Editors Note: Yoochun in “I Miss You” Episodes 5 thru 8



       It is truly remarkable how a drama can be so simple yet complex at the same time. “I Miss You” is such a drama. It’s simplicity lies in the typical love triangle. It’s complexity lies in the main driving force of the story–hearts abused and bruised by life that have formed layers of scars much like an onion. These scars will have to be peeled away one by one for healing to take place. Scars can reach into the deepest recesses of the soul, and the spirit can bury itself so completely that what occurred traumatically becomes unreality.

I am so proud of the natural acting that Micky Yoochun is giving us in his role as Detective Han. He has exercised his acting muscles until they are starting to flow smoothly and believeably. I am always astonished at his ability to act as if there are no cameras, booms, directors, and others around him. He commands his acting space and he is surrounded by talented actors like himself.

As a member of DBSK, and now a member of JYJ, Yoochun presents a steady persona. His stage presence, whether singing or acting is superb. I do not ever want to lose his throaty vocals, or this acting facet of his abilities.This solidity carries into his roles making them supportive and legendary.

I will continue to follow this melodrama through his eyes. It can only get better from here. Thank You Yoochun.  I Love You.  

credit: Momma Cha

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4 thoughts on “Editors Note: Yoochun in “I Miss You” Episodes 5 thru 8

  1. Hi YF. You never have to thank me for saying anything nice about me Mancubs.
    😉 Giggle.

    How are you? I keep coming up against a closed blog. Were you making changes?

    How do I keep up with the new dramas? I lose sleep!!!!! Oh Boy. What a love story. These young men are exceptional and I will always be interested in what they do.

    I’m so glad that Jae is back on Twitter. I hurt each time I passed his name for Twitter on my category list. But June kept the ball rolling in between his soccer playing and performing.

    The family is fine. Fifty more gray hairs and sleepless nights later–the mother bear in me is finally clawing less and trying to embrace more.

    I Love you. Talk later. Cha

  2. Thank goodness for Junsu. He must have felt our sadness; as a great artist, he also posesses great sensitivity. I am so happy Jae is back. It was such a good thing happening, along with JYJ getting their freedom at last. Did you post on the JYJ-SM agreement? I have to go back in time this weekend and read a load of posts. ^__^
    I’m so sorry you could not access the blog – yes, I was making some changes, the biggest one was simply, in the end, moving to LiveJournal, as the new uploader made it impossible to post any pictures – I will probably try again, though, and I see there are still people stopping by, so it should be accessible now 🙂
    Grey hairs and worries all around, but – well, we’ve got you. That helps for everything. Their great mother and my great friend. See you soon, Cha. Lots of love. ^___^ YF

  3. TT. Hey, I don’t need to cry, YF. I do it too much. 🙂 Thanks, my friend.

    You moved to LiveJournal? Count this ignorance but is this an entirely new set-up? How do I get to you? I’ll check on the original. Sigh…the things we do to stay in touch 🙂

    Yes, I did post about the suit ending. I really don’t think that it changed a lot in terms of their accessibility to the media, though. Patience, Charlene, patience.

    If you were to take the theme of King of Dramas seriously, all of us would walk away thinking that we aren’t really loved; that the system is simply using us. I choose to be optimistic. I have sense enough to know that the Boys have good days and bad days. There are probably moments when they could gladly throw us all–but I believe them when they sincerely say that they love us. Call it naivete. 🙂 Families are like that.

    On a local note: Chris is totally in love and so is Liz [but she’s the shy one] so I keep parenting and encouraging.

    I guess my greatest desire is to have them free and happy. That applies to all my Babies.

    I thought it so sweet what happened with the song Junsu recommended on Youtube. Reams and reams of responses.
    Joke: I’m going to have to send him a video and see if it gets promoted. Sure, Cha. It probably would never get to him, or he wouldn’t like the song. Plus, I would never want to use our babies that way.

    Dumb question. When a video is played on our sites, does it add into the count of times viewed or is it only counted when viewed directly on Youtube?

    I’ll write another book later. 😉 Cha

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