[VIDEOS + TRANS] 141001 Korea Drama Awards 2014 – Triangle’s Kim Jaejoong won “Top Excellence Award, Actor”


The Fact (From 0:00 to 0:59s)



Korea Drama Awards 2014


Korean Drama Awards 2014: The nominees are chosen from Korean dramas that aired on the three major broadcasting networks (KBS, MBC and SBS) and cable channels (tvN, JTBC,..). The winners are decided solely by experts judges/critics in the acting field.
Triangle’s Kim Jaejoong won “Top Excellence Award, Actor” ^^



[FULL TRANS] 141001 Jaejoong’s Acceptance Speech:

“Thank you. First of all, I would like to thank PD Yoo Chulyong, PD Choi Jungkyu and all the staffs. I also sincerely thank many actors/actresses who have diligently immersed into the filming with your smiles and who have helped me a lot, even though we have had hard time filming. I told myself not to be nervous when I came to the stage, but [I became nervous] before I knew it… *fans cheering* Before I knew it… because I don’t have many chances to appear on TV, so I’m being very… a little bit nervous… *fans cheering* I’m very thankful to my family, CEO Baek Changju of our company and my members Yoochun and Junsu. This is my first drama as main lead. Thank you very much for giving me this award. I’ll try my best to prepare my next project, so that I could greet you again on TV with better image. Thank you.”

Credits: sportsseoultv + OBS via JaeObsession + starryeyed wolf
Translated by: @The_Little_Pear
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[Vid] 130424 JYJ – NII Interview [Eng Subs]

[ENGSUB] 130424 JYJ’s NII 2013 Summer Interview

…However, You can’t beat the English Subs…  🙂

credit: t4rw3n

Momma’s Source: youtube


[Vid] 130424 JYJ – NII Interview

JYJ 2013 NII Summer Making

NII Interview PUD & LIX

JYJ – 2013 Summer Heart Campaign


credit: 6685179+preciousJYJ+MIn a+lovelyyuchun

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130414 [Video] Jaejoong Mini-Concert/Fanmeet in Taipei Compilation

30414 [Video] Jaejoong Mini-Concert/Fanmeet in Taiwan Compilation

Hi Jaejoong. It is so wonderful watching you, listening, and enjoying your performance. Stay strong. We love you.  Momma Cha

credit: annejejung+greenlightismj+onlytvxq+S9102083+keke Lin

Momma’s Source: youtube Thank You Everyone

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[Vid] 130412 Kim Jaejoong “Your, My & Mine” Press Conference in Taipei

[Vid] 130412 Kim Jaejoong “Your, My & Mine” Press Conference in Taipei

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[Vid] 130410 ‘TVDaily’ Kim Jaejoong Mini Concert&Fan Meeting In Nanjing, China

[Vid] 130410 ‘TVDaily’ Kim Jaejoong Mini Concert&Fan Meeting In Nanjing, China

credit: tvdaily

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[Vid] 130405 Kantame Daily: Exclusive Interview with Kim Jaejoong+ Translation

[Vid] 130405 Kantame Daily: Exclusive Interview with Kim Jaejoong

credit: jjkeiko

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[TRANS][VIDEO] 130405 Kantame Daily: Exclusive Interview with Kim Jaejoong in Nanjing 04052013

Interviewer: First of all, having your Asia tour, solo concert and fan meeting in Nanjing, how do you feel now?
JJ: I came to Nanjing for the first time last year. This is the second time.
I am coming more songs, nine?
Interviewer: Ten songs?
JJ: I got more songs, so I hope to convey my wish people coming this time
should enjoy more.
Interviewer: I think you do.
People in Japan is also looking forward to it much. They are supporting you.

Interviewer: How is your fatigue? You look busy. Don’t you have fatigue?
JJ: Yeah, I have some today. I had live concerts over yesterday.
Interviewer: You did.
JJ: But, once the live starts, I’ll be fine.
Interviewer: Yeah. And as for the points worthy of note in your stage this time,
what’s the biggest point that you hope everyone to look?
JJ: It is a gathering of fan meeting and mini live concert this time.
They can enjoy communication between fans and myself and feel an
atmosphere of live performance. It is a good event. They can feel both.
Interviewer: It must be!

Interviewer: Would you tell me if you have something you want to
accomplish for a goal this year?
JJ: As Jaejoong or of JYJ?
Interviewer: Yeah, as Kim Jaejoong!

JJ: Haha. First, as Kim Jaejoong, again in a new work, I will be able to try acting. Either in dramas or movies, I can meet everyone, I think. When I had a tour last time, it was for my mini album. I hope to release a full album next.
Interviewer: I hope so. Then what is the object as JYJ?
JJ: As JYJ, uhm, this year, I hope to release JYJ’s full album. We had Tokyo Dome over yesterday, right? Having more activities in Japan is our big hope.
Interviewer: I’m expecting it. For you, what kind of existence is JYJ?
JJ: Let me see.
Interviewer: Is it hard to say just in a word?
JJ: Yeah, of course it is a must to exist. Each is not worth one by one. Three can be united. Well how should I say…I don’t know what way I should say even in Hangul, Korean. How to express is difficult.
Interviewer: Go ahead in Hangul.
JJ: Being one,(unclear) I felt it yesterday. With everyone in the venue and we, three members, we can be the one, unity I recognized it yesterday. The members are such existences. They are two of “the one, unity” I think.
Interviewer: Thank you very much. I think fans felt it much as well. Then from now on I would like to ask you some more casual questions. What do you feel the gladdest to do now?
JJ: The gladdest to do? It’s now.
Interviewer: This moment?
JJ: Yeah, at this moment, being here probably. It is hard that I understand myself. what can I say? Haha. As just a person’s character, an artist and an actor, I have a lot of shortages and more things to develop. Uhmmm.
Interviewer: Then for the last, would you give any messages to many fans who love you, please?
JJ: Yes. Well, I will have the 10th anniversary upcoming December since my debut. I really appreciate their constant support and love. I thank them.

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credit: republicofjyj

Momma’s Source: 858batilivejournal.com via sharingyoochun.net

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[Video] 132604 Jaejoong Asia Tour Hong Kong Compilation

[Video] 132604  Jaejoong Asia Tour Hong Kong Compilation

Video difficulties on some, but the audio is beautiful.  More may be available soon. Thank You for the effort I know was put forth to have this…

Momma Cha

credit: anndexi9+irene lai

Momma’s Source: youtube

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