Xia Incredible Concert in Australia Compilation

Just a few additional videos of Xia’s Australian concert in Sydney. I love to hear Junsu sing. Look up more on youtube    🙂

credit: Korean Safari+Nikki+OfficiallyKMusic+gigikusakit+MikiLoveJJ

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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[TRANS] 130929 Taking A Look At Kim Junsu’s First Australian Concert That Wowed 2,500 Fans


Kim Junsu’s first solo concert in Australia has ended in success.


According to C-JeS Entertainment, “XIA Junsu held his first solo concert in Sydney, Australia yesterday and met with his Australian fans. XIA Junsu has been following a busy schedule since landing, going to press conferences and program recordings, and captivated his Australian fans with an explosive live performance in his prime condition.”


The concert was held with the title ‘XIA Incredible Concert in Australia’ at the Big Top Sydney in Sydney, Australia.


2,500 fans gathered at the concert venue to cheer Kim Junsu on, and greeted him with chants of “We love XIA Junsu” before the concert.


The concert consisted of songs from his first album, second album and OST collection, and featured powerful performances such as, ‘Tarantallegra’, ‘Incredible’ and ‘Fever’, ballad performances such as ’11 o’clock’, ‘Foolish Heart’, and R&B performances of ‘Rainy Eyes’ and ‘Uncommitted’. Kim Junsu also prepared a special talk segment where he granted wishes for his fans, making the whole event a great event for his Australian fans.

During the concert, Kim Junsu said, “This is the first time that I’m holding a concert in Australia. Although this is my second time visiting the country, this will be first time I’m holding a concert here and I’m so happy. I’m excited to be back in his beautiful country to hold a concert and I’m happy to be spending my last night in Sydney with you all. I’m so happy to be sharing such moments of laughter with you. The atmosphere here alone is enough to get me pumped up. I will definitely return, either as a solo singer, or as a member of JYJ.”

Kim Junsu’s Australian fans dressed up for his concert, and danced and sang along to the music, even occasionally shedding a tear or two.

Kim Junsu continued to say, “Seeing foreigners crying while listening to a Korean ballad has touched me deeply as its shown me that though we speak different languages, we are able to connect through music.”

Karen (24, Female) said, “XIA Junsu is finally here. I’ve waited for so long for this moment. I’m so grateful that he’s here. My only wish in life now is for JYJ to come to Australia together,” while Stephanie (19, Female) stated, “It was great to see XIA Junsu on stage, in real life. I was in the mosh pit area and I was sweating it out as I jumped along with him. It feels like all my stress has been relieved.” Samantha (27, Female) stated, “He started off with ‘Tarantallegra’ and in the blink of an eye, we were at the last song ‘Incredible’. It’s unbelievable how fast time flew by! Our time spent with Junsu felt like a festival. I’ll never forget this moment.”

Since releasing his second solo album, Kim Junsu has performed in Bangkok (Thailand), Shanghai (China), Seoul and Busan. Wrapping up his Australian concert, Kim Junsu will begin preparing for his Japanese tour that will take him to Nagoya (October 8th~10th) and Yokohama (October 14th~16th).

Source: [TV Daily]

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[TRANS] 130721 ‘World Tour’ TVXQ Arrive In Shanghai, China.. ‘Captivates 10,000 Fans’

On their world tour, TVXQ have performed in LA, USA, Santiago, Chile, and now Shanghai, China.


TVXQ held their ‘TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR ‘CATCH ME’ in SHANGHAI’ concert at 7:30pm at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China. They captivated 10,000 fans with an amazing performance and great stage sets.


On this day, TVXQ performed a total of 25 songs, including hits like ‘Catch Me’, ‘Humanoids’, ‘Rising’, Why? Keep Your Head Down’, and ‘Mirotic’, as well as solo performances by U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin of ‘Honey Funny Bunny’ and the Chinese ballad ‘Ting Hai (聽海)’ respectively.


Fans in the audience held pearl-red fanlights and sang along in Korean, enjoying the performance to the fullest and even prepared a paper slogan event that said ‘TVXQ! Let’s Fly’, touching TVXQ and making the atmosphere of the concert better than ever.


There was fierce competition at the arena to grab last-minute tickets on the day of the concerts, and countless fans flocked to the area to take their chance. As they rushed towards the entry gate, the door at the gate broke, requiring the presence of public safety officials to sort things out.


Meanwhile, TVXQ have now successfully completed their Shanghai performance and are set to become the first non-Japanese singers to perform at Japan’s Nissan Stadium on the 17th and 18th of August. These two performances will conclude their large-scale Japanese tour that is expected to attract a total of 850,000 people.


Source: [osen]

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[News] 130712 TVXQ! Rocks L.A. Feeling ‘Brand New’ at World Tour Stop: Live Review

[News] 130712 TVXQ! Rocks L.A. Feeling ‘Brand New’ at World Tour Stop: Live Review


TVXQ! — aka 27-year-old Yunho and 25-year-old Changmin — pose for a photo backstage at the July 5 L.A. date to their TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR ‘CATCH ME.’
SM Entertainment

“We are nervous, but extremely excited. Everything feels brand new, as if we just debuted” – Yunho

TVXQ! — aka 27-year-old Yunho and 25-year-old Changmin, undoubtedly two of the biggest names in K-pop history — proved their supremacy as a pair of “K-pop Kings,” by amassing a total of 700,000 fans to their five-stop, Japan Dome tour, “TVXQ! Live Tour 2013 Time.” Continuing the success, the duo embarked on their first world tour titled, “TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR ‘CATCH ME,’” on Nov. 17, 2012, in Seoul, Korea. They dazzled thousands in Hong Kong (Jan. 19), China (March 30) and Malaysia (May 18), and they finally brought the much-anticipated leg of the tour to America for a Los Angeles date on July 5.

The excitement caused by TVXQ’s first L.A. concert was felt at Nokia Theatre on Friday night. TVXQ’s fans, known as Cassiopeia, arrived hours before the show was to begin. Most fans, dressed in red t-shirts (a signature color for TVXQ!) showed support by holding flash mob events as well as handmade signs.


Backstage, TVXQ appeared energized and high-spirited, despite jet lag and exhaustion from hours of rehearsal. The duo spent the last hour before the show relaxing their vocals (Changmin singing Kim Gun Mo’s “Moon Of Seoul”), taking pictures with lucky fans, joking around with staff members and talking to Billboard for an exclusive video interview.

“We are happy that we get to finally meet with our fans in the States,” says leader Yunho. “The show here [compared to ones in other countries] is more intimate. We are nervous, but extremely excited. Everything feels brand new, as if we just debuted. We want to share our good vibes with our fans that have waited so long.”

At 8:30 p.m. the extravaganza began slightly delayed (due to concertgoers’ unwillingness to leave merchandise booths). Ear-splitting screams erupted, red glow sticks illuminated, and some fans even cried as the packed venue watched the duo appear via hanging on wires.

TVXQ!’s electrifying show kicked off with hardcore, back-to-back performances of “Rising Sun,” “Getaway” and “Why (Keep Your Head Down).”

Taking a moment, Changmin expressed his gratitude to the thousands of fans by saying, in English, “We are so thankful to each and every one of you that came to see us tonight.” With an interpreter, he continued in Korean, “I know our U.S. fans have waited ten, long years for this concert to happen and we will promise to make up for it.”

Throughout the two-hour and a half event, the K-pop kings delivered a pitch-perfect live show with masterfully choreographed dance moves, assisted by six male backup dancers, plus special solo performances. For the solo stages, Changmin mesmerized with a cover of Maxwell’s “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever,” in a casual, striped shirt in front of a backdrop of a cityscape visual. Then, Yunho spiced it up by crooning and hip-swerving his way through his solo track, “Honey Funny Bunny,” in a sequined jacket.

‘You Guys Are So Amazing!’

The duo went through their extensive catalog of Korean and Japanese hits, including “Wrong Number” (showcasing perfectly in-sync dance moves down to their feet) “Purple Line,” “Humanoids” (their most-recent K-pop single) “Destiny,” “Dream,” “Catch Me” (wearing LED light jeweled jackets, highlighting the technical “Hulk dance”) “Before You Go” and “Mirotic.” In between performances, various TVXQ! videos were shown on the screen to preview each song.

Before bringing the show to a close, the crowd united as one for a touching moment. At one point, fans held up a placard that read, “We will always be here.” Yunho responded to the crowd in English, “You guys are so amazing! I am touched.”

The highlight of the night came when TVXQ! daringly stormed into the crowd — the first they’ve ever done so in their 10-year career, they told Billboard afterwards. The boys went off in separate directions, running through the aisles, leaving fans (and presumably security guards and ushers) in awe.

After successfully wrapping the concert Yunho reflects, “I was really taken aback to see such diversity in ages. We even saw a lady [who seemed to be in her 60s] singing along to our lyrics. This was a special night for all of us. The amount of response we got was tremendous. We won’t forget this night and we hope that our U.S. fans. will remember this night as well.”

Looking forward, TVXQ! will become the first foreign artist to perform at Japan’s Nissan Stadium on August 17 and 18. The two-day event is projected to bring in a total of 150,000 fans.

Want more TVXQ!? Check back to Billboard’s K-Town for an exclusive video interview with Yunho and Changmin coming soon!

credit: billboard



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[Trans] 130520 TVXQ Successfully Hold A Concert In Malaysia… Get Their Malaysian Fans ‘Pumped Up’

[Trans] 130520 TVXQ Successfully Hold A Concert In Malaysia… Get Their Malaysian Fans ‘Pumped Up’

Male idol group TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin), who are currently on a world tour, successfully held a concert in Malaysia.

According to SM Entertainment on the 20th, TVXQ held their ‘TVXQ! Live World Tour Catch Me! in Kuala Lumpur’ at 6pm on the 18th at the Malawati Indoor Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and entranced their fans with an extravagant performance and charisma.

Opening the show with a rendition of ‘Rising Sun’, TVXQ performed songs from their latest album such as ‘Catch Me!’ and ‘Humanoids’, as well as hits such as ‘Why! Keep Your Head Down’ and ‘MIROTIC’.

Including individual performances that showcased each member’s unique style, the two members performed a total of 26 songs during the concert.

For the entire concert, Malaysian fans were seen holding pearl-red glowsticks and singing along with TVXQ. It was later said that the members were moved by the surprise event planned by the fans during ‘Purple Line’, when everyone switched to purple glowsticks to go with the song.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is also currently on a 5 Dome Tour in Japan that will attract a total of 850,000 fans.

Source: [starnews]
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[TRANS] 130414 Kim Junsu Wins The Best Korean Male Singer Award At A Chinese Music Awards Ceremony

[TRANS] 130414 Kim Junsu Wins The Best Korean Male Singer Award At A Chinese Music Awards Ceremony

Kim Junsu’s English single ‘UNCOMMITTED’ has won the Best Korean Male Singer Award at the ‘V-chart awards’, held by China’s biggest MV site ‘Yinyue Tai’ on the 13th.

At the first awards ceremony held by the site, Kim Junsu was given the Best Korean Male Singer Award, which was based on a voting poll which fans from all over the world participated in. Kim Junsu’s win was based on his music video’s success on the V-charts during 2012, as well as the votes that were tabulated.

Kim Junsu’s first English single ‘Uncommitted’ is a melodious R&B song that features a collaboration with ‘Bruce Automatic’, the Sony Music composer who has worked with The Wanted and Leona Lewis, and was extremely popular in China, South America and Europe.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We believe this award is more meaningful because it included Kim Junsu’s rankings on the V-charts in 2012. Kim Junsu is extremely happy and thankful to have received an award at an overseas awards ceremony with no promotions other than releasing the music video and holding concerts, and he plans to give his thanks through a video soon.”

A representative in the music industry stated, “After JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert (The return of the JYJ), ‘Uncommitted’ topped Amazon Japan’s K-POP charts, proving just how popular the song is. The reception from Europe and South America has been explosive since Kim Junsu’s 13-city world tour last year.”

Source: [sports chosun]

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[News] 121202 Junsu Successfully Concludes World Tour in Germany

[News] 121202 Junsu Successfully Concludes World Tour in Germany

From his singing to his dancing, everything about XIA Junsu enchanted people in Germany.

JYJ Junsu

JYJ Junsu

From his singing to his dancing, everything about XIA Junsu enchanted people in Germany.

In a total of 12 different cities, Junsu performed 13 times in front approximately 53,800 people for the world tour. The finale of the world tour took place at the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany on the 30th of November. It is Junsu’s second time performing in Germany after JYJ’s performance in Berlin. It was the first time an Asian performer appeared at the location.

World-famous bands like Korn, Motor Head, Stone Sour and Caliban have performed at the Turbinenhalle prior to Junsu’s appearance.

The chilling cold was unnoticed by 1,800 fans who heated up the building. The fans showed up at the location hours before the start of the concert and danced along to Junsu’s music and compared their hand-made posters while waiting to enter.

When the concert finally began, all of the fans stood up from their seats and began to dance along. Junsu showed his gratitude for his fans by placing all of his energy into his performances.

During the concert, Junsu performed a total of 17 songs, 11 songs from his official first album and songs from musicals. The concert began with “Breath”, followed by “No Gain”, “Lullaby”, “Intoxication”, “Set Me Free” and more.

The English single Uncommitted was also a special gift. Another song included, “You are so Beautiful”, an OST from a drama as well as songs like, “Last Dance” from the musical “Elizabeth” and more.

For 2 hours, Junsu showed off everything he learned from touring the world on his own and left a lasting impression to the people in the audience. With his strong vocals and sexy dance moves, people just couldn’t get enough.

When his title song “Tarantallegra” began to play, the crowd went wild with outbursts of screams and danced along with him throughout the whole song.

There was a special moment in the middle of the concert where Junsu gave his fans three wishes. One 18-year-old fan from Turkey wished to dance on stage with Junsu. The young fan revealed that he had learned the moves to “Tarantallegra” by watching a video online and was unable to hide his excitement. Junsu was also very grateful for the fan who had learned all of his choreography.

Even after the concert had ended, fans continued to applaud and didn’t want to leave the building. Junsu even went down from the stage to bow to his fans to show his gratitude.

When he completed his concert, Junsu stated, “Thank you for the fans who came from all over the world to see my concert. You have shown me hope and allowed me to start another dream. I will cherish all the applause and tears I have received from 12 different cities and make sure to repay all of you.”

It was a moment that made everybody curious about how far Junsu will be able to go in the future.

Meanwhile, Junsu released his first official solo album Tarantallegra last May and began to travel to cities in places like Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Mexico and more.

credit: kpopstarz
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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu: “The Only Person Who Will Break PSY’s Record Is PSY Himself”

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu: “The Only Person Who Will Break PSY’s Record Is PSY Himself”

On November 29 at a hotel in Germany, JYJ’s Junsu made statements concerning singer PSY. He said, “Achieving Billboard Top 10 is hard even for American singers, so for PSY to reach top two with a song sang in Korean was an amazing accomplishment. Realistically, I think it would be hard for other Korean singers to break his record, except maybe PSY himself. Perhaps, and hopefully, we could be the one to break the record.”

Junsu continued, “Music is not like soccer where you can keep a clear score. When I say my goal is to succeed in music, what I mean is to improve people’s view on KPop music.”

He also shared the story of how he first saw “Gangnam Style” MV. He said, “When I was in U.S. to shoot “Uncommitted” MV, an American actor for this MV showed me “Gangnam Style” MV on his cellphone.”

Junsu has been a member of DBSK, and then JYJ, and became a top star in Korea. As a member of JYJ, his popularity has spread to Japan, and the rest of the world including in North and South America.

In May 2012, Junsu has released a solo album “Xia” and has performed in Asia, North and South America, and Europe. He will be completing his world tour on December 30 in Oberhausen in Germany.

credit: soompi
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121201 Junsu Germany Concert Fancams

Warning: Turn down your volume before listening to this video. It’s good to have some footage. I’ll post more as they become available.  Great job, Duckie <3   🙂

Momma Cha

[Tarantallegra Fancam] 30.11.2012 Xia Junsu in Oberhausen/Germany

credit:Pinky Pumpkin14

Junsu 준수 Xia – Breath – Oberhausen Concert 121130

credit: GermanClouds


Momma’s Source: youtube

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121102 From JYJ (Eng Sub)

121102 From JYJ (eng sub)

Yeah!!!  My Duckie is laughing as only he can. So cute!!!This brings me joy, Boyos. I love you all and please take care of yourselves  🙂

credit: yongjunnaTWO

Momma’s Source; youtube

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[Info] 121102 Kim Junsu Europe(Germany) Concert Ticket Information

[Info] 121102 Kim Junsu Europe(Germany) Concert Ticket Information

Date : 2012. 11. 30. (8p.m.)
City : Oberhausen
Venue : Turbinenhalle
Ticket Purchase
Online : http://www.konticket.de/
Offline :
Shop in Munich
Neo Tokyo GmbH
Haimhauserstr. 3
80802 Munich, Germany
Tel.: +49 89 346 986

Shop in Berlin
Neo Tokyo GmbH
Schoenhauser Allee 188
10119 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 30 5471 3377

Ticket Open
Online : 2012. 11. 2. 6:00 p.m. (Local Time)
Offline : 2012. 11. 2. 6:00 p.m. (Local Time)

credit: c-jes
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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu Will Hold the Last Concert of His World Tour in Germany

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu Will Hold the Last Concert of His World Tour in Germany

JYJ’s Junsu will finish his world tour in Germany.

C-jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, reported, “Junsu will hold the last concert of his world tour in Oberhausen, Germany, on November 30. He’s the first Korean solo singer to tour Asia, North and South American, and Europe, holding concerts. This tour will set a new record in the history of the music industry in Korea.”

Junsu will hold a concert at the Turbinenhalle Oberhausen on November 30. He’s currently receiving a lot of attention as the first Asian singer to hold a concert at the Turbinenhalle Oberhausen.

Releasing the first solo album in May, Junsu toured Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong for concerts, starting in Seoul. He also held concerts in such cities as New York and Mexico City.

source: TV Report
credit: korea.com
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[News] 121019 Tickets for TVXQ’s Concert In Seoul Are Sold Out In Three Minutes

[News] 121019 Tickets for TVXQ’s Concert in Seoul Are Sold Out In Three Minutes

Tickets for TVXQ’s concert in Seoul were sold out in only three minutes.

Ticket reservations for TVXQ’s concert in Seoul, part of TVXQ’s world tour titled TVXQ! Live World Tour “Catch Me” in Seoul, began on October 18 at 8:00 p.m. on G Market. The tickets were sold out in only three minutes.

TVXQ will hold concerts in Seoul on November 17 and 18 at the Gymnastics Arena at Olympic Park, expecting to attract about 20,000 people. This is the first concert of TVXQ to be held in Seoul in four years.

TVXQ will go around the world, including such Asian countries as China and Thailand. TVXQ’s distinctive, powerful performances are expected to captivate the audience.

TVXQ are currently promoting the lead track of their new album, “Catch Me.”

source: TV Report
credit: korea.com

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