DBSK Spazz: Just a Little Vacation: Part 1


You see a globe. A shiny, sparkly globe covered in flashing lights that makes you think of bell bottoms and peace sig…wait a minute. Wrong globe. (removes quickly)



Ahem. (tries again…)



You see a globe. A slowing rotating globe that really reminds you of something you saw in geography class. It is called…What was it again? It’ must have been important….OH YEAH!!!! PLANET EARTH!!!!




Duh. Well. It is Earth, spinning exotically on it’s invisible axis, looking so peaceful from this far away. Really peaceful. What a shame that you’re suddenly getting closer…and closer…and even closer, until you can make out the outlines of high rises and fast moving cars. It seems you have descended into a very big city, and are quickly aiming for a curtained window, at the very top floor of an expensive-looking housing complex. You flinch and try to slow your velocity, expecting to crash straight into the window any second, but there are no air brakes on this ride. You close your eyes, and wait for the shattering of glass….but surprisingly enough, all you feel is a sudden blast of air-conditioned air, that seems to come from all around you. Someone has central air controls. Nice. The grandly furnished house seems empty at a first glance, but your quickly adjusting ears pick up the distinct sound of voices, male voices to be exact, voices that you recognize immediately….






 …so I told the manager that I was going to be gone for a few days, and he seemed okay with it. The only thing that’s really worrying me is….Yah. Hyung. Do you really need to pack so many clothes? It’s a vacation, not a photoshoot.










 Hmmm…..do you really think so? I might need them all…






                           Junsu thinks you have too many. Right, Junsu?

                        RIGHT!!! Hyung, can I put these down now? Please?



Hmmm…I just don’t know. Jiji-ah, what do you think?

Hyung, please.

What did you say, Jiji-ah? Junsu spilled orange juice all over Appa Jae’s new white sofa? Really? Maybe we should let him hold the clothes a little longer….

 Grrrrr…..(drops pile) Forget it. No more punishments.

Awww, Junsu-ah. You’re no fun.



Tell that to my back. Besides, there’s no stain on your precious sofa.

That’s because you painted over it with white-out.

…How’d you know that?





Doodlydoodlydoo…so many lines, so little time….


Tehe. Anyways, the only thing I’m worried about is someone spotting us with Yunho-hyung and Changmin-ah. I mean, it could really cause a scandal, if one of the fans took a picture or something.





That’s why they’re coming in disguise. Or at least that’s what Yunho said over the phone yesterday. I hope we’ll recognize them. It’s been such a long time…was this a good idea?

Of course, hyung.

Yeah. Of course.

Okay. Well we’d better go pick them up from the airport. (closes suitcase) Are we all ready?










I don’t know. Chunnie-ah, are you ready to have fun? Even more importantly, do you even want to have fun?

No. No, I hate fun.




Just kidding. Relax, Jae.

Yeah. Come on. Let’s go.





Sizty minutes later, at the airport……




Hope they won’t take too long. It’s a long drive to our resort.






I know right? Their plane’s already landed, I hope we didn’t miss them… Oh! Wait! Is that really…Oh my goodness….





(insert hysterical chicken laughter here)





I don’t know these people. Really.


What kind of disguises are those?










Wanna buy a Christmas tree?! It’s on sale!








                                                   Yunho. It’s May.



Which is exactly why it’s on sale! 40% off! You can’t beat that!!!

They can’t beat that, but they sure look ready to beat us, hyung. Do you think we should have chosen more thorough disguises?

We didn’t have time, Changmin-ah. Just smile and look pretty. Smile and look pretty.



Someone’s going to recognize you.





Nonsense! We’re hiding in plain sight! The fans will never see us!












to be continued….


all images from google. you know who you are.

credit: thatmelancholysoul at jyjfantalk.com





7 thoughts on “DBSK Spazz: Just a Little Vacation: Part 1

  1. Thank You, my Sweetheart, for this beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Installment. You are a wonderful daughter who will be a mother herself someday. Then we can exchange notes and smile. 😉 <3 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX's and OOOOOOOOOOO's


  2. Ha Ha YF. You snuck past me. Chris says it’s “to be continued” . I missed her posts too. She’s been a busy girl.

    Things are changing and happening so fast, I’ve been a bit gloomy– She wanted to make me feel better. Don’t you just love her? Proud Mama 😮

  3. I did ^^ And might just do so again. Can someone please unite our timezones? …No? >_<
    I believe Chris must be really busy these days. Hope all is well with both the girls. And with you too, of course. I suppose the same thing happens to me these days that happened to you some time ago when you felt that I was struggling – this time I felt it. You are on my mind – I, too, feel as if things are indeed changing extremely fast. It is so easy to lose our way. I am here if there's anything, okay? Love dbsk and I have talked quite a bit lately about all the things that are changing . I think our conclusion is that there really is no way of rolling back changes and that realizing this is exhausting. As always, though, Fighting ^^/ Love you, YF

  4. Yeah. I feel as if I’m on a spin cycle at the local laundramat. Course, I haven’t used one of those in years so what do I know? 😮
    Changes are rolling in so fast that I’ve become numb with it all. If I keep angsting over every thing they are going to have to come and put me in the white suit.
    I posted some of June’s album this morning, and I am getting ready to post some more now. I have women’s group on Tuesdays now. That leaves Wednesday and Thursday open for Chunnie though. Yay! Liz and I are watching it together because Chris doesn’t like the installments. I can’t stand holding my eyes open with toothpicks to get through all the episodes in two or
    three days.
    I am so in love with ‘Lullaby’ and ‘No Gain’. There are some beautiful songs on the album, I believe that it is like a sampler of genres and moods. Duckie personified…

    Anyway, lot’s of love–I still can’t find you on Twitter, but that’s O.K. We’ll survive. 🙂 Cha

  5. I can write you by putting your @….in , but I can’t get it to show on my home page. It will not follow. Anyway, it’s work to get to you. I wrote this down so that I can use it without looking you up.

    I need to come over your way too. So expect me soon. 🙂

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