Kim Junsu DBSK Cuteness Part 1 Ahhhhhh… springtime The…

Kim Junsu DBSK Cuteness Part 1

Ahhhhhh….springtime. The birdies are chirping, the rivers are thawing, and it’s seems that our boys are getting older, day by day, yes? Considering how much time has passed since debut, I suppose this is an inevitable progression. People age, get stronger, wiser, and more experienced in life. This is a good thing. However….


It doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce! No Sir! So let’s a look at one of DBSK’s most outstanding, and longstanding, traits: CUTENESSS!!!!


 Now, we all know that DBSK is cute. I mean, just look at them.



 HELLO?! However, what I wish to explore is the different types of cuteness that our boys can embody individually, starting with…. (drumroll)



 Our very own Junsu, cause let’s face it, he wrote the book on cuteness, yes? I think yes. 


Now to business. We will start with a classic Junsu cute pose. Observe.










 Adorable, right! Of course right!!!!








Let’s try another classic pose, shall we?





Must. Contain. Spazz.…….


…………… (wiggle, wiggle)



………………………………. (sigh)






…Ahem. Sorry.


Junsu’s classic cute poses are very lovely, because he puts so much effort into displaying them for us fans. As such, we are very appreciative of the classic pose, as it has come to define Junsu’s cute persona as a whole. However, there is more. More cuteness to be explored. More to this adorable man than these poses. Shall we look deeper? Oh yes. We shall. 


(rubs hands together) Okay. So Junsu knows how to act cute.  This we know. But what about when he’s  not acting cute? Is he still adorable. Let’s see.


 Why hello, sunshine.  Ah, his smile could just light up a room. 
























So very lovely, our Junsu’s plump, baby cheeks, his half smile, his sparkly eyes, the perplexed expression. Yes, our duckie is adorable when he’s confused. Take a look.






What? You want me to play the Queen of the Night in The Magic Flute?! I can sing high notes, but not ‘that’ high!











Don’t worry baby, I love all your high notes. Tehe. Even when you squeak.





























Well. Um. I mean when you speak, yes. When you speak in a high tone, it’s very nice. By the way, has anyone ever told you that you’re cute when you’re angry?


No? Okay, shall we move on then?




Good. Glad you’re happy. (grumble, grumble)  Now that my muse has been distracted by angry SuSu, I guess the rest of the cuteness will have to wait for part two. See what you’ve done, Junsu?




Don’t be sad, baby? I’ll be back.



See ya’ll next time for part 2!!!!!!