[News] 140606 JYJ’s Jaejoong opens “Café JHolic” in Incheon


Jaejoong (Photo: Han Myung Gu/Gettyimages)

It looks like Jaejoong has successfully added businessman to his title with the opening of his new café, “Café JHolic”, in Incheon that celebrated its grand opening on June 5.


The new café is the second branch of Café JHolic after the one in Myeongdong. The two cafes were decorated in a neat and modern look inside out and can serve as a haven for Jaejoong’s fans to enjoy drinks and a glimpse of the singer’s personal touch.

Apart from his entertainment career as a singer and actor, Jaejoong has been branching out for business in recent years. Besides the cafes, he has also showcased his talent as a designer for Moldir. The idol, who has a keen interest in fashion and arts, joined the design project with Moldir last year and successfully racked quite high sales for the products. The items that he designed reported to be sold for more than 30,000 pieces in four months after the release.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong is currently busy filming for MBC drama’s “Triangle”. He is scheduled to join the rest of JYJ later this year with the release of their second album.

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[Vid+Trans] 120829 Weekly Idol – CEO-dol BEST JYJ Kim Jaejoong No.3 for CEO Star Most Likely To Succeed As Businessman

[Vid+Trans] 120829 Weekly Idol – CEO-dol BEST JYJ Kim Jaejoong No.3 for CEO Star most likely to succeed as Businessman

He takes care of his personal wealth. Not only this,he’s also a real CEO. With worldstar name, his customers are also of global across. Voted by stars – Infinite L, 4minute Jiyoon. Jaejoong is a versatile well rounded investor expert- luxury car, luxury penthouse.However his real attraction is his personal connections with no regards of age,nationality,gender ;from sports stars to foreign stars. Kim Jaejoong also goes by WorldPeace. He’s the King of personal network.

Who is the best 3 of idols to be CEO?
Infinite’s L voted. – “Jaejoong hyung is very smart.”
4Minute’s Ji Yoon voted.
No. 3: Financial management expert – Jaejoong.

Jaejoong’s luxury car. Jaejoong’s luxury house that is admirable. This is the result of Jaejoong’s good financial management. Through manager’s expert advice, Jaejoong managed his financial planning and have already reached the rumored ‘financial management expert’ standard. Managing his finance in various aspects, he has been involved in business management since a long time ago. [Words: (Bum’s Story) Representative – Kim Jaejoong] He is a real CEO, Kim Jaejoong. Thanks to Jaejoong’s fame, the business has been very good.

“Japanese fans occupy around 60%, with the remaining 20% from China and the rest from local Korean fans.”

He was even invited to state dinner by Turkish president. The popularity of world star Jaejoong is not to unknown. The strong management skills by CEO Jaejoong definitely originate from his world-class popularity.

But CEO Jaejoong still has a hidden talent. And that is his amazing connections with his friendliness, be it with male or female. (Words: Song Joongki, Park Ji Bin, Ji Sung, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum Soo, Han Hyo Joo) Not only from the entertainment industry, it involves the sports industry too. And also connections with artistes from China and Japan. The proud-worthy extremely strong connections’ business.

The CEO with devilish friendliness, no matter what business he tried, there’s no reason for failure. (Words: Thanks to Kim Jaejoong… World Peace.)

No. 3: Connections-king CEO – Jaejoong.

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