[Vid} Kim Jaejoong A Sunny Day

Beautiful song Jae Joong–full of pathos and unrequited love. Everyone can relate to this. Your two voices blend so perfectly it’s hard to distinguish the difference. Looking forward to more on the 29th    🙂 <3

credit: baimiyiya

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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[TRANS] 130819 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Long Running Records Both Domestically And Internationally’ For His Mini Album


Kim Jaejoong’s January single ‘I’ has become a hot topic for its long-lasting popularity both domestically and internationally.

Last week, the music video of ‘MINE’, the title song of Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album, hit over 25 million views on China’s biggest music video site Yinyue Tai.

A representative of his agency stated, “Kim Jaejoong’s solo mini album has been receiving a lot of love since its release. Not only has it been achieving such great records on China’s music video charts, but it also ranked 7th on Gaon’s overall sales charts for the first half of this year, showing his strength as a solo singer.”

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album was released in January and sold all 140,000 copies, with its following repackage album ‘Y’ selling all 50,000 copies as well. It was recently voted the best album of the first half of 2013 on Synnara Records.

His agency stated, “Kim Jaejoong’s album was a collaboration with the legendary rock star Kim Bada and was a strong musical project. Kim Jaejoong has been receiving a steady stream of love both domestically and internationally through his solo tours. Though he faces restrictions in broadcasted appearances and the mass media, Kim Jaejoong’s popularity is a long-running phenomenon that reflects the continuous love of his fans.”

Source: [sbs etv]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

JYJFantalk Source: dongbangdata.net

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[Pic] Jaejoong New Solo Mini Album Photo

[Pic] Jaejoong New Solo Mini Album Photo

Hello guys! Today Jaejoong will be pre-releasing a song of his first solo mini album. After ‘ONE KISS’ has been released on online music websites (At noon, Korean time), you will definitely love the song!

Photo Credit: JYJ Official Facebook

Shared by/Our Source: DBSKnights.net

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[News] 120611 JYJ’s Jun Su sells over 0.12 million copies of his solo album and tops the Gaon Chart

[News] 120611 JYJ’s Jun Su sells over 0.12 million copies of his solo album and tops the Gaon Chart

JYJ’s Jun Su has sold over 0.12 million copies of his first solo album and topped the Gaon Chart.

On June 11, a spokesperson for Jun Su reported, “The total number of copies of Xia’s Tarantallegra sold exceeded 120,000 last week. It was the largest number for a solo album according to the Gaon Chart.”

A spokesperson for Gaon Chart says, “It was the largest number of copies sold for a solo album. Xia hasn’t appeared on TV much but many people, including Xia’s existing fans, have asked for the album as it’s a high-quality album that includes various different genres.”

Jun Su’s music video is also very popular in China.

The music video of Tarantallegra, which attracted wide attention in Korea with its sensational images, topped the May’s chart of the Yuetai Chart, the biggest music video site in China.


One of the record executives says, “Because people in China cannot connect to YouTube and Twitter, their own music video site does the job instead. The fact that Jun Su has topped the Yuetai Chart means a lot because he beat Super Junior and SNSD-Tae Ti Seo who have actively promoted their albums.”

In addition, Jun Su is successfully making his concert tour in Asia now. All 15,000 tickets for his concert held at Jamsil Gymnasium in May were sold out in only ten minutes, and all tickets for his concerts held in Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan were also sold out.

C-jes Entertainment, Jun Su’s agency, says, “We didn’t plan to promote the album on TV. Instead, we tried to create a high-quality full-length album that includes twelve songs and to plan a perfect concert with the best choreographer from the U.S. We invested a lot in the music video of ‘Tarantallegra’ and it was successful. We think it was possible because we were confident about the artist’s talent.”

C-jes will release the choreography version of the music video of “Tarantallegra” on its official YouTube channel on June 11 at 2:00 p.m.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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120528 [VIDEO-ENG SUBS] XIA “Tarantallegra” Press Conference on OBS News

[VIDEO-ENG SUBS] XIA “Tarantallegra” Press Conference on OBS News

credit: theyoungestmin @ YT

[News] 120516 JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo, “Xia Is My Identity”

[News] 120516 JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo, “Xia Is My Identity”

Kim Jun Soo held a press conference at Lotte Hotel in Seoul on May 16 and introduced his first solo album Xia Tarantallegra .

Kim said, “I used my stage name Xia as the title for my first solo album. Xia is my identity and the word includes everything about my identity.”

Kim debuted in 2004 as a member of group TVXQ and used his stage name Xia Jun Soo. Then he left SM Entertainment with Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun and formed JYJ together.

Kim explained why he used the name Xia again. “I haven’t been changed for the last 8 years so using the name Xia is natural. I didn’t think that much about my name. I don’t mind which name my fans call me among Jun Soo, Kim Jun Soo, Xia, and Xia Jun Soo.”


He added, “I use Xia when I give my autograph. I’ve never changed my autograph either. My situation has been changed but myself hasn’t been changed at all. That’s why I named my album Xia.”

Kim released his first solo album on May 15. He is the first member among JYJ members, who released solo album.

He showed off his talented skills as a singer-songwriter by producing his album and writing most of songs by himself. Various genres, including, dance, pop ballad, and R & B are included in the album and Kim Jae Joong, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, and rapper Bizzy were featured in the album.

Kim will hold a concert at Jamsil Gymnasium in Seoul on May 12 and 20 to celebrate the release of his album. Then he will tour Asian countries, including, Thailand, Macao, Taiwan, Indonesia, and China until July.

Source: Starnews
credit: en.korea
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[TRANS] 120516 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “Difficulties With Broadcast Activities? Times Have Changed”

[TRANS] 120516 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “Difficulties With Broadcast Activities? Times Have Changed”

JYJ’s Junsu, who released his solo album, spoke honestly about his feelings towards being unable to appear on broadcast activities.

On the early afternoon of 16 May, Kim Junsu held his first solo album “Xia Tarantallegra” release press conference at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, and said, “‘Being unable to do broadcasting activities could be a minus point, but nowadays the situation is different from before,” he said honestly.

JYJ are in a situation where, aside from appearing in concerts, dramas and musicals, they are unable to do broadcast activities such as music shows and variety shows.

To this, Junsu sais , “If you release an album, you have to attend the basic broadcasting activities, but these activities cannot be done at all. Even while creating this album it was already assumed that “broadcasting activities cannot be done” but as the album still had to be released, it was a helpless situation.” “Therefore, we had to prove ourselves even more with the quality of the album, and the music video. Although it is just one album and music video, we had to show something even better” he emphasized.

Also, “It is not a good thing to not be doing broadcast activities. If you talk about negative factors, it is a minus point. But times have changed recently. Via youtube and various internet sites, everything you are interested in can be seen. If you have watched my music video, I think that to a certain extent, it is more expensive that most Korean music videos. If you look at Korea, in the situation where you cannot attend broadcast programs, it would be impossible to create such a music video.”

Following that, he said, “Although I cannot attend broadcast programs, I think that I hold on to my freedom of expression. I can show more variety of color,” emphasizing on the positive aspects.

Source : [K Star News]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[Audio] XIA Junsu (JYJ) – 04. No Gain [Tarantallegra]

This song was composed and written by Jaejoong. Beautiful collaboration. Junsu, I love your voice here. Momma Cha 🙂

Album: XIA Tarantallegra
Track: 4
Length: 0:03:50
Lyrics by: Kim Jaejoong
Produced by: Kim Jaejoong

I pause and forget everything for a moment
Just reminiscing the memories that you gave
The flames in my heart that I’ve forgotten
I want you to listen to it

The space in my heart seem to grow narrower
What should I do…I’m sorry but we’re growing further apart
Those precious time (we had), finding other love
I try to erase your scent

Baby even if I found someone new, I can never forget you
Baby you know I can’t forget
Calling you when I’m drunk
Just listen when I say I love you
If you’re thinking of me girl call my name
That’s all that I need
Even if I’m with a another girl

Baby girl Baby girl Baby girl Baby girl

I was too selfish
Had done nothing for you
Feeling sad, I’m just ashamed of myself
Maybe that’s why I’m like this now
I try to make some other excuses by seeing someone new
A happy girl and I…this isn’t it


Baby girl Baby girl Baby girl Baby girl

No matter what happen you will not cry
Its okay there’s no need to blame no more
I will bury in those memories, I won’t forget you
Does that mean anything to you? No gain no gain no gain
Though I don’t need to know your thought


Lyrics: DC Jaejoong Gallery
Translation by: Evy901 + li-an

video credit: Kia27Nair

Words and Music composed by Kim Jaejoong

Momma’s Source: youtube+eCaisme@livejournal.com

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[INFO] [OFFICIAL C-JeS] “JYJ Junsu 1st Asia Tour In Seoul” – First Round Of Ticket Sales

[INFO] [OFFICIAL C-JeS] “JYJ Junsu 1st Asia Tour In Seoul” – First Round Of Ticket Sales


Greetings everyone.

This is C-JeS.

Here are the details for the first round of ticket sales for JYJ’s Junsu first official solo concert since debut, the “JYJ Junsu 1st Asia Tour In Seoul”

Concert Dates
19 May 2012, 7 pm (1 performance)
20 May 2012, 6 pm (1 performance)

Ticket Price
VIP Standing & Sitting 132,000 KRW
R Seats – Standing & Sitting 110,000 KRW
S Seats – 99,000 KRW
A Seats – 88,000 KRW
B Seats – 66,000 KRW

Ticketing Opens
19 April 2012, 8pm via Interpark

*Limited to 2 tickets per person

C-JeS Entertainment

Everyone, please support this event.
Thank You.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + C-JeS]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie
Pic: Interpark

Momma’s Source: iXiahcassie

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu to Release Solo Album in May & Asia Tour in 6 Cities

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu To Release Solo Album in May & Asia Tour in 6 Cities

JYJ‘s Junsu will release his first solo album in May since his debut in 2004.

On April 16th, his agency, CJ Entertainment, revealed, “Kim Junsu will release his first album in May.

The agency continued, “After releasing his album, on May 19th and 20th, he will rush to open the Asia tour with the Korean concert in Jamsil Gymnasium. Kim Junsu’s album, which he directly produced, is expected to be mostly filled with his songs, in addition to songs presented by JYJ members.”

It is planned that CJ Entertainment will release Junsu’s album concepts through Youtube and Facebook.

It is also confirmed that the Asia Tour, which is from May to July, will consist of 6 cities, including those of Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Shangai.

Meanwhile, Junsu is busy acting in the musical, ‘Elisabeth‘, while Yoochun is busy filming SBS‘ ‘Rooftop Prince‘ and Jaejoong is waiting to film MBC‘s ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘.

Source: Oh My News via Naver
credit: allkpop
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[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong Directing Kim Junsu’s Recording With The “Aura Of A Composer”

[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong Directing Kim Junsu’s Recording With The “Aura Of A Composer”

A photo revealed of JYJ’s Kim Junsu in the process of recording for his studio album has been attracting attention.

On 16 April, 7 photos titled “Junsu & Jaejoong Studio” were uploaded onto JYJ’s official Facebook account. In some of the photos, Kim Junsu is seen in the recording booth, while Kim Jaejoong is seen directing.

Previously, C-Jes Entertainment released the news that Kim Junsu would be releasing his solo studio album, and also stated that the members’ compositions would be included. Aside from giving Junsu songs as a present, Kim Jaejoong also assisted by directing the production process, showing their friendship.

On another note, Kim Junsu will be holding an event for his first studio album at the Jamshil Gymnasium on 19 and 20 May. Following this, he is preparing to tour 6 Asian cities including Thailand and Macau.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
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[NEWS] 120416 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su Will Release His Solo, “It Will Be The Best Album”

[NEWS] 120416 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su will release his solo, “It will be the best album

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su will release his solo album.

On April 16, JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, announced, “JYJ’s Kim Jun Su will release his first solo album in May.”

Kim will release his solo for the first time after he debuted in 2004 as a member of JYJ. Since he is one of the best talented idols, many people are eagerly anticipating his album.

Kim will show off his musical skills through his solo album by producing it by himself and writing the most of his songs.

Baek Chang Joo, president of C-JeS Entertainment, says, “Kim is the most valuable singer in Korea. He is very talented as a singer/songwriter. He can also capture the world with his powerful performance. We can’t tell you about the concept for the album and title yet, but I think his album will be the best album in the first half year.

Source: Xportsnews
Credit: Korea.com
Shared By: JYJ3 

 Momma’s Source: JYJ3
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