Jaejoong “Mine” + Healing For Myself/Stay+MAZE Compilation

What’s exceptional is worth reliving… 🙂

Jaejoong “Mine” + Healing For Myself/Stay+MAZE Compilation

credit: CJESJYJ+MELITEHEROJJ+DBSKVietnam+forgottenseason14+HDSubs1+

Momma’s Source: youtube

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10 thoughts on “Jaejoong “Mine” + Healing For Myself/Stay+MAZE Compilation

  1. It is no doubt that the MAZE is better, especially with her excellent performance. But , because I’d never seen before STAY. That’s why I said I like it , not .So it seems like all of our tastes!

  2. O.K. I had never seen STAY myself. I saw it on the list and liked it. I’m sure that we all have many favorites. To be honest, I have so many favorites from DBSK to JYJ to our Guys individual works that I would find it hard to say that anyone song is a favorite. I simply love their work. 🙂

  3. Cat gotcha tongue, YF? 🙂 You’re welcome. We seem to be chasing each other all over the web. Giggle.

    I have a thing for videos. I love action and movement, and in this case, Jae’s music.

    I need to check Twitter and Facebook today. It is snowing, John is 100 miles away and the girls are at work. Lot’s of praying him home. I Love You. Cha

  4. Hehe >__< Words fail me. It's Jaejoong y'know. xD
    Yes I've noticed! Giggle. It probably shouldn't surprise me because we tend to favour the same sites still it's that happy shock! ^__^
    You're a clever one with visuals, you know. I especially like the background. It took me a few secs to realize it was Junsu's tweet! Another happy shock! This could go on for a while! xD
    Oh I do hope John is fine. Hopefully he'll be back soon (and the girls also?) No snow here. It's scheduled for the weekend though.
    Lots of love to you too!

  5. 🙂 What can I say. This love gets deeper each day. John came home fine, but he said that there were cars all around him going off the side of the road. Scary!!! That is why I pray. This year the roads are so icy, even when there is just a dusting of snow. Prayer for your area too for the weekend. I believe we are scheduled for more snow tomorrow. TT
    The girls got home safely too. Pray! Pray! Pray! Chris is in the middle of her wedding plans, and Liz is getting ready to publish her book(s). She has about 10 manuscripts. Busy girls. I Love Them.

    I enjoy bumping into you on the sites. It makes you 3D. Silly me.

    As to Mr. Junsu 🙂 I missed him–it was good to see anything about him. I guess we forget that they have to rest although we are constantly telling them that they need to do just that.

    BTW. Did you order Mine? My copy shipped on the 17th but it can take weeks to get here. Impatience, Charlene, Impatience!!!

    I never made Twitter yesterday, but I’m getting ready to head over. I think that I may have some cleaning up to do. Cya there, Cha <3

  6. Oh this is good news. I wonder if spring will come again – don’t we always at this time? Hopefully people will be careful out on the road…not too sure about that snowfall because it’s getting considerably warmer here now. Still, thank you for your prayers and care. ^^ Gosh! Chris is getting married??? Congratulations! And congratulations to Liz too. What a great job she has done. Ten manuscripts! I am speechless. And smiling ^___________^
    No, no order placed by me for Jae’s EP yet – will I be too late I wonder? OK, stop wondering and start ordering. As you so correctly point out, the good stuff takes forever to get here. 😉
    Love and love ^^ YF

  7. I have learned to pretend that it isn’t out there. I t makes the waiting less painful and I get a genuine thrill when it arrives.

    Yes, my baby is now engaged. Wedding plans are underway and I am already exhausted. 🙂 Excuse my ignorance but what does EP mean? I think CD or DVD. I always seem to be one behind. I doubt that they are going to run out. I guess I would order their work whether I related to it or not just because they are the closest to being my Boys as anyone at this point. I do have an adopted son named Chris [yep] that causes confusion] who is Taiwanese. He is a student at one of the local colleges. I also have my new son-in-law- to- be Adam who is a musician. Go Figure. Chris marrying a musician 🙂 Someday Liz will get here too. She tends to make her own pace.

    I would love for Spring to come. Bring ‘er on!!! I’ll see you tomorrow. I Love You. Cha

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