Video+Translation 120312 YTN News K-Pop Heating Up South America

Commentary: The fans who gathered to see K-pop group JYJ. The degree at which the concert hall building was surrounded by the queues. In order to obtain good seats, even when they had to queue since midnight, they looked excited.

Reporter: This is 2 hours before the begin of JYJ’s concert but the scene in front of the concert hall is still as heated up as ever.

Commentary: Not only Chile, there are fans who came from Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, and the 3000 seats were sold out.

JYJ member, Kim Junsu: “Ready? Let’s start!”

Commentary: Sometimes sexy, sometimes sad, the every single expression and body move of JYJ are enough to make the South American audience cried passionately.

JYJ Fan: “Because we knew how JYJ has managed to get through all the hardships till now, thus tears just came out.”

JYJ Fan: “In order to watch the concert, I waited and camp at the concert venue for 5 days. It is a performance just like my dream.”

Commentary: JYJ displayed their new shuffle dance that took the world over crazily and received the cheers from South American fans.

JYJ member Park Yoochun: “It was a performance filled with passionate cheers as anticipated and we are very happy to hold this concert. Once again sincerely thanking every fans in Chile.”

Commentary: The hyper atmosphere that did not calm down even after the concert ended and fans are still lingering around the fan goods section. The first solo concert by K-pop artist in South America..The night of South America is filled with joy and excitement.

YT: farahJYJ2
credit: baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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