Editors Note on OPINION

Editor’s Note on Opinion

This is the reality of stardom. Sad to say, even though there are varying degrees of obsession–there will always be personages within the fanbase who do not understand boundaries. Every person deserves life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–those are guaranteed constitutional rights–at least in America. I cannot speak for another country. It appears to me that if there are individuals who violate these norms of societal living, even within a fanbase, there should be repercussions.

How can you expect a star to entertain you over time with lack of peace, sleep and rest? If you truly love them then you will also want the best for them–and I consider sleep and R&R at the top of the best chart.  

The article below speaks for itself. It addresses one of the issues of being forever in the public eye. I’m sure that our imaginations could not stretch far enough to envision every problem that crops up. There is a price to be paid for being a public servant. The price is lack of freedom and privacy.

 A question was posed about why these persons are not arrested, detained, etc.? We all know why Yunho decided to forgive and let the person who attacked him go. Yunho is compassionate, as I’m sure many of them are. Is it aiding and abetting to allow them to walk away, or to allow saesang’s to stalk unimpeded?

 In my own opinion, it is not helping those intrusive individuals to become responsible, caring people by allowing them asylum because potential for great harm is present in their actions. Why are they tolerated? Despite their behavior the industry tolerates them because a large percentage of these individuals or groups will buy goods or attend concerts, even if to cause mischief. It boils down to money received over a guaranteed future existence for the artist. Shame on the industry for placing their entertainers potential for revenue making above their personal need for safety.

BTW, Kyuhyun, I salute you for thinking quickly upon your feet and running instead of confronting. It probably saved your life. 

Let’s Keep Praying and Fighting!!!

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk