[Vid} Kim Jaejoong A Sunny Day

Beautiful song Jae Joong–full of pathos and unrequited love. Everyone can relate to this. Your two voices blend so perfectly it’s hard to distinguish the difference. Looking forward to more on the 29th    🙂 <3

credit: baimiyiya

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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3 thoughts on “[Vid} Kim Jaejoong A Sunny Day

  1. Woo hoo 😀 I love this song – it sounds as if this young fellow uses everything he has experienced so far to make a lovely piece of art for us <3 I look forward to the album too. Hope Jae is as excited as are we. How are you my friend. Thanks for your lovely kind message. My browser seem to disagree with this blog, but I felt bad for not having visited in a long time so here I am. Will look around now. Thanks for posting and, as always, for you. 🙂

  2. Hi YF. I guess I’m always thrown by the visuals. I remember when we just listened to a song and used our own imagination for the visuals. 🙂

    This is a lovely ballad and I’m finding it hard to tell the voices apart. Is it me?

    Anyway, which browser? I use Firefox for my main browser, then Google Chrome and Internet Explorer if needed. Some give me better visuals, but Firefox gives me great visuals and allows me to post without too much trauma. 😉

    I have probably missed most of the latest important stuff because I can’t seem to stay home right now–but the season is slowly winding down to winter when I will be forced to stay put. I’ll be poking around a little more soon. Lot’s of Hugs. Cha

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