[TRANS] 130829 [C-JeS] We Would Like To Address The Issue Surrounding ‘EMK Musical Company’s Official Statement’

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.
EMK Musical Company recently posted their official statement regarding an interview in HEREN.

In an interview with HEREN, Robert Johanson, the director of the musical ‘Elisabeth’, mentioned Kim Junsu’s fans when talking about the concerns surrounding Kim Junsu and Ok Joo Hyun working together in last year’s Elisabeth performances, and we raised an issue with EMK on the problematic nature of this statement.

There were two main points that we requested from EMK.

As this statement was an untruthful report that may cause readers to misunderstand the situation, we requested that they release a statement rectifying the content that provided false information to many people. However, ’s recent apology on their mistranslation of the interview was not 100% in accordance with the solution we had requested, so we will strive to properly explain and rectify the problem with and reporters of concert culture.

Our other request was to send Robert Johanson an e-mail and rectify his misunderstanding of the situation. The e-mail we sent was not one that asked for an apology to Kim Junsu’s fans, instead, it urged him to see the truth of the situation and rectify his view of what fans are like since we have never received a formal objection from the management company in charge (*as we believe that if there was an issue, the management company couldn’t possibly not know about it) on the ‘discontent and dissatisfaction regarding the cast members’ last year that was mentioned in the interview.

What we would like to set straight with the management company is that we have never received any ‘requests’ or ‘complaints’ from fans regarding the choice in musical or cast members since Kim Junsu made his debut in 2010.

The people who came to watch <Mozart!> in 2010, and were who loved musicals and had a certain level of affection for these productions. We believe it is wrong to simply classify these , who gave all of their applause and cheers to the cast and crew for putting all their passion into their work, as .

Because of this, we hope that the official statement and apology that was released was created to highlight and rectify the false information that was reported to who love the musical ‘Elisabeth’, rather than being directed towards a certain or .

Additionally, the amazing ticket power and ability to introduce Korean musicals to the rest of the world were a phenomenon stemming from the sincerity and passion of Actor Kim Junsu, and he will continue to work hard to repay the sincere applause that he receives every performance with the best performance he can possibly give.

Although we had agreed to each release an official statement after organizing the response to our requests and the series of events that led to this situation, EMK Musical Company released their official statement today without sharing it with us in advance, and we would like to apologize for posting our own official statement separately.

(EMK Musical Company’s official statement can be found here 1, 2)

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