely on creating a platform for the artistes and their fans to interact. With this being the second time we are holding the Membership Week, we worked on the basis of this being a regular event rather than a one-off event right from the planning stage. The main goal is for JYJ and their fans to interact. We hope that it will be an event where many fans can create memories with JYJ, and where JYJ is able to express their gratitude and love to their fans.”

The JYJ members will be holding fanmeetings over two days, 29 and 30 June, and spending time with fans from Korea and Japan. It is planned for them to meet the Japanese fans on 29 June, and the Korean fans on 30 June. Registration was open to Korean and Japanese fans holding JYJ Membership from C-Jes Entertainment.

On 27 June, JYJ’s Junsu, who met with the media before the opening of the Membership Week, said, “I think that we would be able to have a special time with our fans, as much as our members have drawn and produced our own pieces.”

Yoochun expressed his hopes (for the event), “After looking around the exhibition hall, I am personally very satisfied. I am certain that the fans will be able to share this little happiness. I hope this event can continue in future.”

Jaejoong was unable to attend the opening ceremony due to his performances in Yokohama for the grand finale of his solo Asia Tour, but he is scheduled to attend the fanmeetings on 29 and 30 June.

Source: [Osen via kstyle]

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  1. Happy for you Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. You have generous hearts and the means and ability to show the fans your love. This will be a wonderful time to relate to not just the membership fans, but we who are not eligible can gain a look into your world also. I Love You, Momma Cha 🙂 <333

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