Editors Opinion: JYJ Honorary Ambassadorship of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games

jyjniifallcircus2013I have been waiting to hear news about the outcome of the decisions surrounding JYJ’s participation in the 2013 Incheon Hallyu Tourism Concert : Incheon Korean Music Wave 2013. The possibility that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu would once again fall victim to a system that sees no moral dilemma in using their popularity as a means of promoting the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, yet continues to deny them the respect and courtesy deserving of their popular status, has come once more into public view. It is not a pretty picture.This is just another example of the pettiness of the entertainment industry in their bold disregard for the established institutions of their society which have been set in place to ensure fair treatment of all citizens. This basically boils down to violation of JYJ’s constitutional rights as citizens of South Korea.

How did I get here? It is obvious that the court system has ruled in favor of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu through the countless lawsuits and injunctions resulting in decisions supporting JYJ handed down by the judiciary. The FTC and public officials of powerful rank and personal integrity have given their support, yet all are being ignored. This has dire implications. By ignoring the judiciary, the FTC, and public figures, a message is being put out there that states the belief that they are untouchable and hold all the power. Time will tell.

The industry has been told hands off of JYJ’s activities, thus implied,  Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu’s individual activities as well. In essence, they are being told to take their hands off of JYJ’s potentialities in the marketplace of entertainment. There is no way that anyone can truthfully deny JYJ’s abilities, earning potential, or promotional power. So, in an effort to exploit those assets; perhaps in hopes of receiving recompense, or in furthering their own cause, the bait and switch method has been employed. Engage these dynamic, charismatic, patriotic persons to attract the public’s attention; then withdraw any opportunities that will permanently place them in the historical equation or that will allow them access to former teammates..

Those who have been totally underestimated in this situation are the fans and supporters of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. After all, this has happened before in the form of the ‘Jeju Island’s 7 Natural Wonders of The World’ incident as referred to in the message C-Jes recently placed on their Official Homepage. The dedicated fans will always be committed to trying their best to help JYJ to weather this seemingly unending storm based on the fans knowledge of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu’s integrity. The fans and supporters are individuals and groups who can see the injustices for what they are–  attempts to belittle and rob JYJ of their opportunities and self-esteem. Viewed in an objective manner, it is a complete travesty of justice. In whatever form the fan support appears, it is a direct message to Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and others who may some day face similar circumstances. Justice can prevail. It is JYJ’s commitment to maintain their integrity that will win the day.

Through all of this Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have proven themselves to be strong, moral individuals, who, even as this insult among many has targeted them, have made a determination to carry through with the activities they have been offered as Honorary Ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. They will do well. Diplomacy is their largest suit. After all, how do you think they have managed all these years? Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are wonderful candidates for honorary ambassadorship.

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Editors Note: Episodes 9 and 10 Rooftop Prince [The Emotional, Teary Part]

Wow…!!  ‘Rooftop Prince’ is starting to hit hard on my emotions. The ‘wicked stepsister’ is getting more wicked every day. She has this uncanny ability to turn everything around to her own advantage including just literally grabbing Yi Gak/Tae Yong around the neck just at the opportune time to convince her sister [Park Ha/Bu Yong] that she, Se Na, has his utmost affection, even though Yi Gak has specifically requested Park Ha’s company. As is typical of dramas, the victim hangs her head and retires from the game, leaving Se-Na with the prize. . or, to put it succinctly, Park Ha plays basketball with Man-bo, Chi-san, and Yong-sool as a diversion to feeling her broken heart.

Yi Gak is, of course, totally innocent, and oblivious to the fact that Park Ha has been emotionally wounded–so he persists in asking her why she is avoiding him. This makes Park Ha avoid him even more, and after she disappears from a ‘family’ barbeque, Yi Gak pursues her, overtakes her, and tries to get to the bottom of the problem. His attempt at peace is rejected, so…in a huff, Yi Gak hops on his trusty bike and pedals furiously away.

Convinced that their relationship is now truly over, Park Ha picks up her cellphone and tweets a message to Yi Gak. “I like You, I love You”, never intending to send it. Of course she accidentally hits the button and, Voila!, the message is sent.

Horrified, Park Ha sees Yi Gak coming back. He approaches her in a way that helps her to realize that he has yet to access the message, so while he is getting them something to drink, she grabs his cell phone from his jacket and buries it. That would have been that–except that a dog belonging to a nearby couple starts digging the cellphone up which attracts Yi Gak’s attention, and …well,he gets the message…

Park Ha, totally humiliated, hops on her bike and leads Yi Gak for a chase. As the scene and Episode 10 closes, he has cut her off with his bike, and we have a week  to wait for what comes next. Well, sorta, because what came next was my tears. TTTTTTTTTT’s Lots of tears. My heart is hurting for this warm, giving, girl who has never had a chance at true love or at being in a stable family. As the drama continues to unfold–I am rooting for Yi Gak and Park Ha as a couple. I also have my own concept of how this ends and who was responsible for the death of the Crown Princess in Joseon. I think I shall keep it to myself.  🙂

Fighting!!!  Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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Editors Note on OPINION

Editor’s Note on Opinion

This is the reality of stardom. Sad to say, even though there are varying degrees of obsession–there will always be personages within the fanbase who do not understand boundaries. Every person deserves life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–those are guaranteed constitutional rights–at least in America. I cannot speak for another country. It appears to me that if there are individuals who violate these norms of societal living, even within a fanbase, there should be repercussions.

How can you expect a star to entertain you over time with lack of peace, sleep and rest? If you truly love them then you will also want the best for them–and I consider sleep and R&R at the top of the best chart.  

The article below speaks for itself. It addresses one of the issues of being forever in the public eye. I’m sure that our imaginations could not stretch far enough to envision every problem that crops up. There is a price to be paid for being a public servant. The price is lack of freedom and privacy.

 A question was posed about why these persons are not arrested, detained, etc.? We all know why Yunho decided to forgive and let the person who attacked him go. Yunho is compassionate, as I’m sure many of them are. Is it aiding and abetting to allow them to walk away, or to allow saesang’s to stalk unimpeded?

 In my own opinion, it is not helping those intrusive individuals to become responsible, caring people by allowing them asylum because potential for great harm is present in their actions. Why are they tolerated? Despite their behavior the industry tolerates them because a large percentage of these individuals or groups will buy goods or attend concerts, even if to cause mischief. It boils down to money received over a guaranteed future existence for the artist. Shame on the industry for placing their entertainers potential for revenue making above their personal need for safety.

BTW, Kyuhyun, I salute you for thinking quickly upon your feet and running instead of confronting. It probably saved your life. 

Let’s Keep Praying and Fighting!!!

credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

[OPINION] 111105 Anti Fans And Their Power In The Music Industry

[OPINION] 111105 Anti Fans And Their Power In The Music Industry

I remember that one of the things that caught my curiosity while falling into the arms of K-Pop was the idols and their anti-fans. I started reading story after story and when I read about DBSK‘s Yunho and the incident of the juice with glue in it, I asked myself, “Why do these people have so much power over the artists they hate?” It is something that up to this day I don’t understand clearly.

First, these people waste time hating K-Pop groups without even having a reasonable argument for that. Secondly, they elaborate plans, websites, manipulate pictures and even gather in groups secretly, to attack the person they hate when their anger towards said artist grows even more. I have seen plenty of websites and even groups on Facebook or Twitter, recalling “Anti SNSD”, “Anti 2NE1″, “Anti Kim Hyun Joong” and even “Anti DBSK”.

Why does this happen? Why so much anger towards a group or person? Just because a group does really well in the industry, it doesn’t mean that you have to hate it and become part of some sort of evil sect to attempt or to even destroy it. Sometimes, fans themselves create these evil monsters. I have read comments in which people get actually sick of X or Y artist just because of their fandom.

These little antis, can be divided in three categories. The first category is the “regular anti.” These anti-fans just comment or say they don’t like certain groups and that’s all. Their intention is to actually hurt the group’s fandom and not to hurt the artist itself. The second category is the “stalker or sasaeng anti-fan.” Here, some fans of a group are actually sasaengs without even hating the group, but why are they considered antis? Because they stalk their artist and cross the limits of a person’s privacy.

There have been cases in which stalkers follow an artist every single day. They spend too much time following them around, getting information of their schedule, and also there have been cases in which they trespass illegally into their dorms, as it happened to JYJ, or writing on their dorm’s walls such it happened on BEAST‘s dorm and Yoseob himself had to clean up the walls, or the case of Super Junior‘s Yesung who caught a fan writing on their dorm’s wall and had to tell her to stop

[Yoseob cleaning BEAST’s dorm wall]

Also, this category of stalkers, tend to check out their idol’s garbage. Some of them are so extreme that they get their idol’s phone number and call them several times at day. This last case happened to DBSK‘s Yunho and it was so stressful that he had to change his number. When he did, the same fan who was calling him non-stop obtained his new number in just five minutes and argued: “Why did you change your number?, that’s not good for you” and hung up.

Some of them, post very disgusting pictures declaring their obsessive love towards their idol without even realizing that it actually is a very sick kind of way to declare their love. One of these crazy girls actually wrote a love letter with the blood from her menstruation, and to prove that it was real, she even sent her panties. This happened to 2PM‘s Taecyeon. Other idols who have received bloody letters are, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon, FT Island‘s Lee Hongki, Big Bang‘s Taeyang and G-Dragon.

[Taecyeon’s disgusting love letter]

Love letter to Lee Joon: ” Lee Chang sun (Lee Joon’s real name) don’t forget about me. You are everything to me. I love you. Remember that. Soojin”]

[3rd victim of the bloody letters: Lee Hongki. “Lee Hongki, do you know that I love you right?”]

[Letter addressed to Taeyang, scary uh?]

[The last victim of the letters, G-Dragon]

Some others stalkers follow the idol 24/7 and even videotape them. Honestly, the following video made me feel uncomfortable even to watch, in the case of SHINee‘s Jonghyun. He was feeling really awkward, surrounded and being videotaped when he clearly asked them to give him some space. 

When these kind of fans break the boundaries imposed by the group’s manager, it gets until the point in which the manager has to react violently. This last happened when CN BLUE‘s manager got into a controversy for being accused of violence against a fan. A similar thing also happened to SHINee’s manager as he was recorded hitting the back of a fan’s head. Some of the group members looked surprised by the violent gesture.

[CNBlue’s manager incident]

[SHINee’s manager incident]

The third category is the dangerous one. These people are so full of nonsensical anger and hate that they actually attempt against the life of the idol they want to destroy. There have been really serious issues of attempting and almost killing an idol. I’m pretty sure that all Cassiopeias remember when Yunho got poisoned with a juice spiked with adhesive glue. After he drank it, he started vomiting blood and had a stomach washout done immediately. After the incident, he dropped all the charges against the person who caused that. Even Kim Heechul, who was really angry about the incident, got threats from Yunho’s antis so he had to stop tweeting about the issue.

This makes me wonder, why are they so afraid of these people? Why are they so afraid of filing charges against their attackers? Shouldn’t they be punished? These anti-fans have gained such a power in the music industry that they can decide or control a person’s destiny. Remember the issue of Jay Park who decided to leave 2PM due to his accusations of being anti-Korean despite the fact that he apologized for it and went back to Seattle? Or the case of Tablo and his Stanford issue in which people were demanding the truth from him? Isn’t that too much?

They have acquired so much power and control over the artists they hate, that it is almost normal for the idols to have antis. They don’t even date and if they do, they date secretly in order to stay safe and away from stalkers and antis. When is this going to stop? Aren’t agencies supposed to do something against these people? To suffer harm from an anti-fan is not nice and we surely don’t want to see our beloved idols being hurt and suffering as it happened to Yoon Eun Hye when she got shot in her eyes by an anti-fan who was holding a water gun full of soy sauce and vinegar

The latest case was of Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun who was threatened while being on vacation in Spain by, what SM Entertainment said, “strange guy” who had a knife in his hands. Kyuhyun reacted quickly and was able to run.

I honestly think that this anti-fan thing should stop. There’s no reason to harm another person or to make them impossible to lead a normal life. They already have too many things and schedules to deal with so I think there’s no need of another living terror called “antis.”

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