[News] 140606 JYJ’s Jaejoong opens “Café JHolic” in Incheon


Jaejoong (Photo: Han Myung Gu/Gettyimages)

It looks like Jaejoong has successfully added businessman to his title with the opening of his new café, “Café JHolic”, in Incheon that celebrated its grand opening on June 5.


The new café is the second branch of Café JHolic after the one in Myeongdong. The two cafes were decorated in a neat and modern look inside out and can serve as a haven for Jaejoong’s fans to enjoy drinks and a glimpse of the singer’s personal touch.

Apart from his entertainment career as a singer and actor, Jaejoong has been branching out for business in recent years. Besides the cafes, he has also showcased his talent as a designer for Moldir. The idol, who has a keen interest in fashion and arts, joined the design project with Moldir last year and successfully racked quite high sales for the products. The items that he designed reported to be sold for more than 30,000 pieces in four months after the release.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong is currently busy filming for MBC drama’s “Triangle”. He is scheduled to join the rest of JYJ later this year with the release of their second album.

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[Translation] 120809 Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

Jaejoong: r2b is very interesting! CG is also very excellent, the actors are of first class too. Ji Hoon hyung is the best, Miss Se Kyung is very charismatic and Suk Won goon is very handsome too, Senior Oh Dal Su… made me so touched.. ke

Jaejoong: We are waiting for the flight. pic.twitter.com/Gv1jYYN5

 Jaejoong: To eat or not to eat.. pic.twitter.com/G79dLDTP

 Jaejoong: Which should I eat.. pic.twitter.com/9VnwxCnF

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[Trans] 120414 Park Yoowhan Mentions Park Yoochun In An Interview With Sports DongA

3. Oh who could this be? Isn’t it his majesty the crown prince!
When I arrived at the waiting room, hyung (Park Yoochun) was already there. Although we live together, we have not seen each other at home for a long time since we are both busy. As he was filming “Rooftop Prince” in Incheon, he also came by our set on Yeongjong Island. Perhaps it was because “Rooftop Prince” ranked first on the day he came. Hyung was smiling very widely.

4. “The Park Clan”, our staff members
Hyung and I have almost the same staff members. It has been more than a year since I began working with these people. If filming ends at dawn, they will come over to our house to stay the night. We are really like a sports team haha. ‘The Strongest K-POP Survival’ ‘Rooftop Prince’ Fighting!

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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1103012 Junsu at Incheon Arport Junsu ha…

1103012 Junsu at Incheon Arport

Junsu has safely arrived in Korea via the Incheon Airport. He looks very tired and dazed and in need of rest. He has been through a enormously stressful experience. Please pray for his recovery.
As more and more reports roll in there are many stories on www.twitter.com concerning lost ones who have not been heard from in Japan. They are asking us to pray. I believe that is possible and we are willing. Momma Cha.

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