[News] 140416 JYJ’s Junsu to have a special stage with Jung Sun Ah in upcoming Japanese concert


JYJ’s Junsu will be presenting a special duet on stage with musical actress Jung Sun Ah at the upcoming “2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan”.

The news was revealed today by C-JeS Entertainment, Junsu’s agency. The two will be performing a duet for the musical songs, including those from “Mozart!”, “Jekyll and Hyde”, and “Aida” in the concerts that will be held in Osaka and Tokyo.

The duet stage between the two musical talents will be their first stage in four years after they first met at the musical “Mozart!” back in 2010. The musical was so successful and grabbed several awards at the Korea Musical Awards, including the most popular actor and actress for Junsu and Jung Sun Ah.

The concert will be 100% live. It will be the second time for him to have a solo tour in Japan without his group mates. The tour will be starting in Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo from May 13-15 and Osaka-jo Hall from May 22-24.

credit: ttwigo
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[News] 140403 JYJ’s Junsu Is One with Nature in Latest Japan Solo Tour Poster


JYJ‘s Junsu is gearing up for his Japan solo tour concert, with his agency giving everyone a first look at the concert poster. There is definitely a lot of greenery in this new and interesting poster.

JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, has been busy preparing for the “2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan” set to be held in May in Tokyo and Osaka. As part of their preparations, the agency has finally revealed the poster for the much anticipated tour.


The poster in question shows Junsu in a simple clean white t-shirt, wearing a green wreath and surrounded by a large flowery branch. The imagery is quite befitting of a spring tour.

C-JeS Entertainment has told the press that “We have seen a tremendous response from local fans for this musical and ballad concert, a first in Japan. This poster, released prior to the opening of ticket sales, shows a pure, childlike and mysterious side to Junsu. The poster has also been received extremely positively.”

The “2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan” will first be heading to the Tokyo Yoyogi National Gymnasium to perform in front of a potential capacity crowd of 36,000 fans from May 13~15. The tour will then head off to the lovely city of Osaka to perform at the Osaka Castle Hall to a potential capacity crowd of 33,000 on May 22~24.

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[News] 140327 JYJ Junsu To Hold Ballad Concert In Tokyo And Osaka This May


JYJ member Junsu will be holding his, ’2014 XIA THE BEST BALLAD SPRING TOUR’ this May.

His agency revealed that his previous ‘Ballad&Musical Concert’ were always a hit for the past two years and they decided to create a Japanese version of this best ballad concert tour.

On top of his usual ballad songs and drama OST’s, he will also be singing his well loved Japan ballads as well. They felt that Junsu’s music would make for a special spring season for his fans.

He will be holding his Tokyo concert on May 13-15 and in Osaka on May 22-24.

Each concert will bring in around 36,000 fans, allowing him to meet a total of around 70,000 fans.

credit: kpopstarz

JYJ Fantalk Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Trans] 130426 A ‘Rooftop Prince’ Cafe Appears In Tokyo, Shibuya ‘As Expected, It’s Park Yoochun!’

[Trans] 130426 A ‘Rooftop Prince’ Cafe Appears In Tokyo, Shibuya ‘As Expected, It’s Park Yoochun!’

A cafe named after JYJ Park Yoochun’s drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ has appeared in Tokyo, Shibuya.

According to the Japanese Hallyu site ‘Mpost’, “‘Mandoka’, which is located in the heart of Tokyo, Shibuya, will be holding a ‘Rooftop Prince’ event for two weeks from the 26th April till the 9th of May.” The cafe is holding this event to go along with the DVD release of the drama. It is to support the first edition DVD release on the 5th of this month, as well as the second DVD release on the 10th of May.

During the event, the cafe will be giving out signed gifts as prizes and will be showing various videos related to the drama. the ‘Omurice’ that captivated Park Yoochun and his trio will be available for fans for a limited time as a special dish.

‘Mandoka’ has held a collaboration event for Girls’ Generation, 2PM and Aziatix. Although many Hallyu drama are extremely popular in Japan, this is the first time that a cafe has used a drama’s name.

Meanwhile, ‘Rooftop Prince’ is the story of Joseon Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) losing his love (Jung Yumi) and traveling 300 years into the future and falling in love with Park Ha (Han Ji Min) in the 21st Century. ‘Rooftop Prince’ was chosen as ‘The Most Anticipated Korean Drama in 2012′ by Japanese people, even before the drama aired in Korea.

Source: [enews24]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[News] 130403 JYJ Huge Popularity Recognized in Streets of Japan, ‘Amazing Power’

[News] 130403 JYJ Huge Popularity Recognized in Streets of Japan, ‘Amazing Power’

Group JYJ was able to see and feel their overwhelming popularity throughout the streets of Japan.

Group JYJ was able to see and feel their overwhelming popularity throughout the streets of Japan.

Yesterday, JYJ began their ‘The Return of the JYJ’ Japan Tokyo Dome concert and met with 150,000 fans. The streets were covered in posters and videos played of the group as well.

Their agency stated, “At the April 3 concert at the Tokyo Dome, all 150,000 seats were sold out. Over 300,000 people had tried to reserve for this concert. JYJ has widened their spectrum as they have also started acting careers as well. They made their fan base even bigger after they became the first Korean group to hold a Europe and South America concert as part of their world tour.”

On the streets, not only were there posters, but also video footage from the member’s dramas playing on screens as well.

A Japan commercial agency stated, “Although today is a weekday, the streets are packed and JYJ’s concert has been sold out. They really are amazing artists.”

The producer in charge of JYJ’ concert stated, “JYJ’s perfect performance and amazing vocals have allowed them to be recognized more as artists than idols in Japan. It is rare to see a group be able to sing 26 live songs at a concert. This shows that all members of the group really do put in their 120% when performing.”

On the streets of Japan, traces of the Hallyu can also be seen as there are also specialized JYJ sections for advertisements.

JYJ’s concerts will also be broadcasted live in Japan theaters as well. For their last concert on April 4, it will be played live on a total of 113 different movie theaters in Japan.

One official commented, “This idea was thought up in order to allow fans who did not buy tickets to still be able to enjoy the concert.”

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[Pic] 120730 SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR 3 IN TOKYO Official Goods

[Pic] 120730 SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR 3 IN TOKYO Official Goods

Dong Bang Shin Ki Collection Card (8 types) : ¥300

TVXQ Notebook : ¥800

 Earphone jack : ¥1,500

 Money Clips & hat clips : ¥2,800

 Bag hanger: ¥1,800

credit: smtown.jp
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[INFO+VIDEO] FC MEN Japan Charity Match in Tokyo

[INFO+VIDEO] FC MEN Japan Charity Match in Tokyo

FC MEN Japan Charity Match in Tokyo
(Charity Match for Hoping the Early Recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake)

FC MEN vs FC GEININ (team with Japanese entertainers)
Date: 28 April 2012 (Sat)
15:30- Open of venue
17:30- Opening event
18:00- Opening remarks, introduction of players
18:30- Start of game

Venue: National Stadium (Kokuritsu Kyogijyo)
Address: 10-2, Kasumigaoka cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Ticket: JPY5,800- (tax included, reserved-seat)

Player confirmed to participate:

Kim Junsu (team leader)
Yeong Pil (M.E.N.)
Juno (Singer)
Park Geon Hyung (Actor)
Lee Wan (Actor)
So Jisoku (Actor)
Tefa (M.E.N.)
Yoon (M.E.N.)
Geong Jin (M.E.N.)
Ji Hwan (M.E.N.)
Sin Ki Hyon (Actor)
Park Jung Kwang (Comedian)
Kim Sonwoo (Model)
Yong Hwan (Actor)
Park Jung Jae (Actoer)
Lim Byung Han (Stylist)
Che Yongin (Talent)
Coach: Yun Geong Sik

Manager: Special member (to be announced on the day)
*There may be some changes in the members

(FC GEININ Members)
Wakkie (Penalty)
Hide (Penalty)
Takashi Imoto (License)
Jun Murakami (Shizuru)
Dancho Yasuda (Yasuda Dai Circus), etc.
*There may be some changes in the members

Special Guests:
Kohjiro Oka, Jisong, M.E.N., Juno
Minami Kawahara (MC)

[FC MEN Japan Charity Match] Secretariat
Tel: 03-3320-0243
10:00-18:00hrs, 13 Feb-28 Apr 2012
Email: ticket@fcmen.jp

Ticket: Booking period is over.
Credit: FC Men Japan
Translated and Shared by XIAH Press
re-up by: iXiahCassie

Momma’s Source: iXiahcassie

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[Info] FC Men Japan Charity Match In Tokyo

[Info] FC Men Japan Charity Match In Tokyo

(credit: xiahtal)

East Japan Earthquake Charity Match

Date: Saturday 28th, 2012
5:30pm: Opening concert
6:00pm: Greeting + introducing the players
6:30pm: Game starts

– 5800 yen (With tax)
– 5000 yen limited presale

*Note: Due to certain circumstances, there is a possibility that some members will not be attending this match.

source: fcmen.jp
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 111015 Kim Su Young Twitter Update

Joongie…no, JYJ…today they showed such an amazing stage…please show us an amazing stage tomorrow too *^^*

credit: Maki-TVXQ-TokyoJapan
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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111015 Video from JYJ’s Live Unforgettable Concert in Japan — In Heaven

JYJ’s Live Unforgettable Concert in Japan Clips

credit: beebreeze23

JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert In Japan 2011

credit: ten2421

JYJ 2011.10.15 SBU♪


I.D.S. and Opening Talk Tokyo

credit: yukarin33333

Get Out (Warning Mickey Bleep F*** You Overide at 3:23 thru 3:26)

credit: mumuzi0018

JYJ You’re 10/15,16 No Eng Subs but Unforgettable just the same.

credit: tin11yk

Junsu You Are So Beautiful

credit: beebreeze23

Momma’s Source: youtube

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Translation 110828 A-Nation Tokyo (Second Day) Thank You Message From TVXQ

[TRANS] 110828 A-Nation Tokyo (second day) Thank you message from Tohoshinki

Oh~~it is really over. a-nation 2011 is over.
Many things happened before…but we were able to participate in a-nation after a two years’ absence, and we were able to go to many places in Japan (after a long time). We were delighted that we can perform live concerts, and also happy that we were able to meet many of our fans. Though a-nation has finished, we will do our best so that we can have a happy stage together with all of you in a short time, so please wait awhile!
Everyone!! a-nation 2011 THANK YOU~~ VERY MUCH~~!!

T/N: This message was sent to the fans who participated in Tokyo a-nation (second day) via cellular phone service. My friend, who was at the concert today, just sent me the original mail.

Source: YUNHI My Room
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Momma’s Source:sharingyoochun.net

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FANACCOUNT 110827 A-Nation in Tokyo

[Fanaccount] 110827 A-nation in Tokyo

The following are tweets by @lisaliolisalio who has kindly translate tweets of fans who were at the event.
Read from bottom to top.

  • When Yunho looked around the audience after Stand by U, he gave a warm expression. Changmin showed us a very cute smile and then looked down out of shyness and shook his head. It was so impressive. RT @MinChan_4U39 Stand by U が終わった後、ユノが客席を見渡した時に表情がふっと緩んだ チャンミンも客席を見てかわいい笑顔を見せてくれた後、照れて下を向いて頭を降ってた 凄く感動した瞬間
  • Yunho stumbled and slurred his words repeatedly. Soooooo cute(*´艸`) As always, he gave a lot of service, eg, pointed at each camera and gave a wink ☆☆ RT @naaao0405 ユノが噛み噛みで超〜〜〜かわいかった(*´艸`)今日もカメラ探しては指差したりウインクしたりサービスいっぱい☆☆
  • The fireworks at the end of concert suited Tohoshinki(*´ェ`*)…♥ They have become a great artist who can close a festival concert even in Japan. I’m so impressed. RT @kuroyunho: 大トリの花火と東方神起、とてもよく似合ってました(*´ェ`*)…♥ 日本でもトリにふさわしいアーティストになったという事だね。ただただ感動
  • Tohoshinki’s popularity was cruel LOL. The cheers!! I don’t know how to deal with this situation. I didn’t know Tohoshinki is that popular! Amazing! Really amazing….LOL. RT @jdabc_yasu 東方神起の人気えぐいw歓声!!着いていけないっ!東方神起ってこんな人気やったん!すげーっ!ほんますげー…(笑) .
  • I didn’t see Ayu’s performance. So without Ayu, Tohoshinki received the loudest cheers and made the audience excited the most today. Two boys next to me shouted repeatedly the names of Yunho and changmin (^^ゞ RT @bravo218MAXあゆは見てないからわからないけど、それ以外では今日の出演者の中で一番反応良くてもりあがったのは東方神起だとおもう。友達の隣の男子2人ずっとユノとチャンミン連呼してた(^^ゞ
  • #TOHOanation After the stage, fireworks burst across the sky. The boys who were looking at them were beautiful. What was in your mind? Tohoshinki is terrific. RT @chyh2: ステージ終わって花火が上がりそれを見てた二人綺麗だった どんな気持ちで見つめたのかな~東方神起最高です
  • #TOHOanation I had a good time at a-nation (^^). Tohoshinki’s popularity is amazing. RT @harunaaaaa212 a-nation楽しかった(^^) 東方神起の人気はやばいね。
  • Tohoshinki was amazing! Surprisingly they closed a-nation! Yunho looked into the camera repeatedly! Changmin poured water over his own head while singing Somebody to Love. RT @xiah_micエイネ東方神起やばかった!まさかのトリ!ユノのカメラ目線多かった!STLでチャンミン水かぶった!
  • Tohoshinki was the right artist for the last performer. They caused the biggest excitement today. Yunho and Changmin are too hot. I jumped and screamed hard and now am all in a sweat. They were smiling, made smug look of triumph and looked happy all the time. Tohoshinki is awesome!! RT @Kuujj東方神起大トリに相応しかった。1番の盛り上がりだった。ユノとちゃみが素敵すぎた。ジャンプしまくって叫びすぎて汗びっしょりだけど、2人がずっと笑顔だったりどやったり幸せそうだった♡東方神起最高!!
  • Tohoshinki..The cheers are out of control. All the people around me are Tohoshinki fans, so I feel sooo left out. The stadium is all red. RT @erkaaat東方神起。声援やばすぎ。周りみんな東方神起ファンでアウェー感ハンパない。会場が真っ赤です。
  • I’m now at a-nation. I’ve attended concerts of many idols such as Hello project ones. But I’ve never experienced this excitement. LOL Furthermore, I thought this isn’t a Tohoshinki’s conert LOL. RT @anztolchock私も今a-nationにいます。私もハローを中心に結構アイドル紺の現場に行っていますが、味わったことの無い状況ですwしかも、これa-nationで東方神起紺じゃないはずなのにw
  • Now Tohoshinki’s performing. The audience is crazy. It’s like Aerosmith’s concert. There’s no way to defeat them. LOL RT @Mathahiro_ 東方神起、客がスゲぇ。エアロスミスのライブみたいな客。こんなんに勝てる訳無い(笑)
  • Today I became very aware that Tohoshinki’s popularity is extraordinary. RT @ryoheyhey21東方神起の人気はレベルが違うことが今日、改めてわかりました。
  • They will close a-nation for the first time. Tohoshinki! They jumped out on the stage. Why dance intro, followed by Rising Sun. The stadium is all red! RT @mposttv エイネーション、初のトリ、東方神起登場!下から飛び出して、whyダンスイントロ.そして、ライサン。会場真っ赤!
  • Wow, Tohoshinki is the last performer!!!!!!
  • Tohoshinki’s T-shirt has already been sold out! RT @hysayuaya まさかのTシャツ売りきれ!w #TOHOanation

trans credit: @lisaliolisalio
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110715 TVXQ Rocked The Stage At “K-POP FESTIVAL — MUSIC BANK in TOKYO”

[Trans] 110715 TVXQ Rocked The Stage At “K-POP FESTIVAL -MUSIC BANK in TOKYO”

“K-POP FESTIVAL -MUSIC BANK in TOKYO” was held at the Tokyo Dome on the 13th this month. There were 15 groups of Korean artistes that performed at this concert, including TVXQ, Kara, Girls Generation, attracting a total of 45000 fans. This concert was organised by KBS’s “Music Bank” programme in Japan.

15 artiste groups, including popular artistes like TVXQ, Kara, 2pm and Beast rocked the stage during the 3 hour concert. The atmosphere was pushed to the climax when TVXQ took the finale stage. They performed 3 songs, including “Rising Sun”. Yunho could not hide his happiness for being able to perform on Tokyo Dome once again since 2 years ago. He shouted, “ It’s been a long time, Tokyo Dome! I’m really happy to be able to meet everyone here with the other artistes!”, causing the atmosphere to reach the climax.

The concert will be broadcasted in 2D on 25 August, 6pm through “Skyper”, and in 3D on 28 August, 1pm. For more details, please visit http://www.skyperfectv.co.jp/. This concert will also be broadcasted in Korea via KBS on July 22nd at 6:05pm.

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: smallricee@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
Do not remove/add on any credits

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

Changmin. Rest that wrist as much as possible. You and Yunho need some serious R&R. <3