120731 Confusion Reigns in Dr. Jin Land Episodes 19 and 20

          Well, Mr. Kim Kyung Tak aka Kim Jaejoong–what’s going down? Confusion for you as well as the rest of us is the operative [no pun intended] phrase here. As you are functioning as a double-agent, you seem to be reserving certain information for one side or the other. Your father is on to you now as well as Young Hwi. You answered Young Hwi’s query a bit too blithely. Consequently, they aren’t too sure whether to believe what you say, and you’re not sure of them either. The problem is–we can’t determine your true intentions, either.  Personally, I would consider you a babo to desert your friends, because I am convinced that the Left State Minister hasn’t a clue as to what love really is–and your friends do.

At present, you have continually carried out your father’s evil orders–albeit somewhat reluctantly, I’ll give you that.  There has to come a time and a place when you must make a firm decision to either help to usher in a new age for Chosun, admittedly at the expense of your own family’s status and rule, or cling to the bloody, conniving ways of the men in your family who up front admit to using you, despite your ‘inferiority’, to commit henious crimes in the name of justice. 

What I do not want to see is your failure to obtain anything of merit for yourself or for your friends due to lack of fortitude and lack of commitment  to the common good. How do you sleep at night after butchering innocent people? People have a right to be free and to make decisions for themselves, and that arguably can mean to choose, in this case, the traditional ways, or choose to begin ushering in a new age.

I have grown to love you as a character, Kim Kyung Tak, and I want so much for you. Recognition, legitimacy, respect, and more. I am hoping for a good woman to love you, share your life, and bear children for you. I want the same for Dr. Jin. Will this be possible writers? I’m not sure on this one. What I am sure of is an interesting, people dying thither and yon, heart-wrenching end to this historical drama. Great job, Everyone. 

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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120723 Time Slip Dr. Jin: Insight into The Persecution of Catholics in Korean History and The Emergence of The Modern Christian Movement

        Insight into The Persecution of Catholics in Korean History and The Emergence of The Modern Christian Movement

There is reference in Time Slip Dr. Jin to the persecution of Catholics during the time of the Joseon Dynasty Period. We can see this being acted out on the screen as we watch this intriquing drama unfold. The reference cannot be over-looked because it is based on historical fact. Even the Priest, Father Simeon-Francois Beneux, who is being helped by Young Rae and Dr.Jin in Episode 18, is a real historical character. He and many other Catholics were martyred in 1866 during one of the toughest crack-downs on the Catholic believers in the history of Korea.

 ‘Time Slip Dr.Jin” is not a light drama. It is full of thought-provoking situations that are based in part upon the Joseon Dynasty’s political existence and character. I believe that the writer[s] have something to say, and this is an excellent forum for their voice[s]. As I am not of Korean descent, but only an admirer of the strength and resolve of the Korean people, I am going to rely upon sources who are hopefully more knowledgeable about what really occurred in Korea that ushered in the true influence of Catholicism and Protestantism. The following information was retrieved from the world-wide web on July 23, 2012. I am only providing links here as the articles are quite extensive. I learned a vast amount by reading these articles. If you are interested in the history behind Time Slip Dr. Jin, and how it relates to today, then enjoy your reading.






credit: Momma Cha @ www.jyjfantalk.com

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[TRANS] 120604 JYJ’s Jaejoong, Popular Among His Co-Stars At The Filming Site Of “Timeslip Dr. Jin”

[TRANS] 120604 JYJ’s Jaejoong, Popular Among His Co-Stars At The Filming Site Of “Timeslip Dr. Jin”

“Timeslip Dr. Jin’s” Jaejoong is monopolising the interest of his senior co-actors at the filming site.

In MBC’s “Timeslip Dr. Jin”, Jaejoong plays the role of an official at the constable office, and the illegitimate son of the vice-premier Kim Byung Hee (played by Kim Eung Soo). Although he is skilled in martial arts and is talented, he receives verbal abuse from his father and the other nobles due to his low social status. In the third episode, there was a scene where he was kicked by his half-brother, Kim Dae Gyun (played by Kim Myung Soo).

However, the scene at the filming site is opposite from what is seen in the drama, as Jaejoong receives much love. Kim Eung Soo, who plays the role of his father addresses Jaejoong as “my son” or “youngest child”. On the other hand, Kim Myung Soo, who playes his brother,  was seen rushing up and hugging Jaejoong after the kick scene ended saying, “Jaejoong is in pain. What should we do?”, showing much affection.

Program officials revealed, “Jaejoong always arrives the earliest at the filming site to prepare. It is impressive how he always gives his best, and the other actors all feel very affectionate towards Jaejoong. Unlike what is seen in the drama, at the filming site, they (affectionatey) call him “our Jaejoong”.”

Representatives from Jaejoong’s management agency also showed their anticipation, “It seems that cohesiveness has already formed among the cast. The valley scene which appeared in episode 3 was filmed at a location which required them to go down 250 to 300 steps. As no one was keen to come back again, the cast became close as they waited together while filming throughout the entire day. The atmosphere at the filming site is very good, (we can look forward to) them coming together to show the audience good acting as well this time.”

Source : [K Star News]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 120530 JYJ Jaejoong’s Photo With Song Seung Hun, Lee Bum Soo Revealed

[TRANS] 120530 JYJ Jaejoong’s Photo With Song Seung Hun, Lee Bum Soo Revealed

Song Seung Hun revealed a picture taken together with him MBC weekend drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” co-stars JYJ member Jaejoong and Lee Bum Soo.

On 29 May, Song Seung Hun updated his personal me2day, saying “Together with the reliable Bum Soo-sshi, and cool Jaejoong! The 3 musketeers of Doctor Jin!” and uploaded an image with this. In this photo, Song Seung Hun, Lee Bum Soo and Jaejoong are dressed in their drama costumes and looking at the camera. Netizens who saw this said,”Everyone is really cool!” “The drama is very interesting” “Dr. Jin is the best!” and other responses.

Song Seung Hun, Lee Bum Soo and Jaejoong’s MBC drama “Time Slip Dr Jin” is being broadcast every weekend at 9.50pm.

Source : [K Star News]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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Editors Note: Time Slip Dr. Jin–Off To A Good Start

Absolutely gorgeous hanbok, Jaejoong–they should allow you to keep it–it fits you that well.  Congratulations Mr. Kim–you are truly convincing in this role.  <3

This drama is going to be an excellent one. From the beginning the acting is great and the storyline is strong. Jaejoong is convincing in his role as a hanbok covered, pistol and sword-bearing military officer. He sits his horse well and presents his character well.

Dr. Jin is an excellent neurosurgeon who needs a lesson in humanity.
He is catapulted 160 years into the past at a crucial moment in his life. His girlfriend is recovering from emergency surgery, and there is a mystery involving a mysterious fetus figure that seems to be involved in his going back in time.

I can relate to this theme because I love to explore multi-universe theories. Quantum Physics is a grand subject

By Episode Two Dr. Jin’s character, Jin Hyuk, is firmly entrenched and he is immediately needing to use his surgical skills. His life hangs in the balance for the majority of Episode Two. I anticipate that the heroine and love interest in this drama, Hong Young Rae, will become torn between our dashingly handsome Kim Jaejoong as Kim Gyeong Tak and Song Seung Heon as Dr Jin.

I am looking forward to Episodes Three and Four with much anticipation.

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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120525 From The Community Dr. Jin Posters/Cast

Genre: Time-fusion romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: May, 26th
Air Time: 21:55 (Saturday-Sunday)

Managers Celint & Niadeea (co-managing)
Moderators en Belyncita, NurCak
Moderators other languages nanami27 (sp), trucalling (fr), laradi (ger), metomm123 & merash (tr), narin78 (ro), Salz (persian)
Segmenters trucalling, tmt2k04, celint, SHaviii321, upamak, shms, Ileana80, salz, narin78, yolswels091, cgwm808, kuyurmi
Subbers Beccah, kunpalmo, Rhyelee, Gracefullee, heartofcrystal
Editors Beccah, upamak, cgwm808

One of the best modern-day physicians learns how to be a real doctor when he is transported back in time 150 years and forced to work and survive in the Chosun Dynasty. Dr. Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Heon) comes from a long line of doctors and goes to medical school and graduates at the top of his class as the youngest doctor. He now is a renowned neurosurgeon and head of the neurosurgery department at his hospital. He also is in love with Dr. Yoo Mi Na (Park Min Young), an internist, who is killed tragically in a car accident. Heartbroken, Hyuk vows that they will be together again in another life, only to fall into a time warp that transports him back to the Chosun period. There, he meets Hong Young Rae (Park Min Young), the feisty daughter of a declining noble family, who bears a striking resemblance to his lost love Mi Na. He also must contend with Kim Gyeong Tak (Kim Jae Joong), the illegitimate son of the most powerful family and a renowned military officer, and Lee Ha Eung (Lee Beom Soo), who is hiding his true noble identity and living among gangsters to avoid assassination attempts on his life. As Hyuk tries to practice medicine in a more primitive era, he is forced to invent medical devices and use his ingenuity to heal the people around him. But why was he transported in time and will he be able to return to the modern time period? “Dr. Jin,” also known as “Time Slip Dr. Jin,” is a 2012 South Korean television drama, directed by Han Hee, which is based on the manga “Jin” by Motoka Murakami.

credit: viki.com

Momma’s Source: viki.com

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‘Dr Jin’ Receives The Highest Overseas Broadcasting Rights Proposal In History

‘Dr Jin’ Receives The Highest Overseas Broadcasting Rights Proposal In History

Starfox Entertainment Company’s representative Lee Da Hee expressed, “In actuality, it’s difficult to bear the production fees of a drama just through PPL (advertisements) and sponsors. The usage of Hallyu stars and idols are effective in helping the return of production fees, thus broadcasting companies and production companies prefers them.”

When a Hallyu star is casted in a local drama, just solely the overseas broadcasting rights would have earned back 60-70% of the production fees. For MBC’s ‘Dr Jin’ whereby Kim Jaejoong was casted, a record-high overseas broadcasting rights proposal was received. The overseas importers are also engaged in a fierce battle for the drama.

credit: ruthy @viki.com

Momma’s Source: viki.com

From_JYJ_멤버근황 [Eng/Spanish subs]

Thank You Jaejoong,Yoochun,and Junsu for this video visit. I love to watch you laugh and relate to one another. You also give us information. BTW. Junsu’s parents just may dispute your claims of deity. 🙂 Momma Cha <333

credit: cjesjyj

Momma’s Source: youtube

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[News] 120508 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Appears In Historical Series

[News] 120508 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Appears In Historical Series

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is performing hard riding a horse and shooting action scenes for a historical series.

Kim plays the role of an attractive man named Kim Kyung Tak from the Joseon Dynasty in MBC’s new weekend series Dr. Jin, which will begin airing on May 26.

Kim, who is skilled in the military arts and has a sad hidden past, works at the police bureau. In the pictures, which were released on May 8, Kim drew a lot of attention thanks to his strong eyes and splendid appearance.

According to the production crew for the series, since Kim was cast in the series, he has been trying hard to get used to speaking and behaving like a person from the Joseon Dynasty. He is also preparing for the equestrian and action scenes.

 The production crew says, “Even though Kim has never appeared on a historical series before, he is performing very well. He surprised the entire crew by looking perfect in the historical costumes. He is trying very hard to portray his character, who is strong and manly. I’m sure he will capture the audience’s hearts.”

The series is based on the Japanese comic book written by Murakami Motoka of the same title. It is about a modern day Korean surgeon, who goes back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s, and works there as a doctor.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun

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[News] 120502 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Is A Sexy and Charismatic Officer

[News] 120502 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is a sexy and charismatic officer

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently released a picture, which was taken when he shot posters for a TV series.

On May 2, Kim tweeted a picture with the comment, “Dr. Jin Fighting!” The picture was taken when Kim shot posters for MBC’s series Time Slip Dr. Jin, which will start airing on May 26.

The series is based on the Japanese comic book written by Murakami Motoka with the same title. It is about a modern day Korean surgeon, who goes back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s, and works there as a doctor. Kim plays the role of an officer named Kim Kyung Tak, who is good at military arts.

People responded: “Kim is so handsome.” “He looks so good in that costume.” “He looks like he is wearing everyday clothes.” “Kim is so charismatic. He looks different.” “It looks like he will shoot laser with his eyes. I can’t wait to see the series.”

Source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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