SU4JYJ – JYJ No More Ban/Independence Day Nov 28 2012

JYJ and SME Lawsuit Update:

As you may have heard, there has been movement in the lawsuit between JYJ and SME. Both sides came to an agreement, with JYJ agreeing to not pursue the compensation they were due, in order to move on, and start fresh. They have sacrificed a lot in the last 3+ years, and it speaks to their character that they were willing to give up so much. We all hope SME holds to their agreement and no longer interferes with JYJ’s activities. We shall wait and see. Our goals and aims of ending the restriction on JYJ and promoting JYJ in various media markets still stands. We will update everyone in the coming days, with the various projects we currently have planned. We say a big thank you to all the JYJ fans, who have stood by them, and to all those who have joined us in this endeavor of ours.

~SU4JYJ Team~

credit: standup4JYJ

credit: standupforjyj

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