Basic Translation: MC: Xia Junsu, what do you wanna do? Junsu: I’ll be the answerer. MC: Start! #1 answer = Bikini (wanna see JJ acting it out!!! T-T) Junsu’s guesses: Bra? Underwear! Swimming suit! Swimming! See through? Next words he got correct: Junsu: Little mermaid! Beer! Some other word: Junsu: eh? eh? (omg so cute) Junsu: He’s so good (at acting it out). Next word = Giraffe Junsu’s guesses: Chicken! Giraffe(X4)! Next word = Bobsleighing Junsu’s guesses: Cart-rider!! Goggle!

credit: usnujfan

Momma’s Source: youtube

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Translation 110926 Post of JYJ Tweets

[Trans] 110926 Post Of JYJ Tweets

So I hear our little duckbutt went and kicked some dude’s butt in StarCraft?
(Junsu, 4:03pm KST) Whew~~ Though I’m one to talk.. I think that was really funny lol

Such a pretty sky :)
(Jaejoong, 11:15pm KST) The sky of Bukhan Mountain~  http://yfrog.com/kkktgwj

Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong’s Twitter]
Translated + Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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