[News] 130224 JYJ’s Jaejoong Decides To Make Jiji Jealous

[News] 130224 JYJ’s Jaejoong Decides To Make Jiji Jealous

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has a furry new addition!

On February 23rd, the singer uploaded a photo announcing that he’s the proud parent of a puppy named Juni. “Introducing the new family member,” he tweeted. “His name is Juni~ A boy~ He looks like a bichon.. But he’s actually a poodle~ Jiji, you have a younger brother now^^.”

After sharing another photo of the brown pup, Jaejoong updated fans on his decision to change the puppy’s name to Chang Sik. “Changed his name.. He looks like Mr. Go Chang Sik… So I named him Chang Sik… I’m sorry, Mr. Go Chang Sik. I’ll be borrowing your name ㅜ.”

Fans gushed over the canine cutie, leaving comments like, “He’s adorable!“, “I have never seen such a fluffy puppy“, and “He’s so cute. I bet Jiji will be jealous.”

What do you think of Jaejoong’s new puppy? Do you think Chang Sik and Jiji will happily co-exist?

Source: Jaejoong’s Twitter
credit: allkpop

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Translation 110919 Post of JYJ Tweets

Trans] 110919 Post Of JYJ TweetsHey that must be @bums1313‘s place :D
(Jaejoong, 9:15pm KST) The food was good! I’m full~~!  http://yfrog.com/j2n0yqj

Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]
Translated + Shared by: dongbangdata.net
[Trans] 110918 Post Of JYJ Tweets
Those pictures are beautiful~<3
(Jaejoong, 3:58pm KST) An amazing-looking sky  http://yfrog.com/g0puazvj


 (Jaejoong, 6:31pm KST) The sky~~  http://yfrog.com/h8ilndrj

 Such true words!
(Jaejoong, 1:45am KST) Though you may love, remember, reminisce and dislike, you mustn’t exploit.

Awww bb T__T you are no fool! ♥
(Jaejoong, 2.07am KST) Just bit more to the concert in Japan…to be able to meet directly with everyone..I am thankful for everything around me. I was a fool. I didn’t know before..that to be able to say that we are going to meet is actually such a fortunate thing.
(Akio, 2.10am KST) @mjjeje You are not a fool. I am thankful to you, and also thankful to your fans. Thank you so much. I want to meet you in Japan once again.
(Jaejoong, 2.13am KST) @akionosuke The waves of emotion are…(T_T)

(Jaejoong, 2:10am KST) Oh and this is Vick’s puppy. Isn’t it cute?  http://yfrog.com/h7h09wlj

Source: [Jaejoong’s + Others’ Twitter]
Translated + Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyochun.net 
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