Translation 111014 Wang Ji Hae Almost Died Kissing Kim Jaejoong?

[TRANS] 111014 Wang Ji Hae Almost Died Kissing Kim Jaejoong?

Actress Wang Ji Hae(26) revealed that she almost died kissing someone.

The actress, who received much love from her viewers as the cute and childish Seo Na Yoon in SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’, confessed, “I filmed a sweet milk kiss with Kim Jaejoong near the end of the drama, and I had such a hard time of it because I have a milk allergy.”

Wang Ji Hae had her viewers kicking up a storm when she shared a milk kiss with Kim Jaejoong, who she had been flirting with throughout the drama. In the scene, Wang Ji Hae wipes the milk off of Kim Jaejoong’s lips and suddenly locks him in a passionate and tantalizing kiss, immediately making the scene a hot topic.

But as Wang Ji Hae has been suffering from an allergy to milk related products ever since she was young, she said, “I was so surprised when I read the script and found out that I’d have to get milk on my lips but I took a deep breath and just went for it.” Though she gets hives and rashes on her face and neck, even just from eating dairy products, she buckled down and went ahead with the scene for the sake of the drama.

Wang Ji Hae smiled and said, “It’s the most memorable kiss scene that I’ve ever done,” and “Jaejoong caught on and ended the kiss scene quickly, so there weren’t any problems.”

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Translation 110827 Wang Ji Hae Says…

[Trans] 110827 Wang Ji Hae Says, “The Kiss Scene With Kim Jaejoong, I Was Scared That I’d Be Reviled For It”

Actress Wang Ji Hae, who has become the center of attention for sharing a surprise kiss scene with Hallyu star Kim Jaejoong smiled as she confessed that she was scared that she would be reviled for it by fans.

On the episode of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ that aired on the 18th, Wang Ji Hae shared a surprise kiss scene with Kim Jaejoong, who plays Cha Mu Won. The scene showed Cha Mu Won taking Seo Na Yoon by surprise in an intimate kiss. Though the scene itself was beautiful, Wang Ji Hae worried about the fact that she shared a kiss scene with Kim Jaejoong, a Hallyu star with many female fans.

Wang Ji Hae said, “Isn’t a woman’s jealousy such a scary thing? So honestly, I was scared that I’d be reviled when I was told that there was a kiss scene.

But she continued to say, “But I was surprised. I received lots of messages on Cyworld and most of them said, ‘It’s my man’s own business what he does at work so I’ll accept it.’ I think they let me off the hook because Na Yoon isn’t a bad character.”

 Wang Ji Hae revealed, “Lots of people told me how envious they are of me,” and “I was scared, but the fans are so well-mannered.

Meanwhile, Wang Ji Hae has her viewers in bouts of laughter as she plays Seo Na Yoon, the seemingly perfect chaebol daughter who reluctantly concedes to the fact that she has been bested by a secretary No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) in the eyes of Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung) and Cha Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong).

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News 110516 TVXQ’s Changmin Films a Kiss Scene for His Shilla Duty-Free CF

I don’t get the connection here, but it is gratifying to realize that Changmin isn’t very experienced at handling women. Don’t rush it mancubs. Stay young a little longer. Momma Cha

News 110516 TVXQ’s Changmin Films a Kiss Scene for His Shilla Duty-Free CF!

Yesterday, we reported on TVXQ’s CF deal with Shilla’s Duty-Free, and MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Report” has revealed coverage from the set of the commercial at the Incheon International Airport.

On the May 15th broadcast, took viewers on the set of TVXQ’s CF as they portray a story to two guys and a girl in the middle.

On this day, Yunho had endless running scenes, and he explained, “It is a scene in which I am running after seeing my girlfriend in love with Changmin.”

He continued, “Changmin has a kiss scene too,” revealing his slight jealousy.

The following scene was filmed in the center of the airport, and Changmin gave off the impression that he was rather experienced, as he led the actress in filming their kiss scene.

However, due to Changmin’s continuous NGs, the filming was delayed. Eventually the actress said, “Haven’t you had much experience,” causing the set to turn into a sea of laughter.

Later this day, Changmin was asked regarding his ideal woman. He responded, “My ideal type changes all the time. Lately I like Han Ye Seul nuna. She has the power to move me.”

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JYJ will be featured on MBN Entertainmen…

JYJ will be featured on MBN Entertainment Magazine (VIP Star) Jaejoong is so sweet. When asked about his favorite type of kiss he answered that he would like to kiss his wife in the bathtub. So sweet, but obviously Junsu considered it a bit mature for younger audiences. Discretion is good, June.  Momma Cha

Keep it clean sweetie

The type of kiss that JYJ’s Kim Junsu* says he prefers is a bathtub kiss. [T/N: the article says Kim Junsu, but could it be a typo? It should be Kim Jaejoong?]

On the 11th, JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) will appear on MBN ‘Entertainment Magazine (VIP Stars).’ In a recent interview with VIP Entertainment Magazine, these members mentioned the type of kisses they each like.

In particular, Kim Jaejoong said, “I want to do a bathtub kiss…with my wife after I marry with bubbles in the tub…” At that moment, Kim Junsu interrupted saying, “This broadcast cannot become ‘over 19′” [T/N: anyone under 19 years old wouldn’t be allowed to see this] and cleaned up the situation.

In addition, the members revealed their ideal girlfriend types: they attracted attention for the unique qualifications they talked about, which ranged from girls who are homemakers to someone their parents would approve of.

The show will be aired on the 11th at 12:30 pm.

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