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[PHOTO] #fcmen 준수 4골 넣고 여유로운 저 포즈ㅋㅋㅋ날씨도 좋고 축구하기 좋은 날씨였다는! instagram.com/p/l6vv_1Q2-d/


[TRANS] #fcmen Junsu’s leisurely pose after scoring 4 goalsㅋㅋㅋThis amazing weather is great for soccer!


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[TRANS] 130220 Kim Junsu Confesses His Love For Bowling, “I’m Addicted To Bowling These Days”

[TRANS] 130220 Kim Junsu Confesses His Love For Bowling, “I’m Addicted To Bowling These Days”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has gone from a soccer-lover to a bowling-lover.

Kim Junsu attended the ’2014 Incheon Asian Games Honorary Ambassador Appointment Ceremony’ at 11am at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul and confessed that he’s become addicted to bowling.

On this day, Kim Junsu was asked which sports event he was most interested in, and he replied, “I think everyone knows what I’m going to say because it’s been reported on often. I love soccer so I can’t wait to watch the soccer matches,” and “But these days, I’ve become addicted to bowling, so I can’t wait to watch the bowling events too.”

Regarding the fact that JYJ were chosen as honorary ambassadors for the games, Kim Junsu said, “We’re honored to be the honorary ambassadors for a state event that includes all of Asia. We hope that the event becomes a stepping stone for the development of sports,” and “We will do our best to make this a festival for all of Asia.”

The 2014 Incheon Asian Games Committee revealed that they chose Hallyu stars JYJ to be the honorary ambassadors of the event to raise awareness and spur overseas promotions in Asia.

Meanwhile, JYJ will be participating in a song, dance and music video for the event and will appear in road shows in Hanoi, Vietnam and Guangzhou, China in October and November respectively.

Source: [starnews]

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[TRANS] 121203-121204 Post of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 121203-121204 Post of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 3rd to 5:59am KST, December 4th.

The best thing would be for this blasted rain to stop -__-
(Jaejoong, 5:39pm KST) The best thing to do on a rainy day is to exercise^^http://pic.twitter.com/bWeNK72S

Health first bb! Or you won’t be able to play at all D:
(Junsu, 10:25pm KST) It’s been exactly one day.. since I got back from Germany.. Like always, I played soccer today. Even though it snowed.. and that snow hit my face.. and my body froze.. (I played because) I like soccer too much, I can’t help it.. So what if it’s snowing.. Even if it rained and the wind blew, even if a storm raged on. I would still be playing soccer http://pic.twitter.com/CUphvw00

(Yong Hwan, 12:44am KST) @1215thexiahtic I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you all today^^ Yet you still win, even without Gwak Yong Hwan? lol
(Junsu, 12:50am KST) @plmok30 Hm.. If I said that I didn’t notice your absence.. would that make you sad..? lol

What is this conversation…. Yoochun would be proud of all the lameness 😉
(Jung Hwan, 3:03am KST) @1215thexiahtic plmok30 Hello, this is Messi.
(Junsu, 5:14pm KST) @chozzz0110 Messi? You mean, what time is, right..? ^^;; (Messi and ‘몇시 (Myeotshi)’ sound very similar)
(Jung Hwan, 5:15pm KST) @1215thexiahtic kekekekekeke Hyung, have you already forgotten about the first half of the game yesterday^^? Be honest, you remember what we said, right? Christian Ronaldo
(Junsu, 6:23pm KST) @chozzz0110 You mean Cristiano.. not Christian…^^
(Jung Hwan, 6:25pm KST) @1215thexiahtic That was the Brazilian pronunciation of the name, you must not know that kekekekekeke Hyung, I only do well when I receive praise ^^;
(Junsu, 6:29pm KST) @chozzz0110 For a moment, I thought Ronaldo went to church or something..! lol Fine, you’re good at this!^^

I missed this kid and his photos 🙂  (Jaejoong, 11:11pm KST) 1111 http://pic.twitter.com/eQpFOOzD  

(Jaejoong, 11:30pm KST) jj-v in HK http://pic.twitter.com/it2fwFLO

And yes, I get confused too, Mr. KJJ

(Jaejoong, 11:35pm KST) @1215thexiahtic Sometimes, I get confused on whether you’re a singer or a soccer player
(Junsu, 12:37am KST) @bornfreeonekiss keke >_<

Source: [Jaejoong+Junsu+Others’  Twitter]

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[Trans] 121121~121123 Junsu Twitter Update

[Trans] 121121~121123 Junsu Twitter Update

Junsu: Today is the broadcast day for Missing You~^^

Junsu: Missing You… Quickly, I’m missing you!!

John (@elbowyeish): @1215thexiahtic Today is the broadcast day for Missing You~^^ I watched it again and again, I want to watch ‘Missing You’. The ‘Missing You’ that I want to watch. Let me watch it quickly.

Junsu: @elbowyeish Hyung, you are in America. You did not managed to watch the premiere right!!!

Min Young Ki (@poimin73): Though I also want to watch ‘Missing You’… But I have an autograph session to go. Junsu has made a promise with hyung to watch ‘Rudolph’ one day ^^ RT @1215thexiahtic Missing You… Quickly, I’m missing you!!

Junsu: @poimin73 I remember the date ^^

Junho (@JUNO_Japan): @1215thexiahtic Ha~~~ah!!… Again… not answering me, you… ㅜㅜ Tonight is a longly night again.. .( T_T)\(^-^ )

Junsu: To every Japanese fan who came today… Thank you ^^ I performed and played football… it seems I am able to have sweet dreams tonight~ Good night everyone ^^ pic.twitter.com/MORtmKIy

Junsu: @code07lim I read in a book that… almost all sports’ MVP are attackers. Though attackers (or forward) are popular… but the defense team mates have the power to win… I felt this a lot during the match today.

Junsu: @code07lim Hyung, I always tell others… The reason our team will not fail… The FC men that never lose in official match… no matter what others say… is a team with better defense players~ Therefore the MVP today is the defense team players ke

BruceAutomatic @1215thexiahtic: Congratulations on your win brother! You always give 100 percent into everything you do! Awesome!

Junsu @BruceAutomatic automatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how are you? [T/N English tweets]

credit: ktam@Disp-TVXQ_JYJ, Ma小妮
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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[News] 121011 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su Takes A Self Portrait In A Soccer Uniform

[News] 121011 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su Takes A Self Portrait In a Soccer Uniform

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently took a self portrait.

On October 11, Kim tweeted a picture with the short comment, “Let’s go play soccer.”

In the picture, Kim is staring at the camera in a blue soccer uniform of entertainer soccer team FC Men. His small face and sharp chin captured the public’s attention.

People who saw the picture responded: “He looks great in a uniform.” “I think he has lost a lot of weight.” “I want to see him playing soccer.”

The FC Men, where Kim is a leader, will donate all proceeds from holding a charity match at Sahmyook University on October 11.

source: Starnews
credit: korea.com

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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