Translation 110705 “Miss Ripley’ Park Yoochun Firmly Decides On His Engagement With Lee Da Hae…

[Trans] 110705 ‘Miss Ripley’ Park Yoochun firmly decides on his engagement with Lee Da Hae, revealing wedding gown style‏

Park Yoochun mesmerized by the beautiful Lee Da Hae.

On the 4th of MBC TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ 11th episode, it narrates the content of Jang Miri (Lee Da Hae) and Song Yuhyun (Park Yoochun) preparing for their engagement ceremony.

Song Yuhyun disregarded the disagreement of mother Lee Hwa (Choi Min Ji) and insist on getting married with Miri. In order to bring forward the engagement, the two of them came to a bridal shop. Song Yuhyun saw Miri wearing a pure white wedding gown and showed a satisfied smile. He stood up from the sofa and gradually walked towards Miri, looking affectionately.

Many viewers left messages saying, “Hopefully Park Yoochun can find out about Lee Da Hae’s lies as soon as possible.”, “Are they really going to engage?” etc.

Additionally, Song Yuhyun has fallen deep in love with Jang Miri who he does not know anything about, and Jang Miri has once again lied and made used of sincere love. The fragility of their bubble-like love has aroused the curiosity of the viewers on when will it be ‘burst’.

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(O’ what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…)

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