[TRANS] 130819-130820 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

(11:02pm KST, 130819) Thank you.. You’ve waited so long already, so I apologize for the late news.. As much as you’ve waited, I’ve worried and thought it over. I’ll do my best and learn a lot from my upcoming production. Though you still have a while to wait, I’ll repay you with a great performance. Thank you. Everyone!!

 (11:03pm KST, 130819) I believe that the right way to repay you all for believing in me, believing in Park Yoochun, and waiting for my return, is to do my best and take on my role with sincerity and hard work. Thank you!!!^^


(1:24pm KST, 130820) It’s hard to keep up the appearance of XiahTod~ haha When my manicurist isn’t around and my nails start chipping, my manager steps in and paints them! I never knew that Sungho was a manicurist~! He’s amazing!!!! kekeke I feel like he always has my back!!


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[TRANS] 130508-130522 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

[TRANS] 130508-130522 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

(2:42pm KST, 130508) Here’s a relay~ of messages~ Tada!

(2:44pm KST, 130508, Audio Recording) Hello, this is Jaejoong. You’re all healthy and well, right? I’m feeling really healthy these days. Everyone, I love you. (T/N:The ‘Sa’ in Saranghae sounds the same as ’4′. So Jaejoong is making a joke with numbers) Everyone, I 5ove you. 6 might be a bit hard, and every number after that too. I’ll just love you guys. Everyone, I love you~

(2:45pm KST, 130508, Audio Recording) Oh, and you know how today is Parents’ Day? It’s Parents’ Day, so have you given your parents gifts or told them that you love them and that you’re grateful yet? Don’t forget to do that and say everything you haven’t been able to express to them in words till now. I hope that your parents are able to enjoy the day with their families with smiles all around and proud expressions on their faces. Love each other and thank you to all of your parents. I thank you for giving birth to your children. It’s because of you that we’re receiving all the love that we’re getting and are able to pursue our activities. Thank you.

(2:49pm KST, 130508, Audio Recording) Hello everyone. This is Yoochun. Are you all doing well? The weather’s pretty warm these days. The temperature still drops pretty low at night so be careful not to catch a cold. And since today is Parents’ Day, don’t forget to buy carnations for your parents and wish for them to live a long and healthy life. I hope to see you all up close soon and I hope you’re all in good health till then and that only good things comes your way. Yes. Anyway, thank you.

(2:53pm KST, 130508, Audio Recording)
JS: Hello everyone. This is Kim Junsu. The weather’s so nice these days, isn’t it? It’s such a warm Spring this year. You’re all doing well these days, right?
YC: Hey, Junsu?
JS: What?
YC: Shut up.
JS: Everyone… I’m asking them if they’re all healthy and well, and you tell me to shut up? What’s that about? You’re all healthy and well, right? I really want to be with you all. I’m planning on greeting you all soon with some great news, so till then, please wait a little longer.
YC: Hey, Junsu.
JS: So on this great Spring day…
YC: Hey, Junsu.
JS: What?
YC: Shut up.
JS: On this great Spring day – I’m talking about a nice Spring day, why are you telling me to shut up? – On this great Spring day, I hope you all go out on an excursion and enjoy it.
YC: What about a neodeuri (T/N: excursion in Korean is ‘nadeuri’, and ‘na’ can mean ‘Me’ while ‘neo’ can mean ‘You’. Yoochun is making a lame joke) Just me?
JS: The Han River is a great option that’s close by.
YC: What about those who live far away?
JS: Then it’s even better for them to be at the Han River. Come to the Han River and pop by Micky’s house. I give you permission to take pictures of his house. Thank you. Even if Micky comes out and tells you not to, tell him I said it was okay. Yes, thank you.
YC: Please don’t come to my house. Seriously.
JS: Thank you. It’s okay. Thank you.

YC: No, seriously.
JS: Thank you~ (2:59pm KST, 130508, Audio Recording)
JS: Everyone, go out on an excursion.
YC: Where? Where?
JS: The Han River’s a great place.
YC: What about Two River? (T/N: ‘Han’ can mean ‘one’ in Korean. Just another lame joke)
JS: The cherry blossoms are all in full bloom these days.
YC: Yes, they’ve all withered away.
JS: They have?
YC: Yes.
JS: Then go somewhere the cherry blossoms have won (T/N: ‘Withered away’ in Korean is ‘지다’ which can also mean ‘to lose’) Or where they’ve drawn. Yes, well as long as you go near a river, you’ll be fine.
YC: Junsu, what are you up to these days?
JS: What am I up to these days? Um~ So you know how the Earth spins on its axis?
YC: Oh~
JS: Just like how the Earth –
YC: Spins on its axis
JS: – spins on its axis.. Like how its been spinning on its axis in the same way for tens of thousands of years. My life has also –
YC: Been depressing. (T/N: Junsu pronounced ‘jajeon’ as ‘jwaljeon’ and Yoochun’s making fun of it, saying it sounds like ‘jwajeol’ – to be depressed)
JS: – been spinning on its axis for the past 28 years. ‘Depressed’ NO. Spin~ning! Yes.

YC: Siege warfare. (Both ‘Spinning on its axis’ and ‘Siege warfare’ end in ‘jeon’ in Korean. Word play)
JS: Yes, well I like ‘jajeon’~ and sweet potato pancakes~ and potato pancakes~ (T/N: ‘jeon’ in Korean means ‘savory pancakes’)
YC: You’re just throwing things out there, aren’t you?
JS: These days, Yoo- Mr. Micky here –
YC: You’re calling me Mr. Micky? Ahaha. I haven’t heard ‘Mr. Micky’ in a long time.
JS: Something about the way you look today makes me want to call you Micky.
YC: It’s because you keep calling me ‘Micky, Micky’ while we play games.
JS: No, no.
YC: No, no.
JS: You play games? Stop playing video games so much.
YC: Hey, don’t act like you don’t play with me.
JS: Ah.. I! Uh.. Yes.. That’s right.
YC: What! Yes.
JS: Micky looks so stupid right now. (laughter) Anyway, yes. Everyone, yes. And um… did you, did you know? Do you think we can see the back side of the moon? No one’s ever seen it.
YC: That’s right?
JS: Why do you think that is?
YC: We can’t see it.
JS: What’s the reason?
YC: Because the moon stays still.
JS: The Earth spins, but the moon only shows us one side of itself, right?

YC: Yes.
JS: Like that, we will only show you guys one side!
YC: What are you talking about? Showing them only one side?
JS: No, no. Did that sound weird? Um, everyone –
YC: Oh~ You want to be consistent.
JS: Right, right.
YC: And always show them how we work so hard. That’s what you’re trying to say.
JS: Yes, I wanted to say that we’ll show them our true selves that are never-changing and consistent.
YC: Oh, it had such a deep meaning behind it.
JS: Oh, and how is the solar system set up?
YC: What’s with this kid?
JS: I really like Earth Science. Do you believe that aliens exist?
YC: Yes I do.
JS: Why?
YC: Because I think it would be too much of a waste of space if we were the only living things on Earth.
JS: But we are the only race to live on this Earth. I meant in space~
YC: That’s what I meant, that it’s too much of a waste of space if we were the only living things in this universe.
JS: Isn’t that a line from a movie that we both know?
YC: Yes. The movie Contact.
JS: Yes, that one.
YC: I really enjoyed watching it.
JS: It was so fun to watch. It was so deep for me when I was little. But I don’t believe that aliens exist.

YC: Why?

(11:01am KST, 130509) Hi everyone~! Hello~~^^
(11:02am KST, 130509) Were you surprised? Even I was… kekeke
(11:03am KST, 130509) Please watch!!!! the episode of Chun Myung that airs today as well!!!!! And please anticipate the release of my OST next week^^
(11:05am KST, 130509) Ji Hyo has always loved my OSTs, and I’m so happy to be working on her drama this time. Ji Hyo is having a hard time traveling all over the country and into the mountains, be strong Ji Hyo!!!!!!!!! You’re the best actress ever!!!!!!
(11:06am KST, 130509) Till now, this has been Junsu ^^

(11:11am KST, 130509) [Official] ‘Foolish Heart’, the OST of Chun Myung, will be released at noon on the 15th ^^ Here’s a photo to commemorate the news of the OST’s release-!!

(1:34pm KST, 130509) [Official] We’re going to be releasing a photo of a pair of siblings who are famous for their cool and easy-going personalities. Here’s the photo taken in a waiting room at the end of the year last year that you were all curious about ^^

(8:55pm KST, 130509) [Official] The first to win the TV Male Actor Popularity Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for three consecutive years!!! It was a meaningful day for Yoochun as he earned this shining title ^^ Here’s a photo taken as he prepared for the red carpet!
(8:57pm KST, 130509) [Official] Though he was unable to express his gratitude to everyone because the distinction between the Popularity Award interview and acceptance speech wasn’t very clear, you all felt his sincerity, right?^^
(8:59pm KST, 130509) The statement, “I will happily work hard on my acting so that I can stand in this position again next time!” We’re sure that statement alone gave everyone who congratulated him a joy like none other. ^^

(12:02am KST, 130515) Winking is hard hahahahaha

(12:03am KST, 130515) Goodnight, everyone~^^ And to those of you who live in the opposite side of the world and are greeting the rising sun, good morning!!!! haha

(12:25pm KST, 130515) [Official] Kim Junsu (XIA)’s Chun Myung OST ‘Foolish Heart’ has been released online! “The person I can’t have~~! You will never know this~!!” Listen to it with us ^^
Melon: http://me2.do/55Yixpa3
Mnet: http://me2.do/52iZyCuT
Bugs: http://me2.do/FSangy8E
Olleh: http://me2.do/xU0Nkz3S
Soribada: http://me2.do/xBdIrq9B

(4:18pm KST, 130515) Everyone, my score was a par today..ㅠㅠ
(4:18pm KST, 130515) Working towards a birdie~~!!^^

(4:39pm KST, 130515) Tada!!

(5:20pm KST, 130515) My OST was released today~~!!^^ Please give Chun Myung and Foolish Heart your love! I’m currently working on an advertisement with Jaejoong and Yoochun!

(5:21pm KST, 130515) The lyrics are so sad. Boohooㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(5:42pm KST, 130515) I’m not getting enough sleep-ㅠㅠ

8:55am KST, 130516) I’m playing a lot these days~!^^
(8:56am KST, 130516) I’ve become a morning person these days!!

(4:49pm KST, 130516) Hyung~~~ I had a great time~~^^

(10:39am KST, 130517) Good morning~~~~^^

10:40am KST, 130517) I hit a birdie today~~!!! Muahahahahahahaha!!
(10:42am KST, 130517) Though I’m not good at taking selfies, I took one anyway because I’m feeling happy hahahaha The weather’s great today~~~!! ^^ Have a good weekend everyone!!
(10:43am KST, 130517)Working hard towards a score in the 90s~~~~!!!^^

(7:44am KST, 130522) Good morning~~!! ^^

(7:46am KST, 130522) I’m greeting while on a jog~^^ M.Limited~ It’s waterproof and since it’s from the F/W line, I feel like I’m wearing a spacesuit hahahahaha But as something to wear while jogging in the Summer……..
(7:47am KST, 130522) It’s a little too hot… keke hahahaha I’m going to back to… jogging!! ^^
(7:48am KST, 130522) Bye bye~^^

Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

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