[TRANS] 130819-130820 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

(11:02pm KST, 130819) Thank you.. You’ve waited so long already, so I apologize for the late news.. As much as you’ve waited, I’ve worried and thought it over. I’ll do my best and learn a lot from my upcoming production. Though you still have a while to wait, I’ll repay you with a great performance. Thank you. Everyone!!

 (11:03pm KST, 130819) I believe that the right way to repay you all for believing in me, believing in Park Yoochun, and waiting for my return, is to do my best and take on my role with sincerity and hard work. Thank you!!!^^


(1:24pm KST, 130820) It’s hard to keep up the appearance of XiahTod~ haha When my manicurist isn’t around and my nails start chipping, my manager steps in and paints them! I never knew that Sungho was a manicurist~! He’s amazing!!!! kekeke I feel like he always has my back!!


Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]


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