[Trans] 120502-120503 JYJ Twitter Updates

[Trans] 120502~120503 JYJ Twitter Update‏s

Junsu: Elisabeth… When the role of Death god was first given to me… I hesitated a lot… Though I knew better than anyone else that it is a good character in the great work… “Is this really an ‘outfit’ suitable for me?” Such a doubt came to me… But right now at this moment, after the finale performance ended, putting aside whether I did well or not

Junsu: As a musical actor, isn’t it a period of time where I am able to learn a lot of things? I tried thinking like this.. From the start to the end, the Elisabeth cast that became my strength… As we are able to be together and becoming my strength, I felt blessed… Really grateful, and grateful to every audience who cried and laughed together.

Junsu: I didn’t intend to cry… (However) during the last scene when I saw Sunyoung noona… “It’s really the last~” Emotions came over me and I cried in the end… Death is not supposed to be like that… The two Elisbeths Sun Young noona and Joo Hyun noona who cried with me together, really thank you so much for this period of time.

Junsu: We will be forever, leaving while facing peace and freedom, thus please do not cry… ^^

Junsu: And also lively charimastic vocal Young Ki hyung, musical teacher Eun Tae hyung, and Seung Dae hyung who came out with the new term XiahSeung… Handsome hand gestures Jung Hwa noona, our school’s professor Tae Won noona, crazy falsetto Soo Yong hyung, pretty guy Min Chul hyung, Pringles Yoonseph TT Handsome Jung Han hyung, Chang Eui hyung, Judge vocal Jung Ryul hyung

Junsu: And also the best esembles hyung noona dongsaengs… the best music director Kim Mun Jung noona, producer In Sun hyung… The EMK family… And all the other staffs, I am thankful to you all… Ah! And our six death angles… thank you all.

Junsu: Ah, and Dong Shik dongsaeng who is more like a hyung than me. And… keke, Seung Hyun who joined musical for the first time, thank you all too~~ ^^

Park Gun Hyun (@gunboy77): @1215thexiahtic Captain Kim is the best!!! Ah!! Sorry that I am not able to go to the performance… Your tickets are hard to get…TT

Junsu: @gunboy77 Nothing like that, hyung~ ^^ We shall meet at the soccer field ke

Kim Seung Dae (@seungdaeK): @1215thexiahtic Hyung will not forget!!! I learnt a lot from you, the collaboration on stage… It’s gonna stay in the memory for a long while~ There will be great work soon, the good shall meet again! We will meet again~ ^^ You’ve worked hard~ XiahTod!!! ^^

Junsu: @seungdaeK I remembered the times Hyung was in the resting room, hearing hyung said these words, ‘Discover again’… No matter, hyung is also the best musical actor.. ^^ Though I am not at a position to judge.. I saw and heard the tears from the audience who saw hyung’s acting

Junsu: @seungdaeK felt that hyung is already the best actor… Even as Death, I would cry everytime I hear the mirror song, isn’t it~ It’s been blissful to be together ^^

Jaejoong: @1215thexiahtic My handsome brother~ Junsu ^^

Junsu: @mjjeje Hyung must be starting now too~ Hwaiting!! ^^

Choi Min Chul (@jekyll8749):@1215thexiahtic At midnight where I’m supposed to lie down and sleep but just couldn’t fall asleep easily~ ^^ Your detailed performance displayed onstage brought us huge inspiration, really thankful to you~ No matter how busy you are going to be, do come over and play at the theatre~ Hyung will buy you good good~^^ You are very handsome today!!

Junsu: @jekyll8749 It is my happiness to be able to stand on the stage with hyung~^^ Really thankfull… Will keep in touch!!!!!

Junsu: The weather is really good today.. ^^ http://pic.twitter.com/LJiwOV23

Junsu: @jekyll8749 And as yesterday was my final performance thus I gave a more intensive adlib performance… It’s a very big present~ ^^ Death shouldn’t have any parts that allowed adlib performance.. T.T Because if I do it, it might spoil this work.. keke Really thank you for making acting interesting to me TT

Lee Jae Eun (@beyondmonica): The parent meeting with the Suk Jun’s class teacher has finally decided. Thanks to my ‘built’ genes, the 6 years old Suk Jun is like a 7 years old now. Other than this, he doesn’t seems to gain anything from mum. Like this, the scariest thing in my world is to meet with the teacher. Nervous nervous nervous!!!! Goosebumps…;;;;;;

Junsu: @beyondmonica Keke Suk Jun ah, come to hyung’s

Yoochun: ^________________________^ Come~ Come~ Smile~

Yoochun: ㅡㅡ;; Not asking you all to cry, it’s to smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

credit: josiemiao + freyazo
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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  1. June. I’m happy that you were able to interpret this role in a way that brought you joy. I want that always for you, so seek to do those things which bring you joy and makes other persons joyful. There is too much sadness in this world. <3 Momma Cha

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