[TRANS] 140122 Can The Park Yoochun Effect Even Beat Out ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’? Set To Be Exported To China At The Highest Price Yet


Can the ‘Park Yoochun effect’ beat out ‘You, Who Came From The Stars?’

The value of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Three Days’, which features Park Yoochun as its leading role, is experiencing a sharp increase.

It is set to be exported to China at the highest price yet, even beating out SBS’ ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’, the drama that features a star-studded cast of Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun and Park Hae Jin, and recently became a hot topic for becoming the Korea drama that was exported to China at the highest price.

A representative of SBS stated, “SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday dramas ‘Heirs’ and ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’ have both become a huge hit in China, shifting the focus to ‘Three Days’, which is set to air right after ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’ ends. The value of each episode has recently skyrocketed to 35,000 dollars (approximately 37 million Won).” Considering the fact that the average value per episode is 5 million Won for Korean dramas in China, ‘Three Days’ is set to earn 7 times the average amount.

China is considering to be one of the biggest markets for the Hallyu Wave, other than Japan. However, broadcasting rights are sold at much lower costs than in Japan, where dramas fetch up to 100 million Won per episode, and there is a quarterly restriction on foreign dramas broadcasted in China. But the power of Hallyu stars like Lee Minho, Park Yoochun, Jang Geun Seok and Park Haejin is helping to raise the value of dramas, reflecting a change in the market. The SBS representative stated, “Though the price of exports is still much lower than in Japan, China is a market with great potential. It will be extremely encouraging if ‘Three Days’ is able to break the record of ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’.”

‘Three Days’ is a story of the president mysteriously disappearing from his residence, and his secret service struggling to find him. The drama brings together screenwriter Kim Eun Hee and PD Shin Kyung Soo, and will feature a cast of Park Yoochun, Sohn Hyun Joo, Park Ha Sun, Yoon Jae Moon, Soh Yi Hyun and Jang Hyun Sung.

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