120731 Confusion Reigns in Dr. Jin Land Episodes 19 and 20

          Well, Mr. Kim Kyung Tak aka Kim Jaejoong–what’s going down? Confusion for you as well as the rest of us is the operative [no pun intended] phrase here. As you are functioning as a double-agent, you seem to be reserving certain information for one side or the other. Your father is on to you now as well as Young Hwi. You answered Young Hwi’s query a bit too blithely. Consequently, they aren’t too sure whether to believe what you say, and you’re not sure of them either. The problem is–we can’t determine your true intentions, either.  Personally, I would consider you a babo to desert your friends, because I am convinced that the Left State Minister hasn’t a clue as to what love really is–and your friends do.

At present, you have continually carried out your father’s evil orders–albeit somewhat reluctantly, I’ll give you that.  There has to come a time and a place when you must make a firm decision to either help to usher in a new age for Chosun, admittedly at the expense of your own family’s status and rule, or cling to the bloody, conniving ways of the men in your family who up front admit to using you, despite your ‘inferiority’, to commit henious crimes in the name of justice. 

What I do not want to see is your failure to obtain anything of merit for yourself or for your friends due to lack of fortitude and lack of commitment  to the common good. How do you sleep at night after butchering innocent people? People have a right to be free and to make decisions for themselves, and that arguably can mean to choose, in this case, the traditional ways, or choose to begin ushering in a new age.

I have grown to love you as a character, Kim Kyung Tak, and I want so much for you. Recognition, legitimacy, respect, and more. I am hoping for a good woman to love you, share your life, and bear children for you. I want the same for Dr. Jin. Will this be possible writers? I’m not sure on this one. What I am sure of is an interesting, people dying thither and yon, heart-wrenching end to this historical drama. Great job, Everyone. 

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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