North Korea Reportedly Entering ‘State Of War’ Against South Korea

North Korea Reportedly Entering ‘State Of War’ Against South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea warned Seoul on Saturday that the Korean Peninsula had entered “a state of war” and threatened to shut down a border factory complex that’s the last major symbol of inter-Korean cooperation.

Analysts say a full-scale conflict is extremely unlikely, noting that the Korean Peninsula has remained in a technical state of war for 60 years. But the North’s continued threats toward Seoul and Washington, including a vow to launch a nuclear strike, have raised worries that a misjudgment between the sides could lead to a clash.

In Washington, the White House said Saturday that the United States is taking seriously the new threats by North Korea but also noted Pyongyang’s history of “bellicose rhetoric.”

North Korea’s threats are seen as efforts to provoke the new government in Seoul, led by President Park Geun-hye, to change its policies toward Pyongyang, and to win diplomatic talks with Washington that could get it more aid. North Korea’s moves are also seen as ways to build domestic unity as young leader Kim Jong Un strengthens his military credentials.

On Thursday, U.S. military officials revealed that two B-2 stealth bombers dropped dummy munitions on an uninhabited South Korean island as part of annual defense drills that Pyongyang sees as rehearsals for invasion. Hours later, Kim ordered his generals to put rockets on standby and threatened to strike American targets if provoked.

North Korea said in a statement Saturday that it would deal with South Korea according to “wartime regulations” and would retaliate against any provocations by the United States and South Korea without notice.

“Now that the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK have entered into an actual military action, the inter-Korean relations have naturally entered the state of war,” said the statement, which was carried by Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency, referring to the North’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Provocations “will not be limited to a local war, but develop into an all-out war, a nuclear war,” the statement said.

Hours after the statement, Pyongyang threatened to shut down the jointly run Kaesong industrial park, expressing anger over media reports suggesting the complex remained open because it was a source of hard currency for the impoverished North.”If the puppet group seeks to tarnish the image of the DPRK even a bit, while speaking of the zone whose operation has been barely maintained, we will shut down the zone without mercy,” an identified spokesman for the North’s office controlling Kaesong said in comments carried by KCNA.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry responded by calling the North Korean threat “unhelpful” to the countries’ already frayed relations and vowed to ensure the safety of hundreds of South Korean managers who cross the border to their jobs in Kaesong. It did not elaborate.

South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said the country’s military remains mindful of the possibility that increasing North Korean drills near the border could lead to an actual provocation.

“The series of North Korean threats – announcing all-out war, scrapping the cease-fire agreement and the non-aggression agreement between the South and the North, cutting the military hotline, entering into combat posture No. 1 and entering a `state of war’ – are unacceptable and harm the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula,” Kim said.

“We are maintaining full military readiness in order to protect our people’s lives and security,” he told reporters Saturday.

In Washington, Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, noted the “reports of a new and unconstructive statement from North Korea.”

“We take these threats seriously and remain in close contact with our South Korean allies,” Hayden said. “But, we would also note that North Korea has a long history of bellicose rhetoric and threats, and today’s announcement follows that familiar pattern.”

The White House has stressed the U.S. government’s capability and willingness to defend itself and its allies and interests in the region, if necessary.

“We remain fully prepared and capable of defending and protecting the United States and our allies,” Hayden said.

The two Koreas remain technically at war because the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a truce, not a peace treaty. Naval skirmishes in the disputed waters off the Korean coast have led to bloody battles several times over the years.

But on the streets of Seoul on Saturday, South Koreans said they were not worried about an attack from North Korea.

“From other countries’ point of view, it may seem like an extremely urgent situation,” said Kang Tae-hwan, a private tutor. “But South Koreans don’t seem to be that nervous because we’ve heard these threats from the North before.”

The Kaesong industrial park, which is run with North Korean labor and South Korean know-how, has been operating normally, despite Pyongyang shutting down a communications channel typically used to coordinate travel by South Korean workers to and from the park just across the border in North Korea. The rivals are now coordinating the travel indirectly, through an office at Kaesong that has outside lines to South Korea.

North Korea has previously made such threats about Kaesong without acting on them, and recent weeks have seen a torrent of bellicose rhetoric from Pyongyang. North Korea is angry about the South Korea-U.S. military drills and new U.N. sanctions over its nuclear test last month.

Dozens of South Korean firms run factories in the border town of Kaesong. Using North Korea’s cheap, efficient labor, the Kaesong complex produced $470 million worth of goods last year.

Associated Press White House reporter Darlene Superville contributed to this report.


U.S., China Pledge To Work Together On North Korea Situation, John Kerry Says


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, gestures while shaking hands with China’s Premier Li Keqiang during a meeting at the Zhongnanhai compound in Beijing Saturday, April 13, 2013. (AP Photo/Jason Lee, Pool)

BEIJING — U.S. and Chinese leaders said Saturday that their countries are committed to finding a peaceful way to ensure a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.

“We are determined to make that goal a reality,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said after talks with Chinese officials and before having dinner with China’s foreign policy chief, Yang Jiechi.

“China and the United States must together take steps in order to achieve the goal of a denuclearized Korean peninsula. And today we agreed that further discussions to bear down very quickly with great specificity on exactly how we will accomplish this goal,” America’s top diplomat told reporters.

Yang, speaking through an interpreter, said China was “firmly committed to upholding peace and stability and advancing the denuclearization process on the Korean peninsula. We maintain that the issue should be handled and resolved peacefully.”

He said China will work with the U.S. and other nations involved in past international talks on North Korea, adding that “to properly address the Korean nuclear issue serves the interests of all parties.”

Kerry spoke of “our joint commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula in a peaceful manner. We agreed that this is of critical importance for the stability of the region and indeed for the world and indeed for all of our nonproliferation efforts.”

JYJFantalk Source: Associated Press+Yahoo News

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North Korea Warns Foreigners To Leave South

North Korea Warns Foreigners To Leave South

Reuters/Reuters – North Korean soldiers look to the South as they patrol at the truce village of Panmunjom in the demilitarised zone separating the North from South Korea in Paju, about 55 km (34 miles) north of Seoul March 19, 2013. REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

By Christine Kim and Joyce Lee

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea intensified threats of an imminent conflict against the United States and the South on Tuesday, warning foreigners to evacuate South Korea to avoid being dragged into a “merciless, sacred, retaliatory war”.

The North’s latest antagonistic message belied an atmosphere free of anxiety in the South Korean capital, where the city center was bustling with traffic and offices operated normally.

Pyongyang has shown no sign of preparing its 1.2 million-strong army for war, indicating the threat could be partly intended to bolster Kim Jong-un, 30, the third in his family to lead the reclusive country.

None of the embassies in Seoul appeared to have issued any directives to their nationals after the warning and airlines reported no changes in their schedules. Schools catering to foreign pupils worked without interruption.

The warning, read out on North Korea’s state television in a bulletin that interrupted normal programming, was the latest threat in weeks of high tension following U.N. sanctions slapped on Pyongyang for its latest nuclear arms test.

It followed the North’s suspension of activity at the Kaesong joint industrial park just inside North Korea, all but closing down the last remnant of cooperation between the neighbors. North Korean workers failed to turn up on Tuesday.

North Korea had said South Korea was trying to turn the Kaesong complex into a “hotbed of war”.

The warning to foreigners, reported by the KCNA news agency said once war broke out “it will be an all-out war, a merciless, sacred, retaliatory war to be waged by (North Korea).

“It does not want to see foreigners in South Korea fall victim to the war,” the agency quoted the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee as saying.

“The committee informs all foreign institutions and enterprises and foreigners, including tourists…that they are requested to take measures for shelter and evacuation in advance for their safety.”

Last week, North Korean authorities advised embassies in Pyongyang to consider pulling out in case of war, though none appeared to have taken any such action.


Speculation has grown that the North would launch some sort of provocative action this week — perhaps a missile launch or a fresh nuclear weapons test.

A government source in Seoul said a North Korean medium-range missile, reported to have been shunted to the east coast, had been tracked and was believed to be ready for launch.

“Technically, they can launch it as early as tomorrow,” the source said.

But a U.S. embassy official in Seoul said a directive issued last week saying there was no imminent threat to Americans in South Korea remained valid. “Our workers are in all our offices today,” he said. “We have not evacuated anyone.”

A Philippine foreign ministry spokesman quoted diplomats at its Seoul embassy as saying the situation “remains normal and calm”.

Stocks, which had fallen 4 percent over the past four days, edged higher on Tuesday despite the warning to foreigners. The won currency moved little, dipping slightly after the North Korean statement.

Employers at the Kaesong complex faced uncertainty as the 53,000-strong North Korean workforce stayed away. A spokesman for textile company Taekwang Industrial and at least two other firms said production had stopped.

About 475 South Korean workers and factory managers remain in Kaesong, which generates $2 billion in trade for the impoverished North. The Seoul government said 77 would return on Tuesday.

North Korean workers at the park have appeared increasingly agitated in recent days, refusing to talk to their colleagues.

Many Southerners connected with the park bedded down at budget hotels in a nearby South Korean town in the hope that an order would come from the North to re-open.

“I have been feeling anxious now and then. Now it’s really preposterous facing this,” said Shing Dong-chul, 55, a South Korean worker who transports wire made in Kaesong.

“North Korean workers didn’t talk a lot, but they appeared to have complaints about Kaesong being closed. They worried whether they would be working or not.”

Addressing a cabinet meeting, South Korean President Park Geun-hye described the suspension of Kaesong as “very disappointing” and said investors would now shun the North.

Few experts had expected Pyongyang to jeopardize Kaesong, which employs more than 50,000 North Koreans making household goods for 123 South Korean firms.


The zone is practically the last vestige of the “Sunshine Policy” of rapprochement between the two Koreas and a powerful symbol that the divided country could one day reunify.

South Korean companies are estimated to have invested around $500 million in the park since 2004.

World leaders have expressed alarm at the crisis and the prospect of a conflict involving a country claiming to be developing nuclear weapons.

China, the North’s sole diplomatic and financial ally, issued a new call for calm and restraint, though Beijing’s leaders have shown increasing impatience with Pyongyang.

“We ask all the relevant sides to bear in mind regional peace and stability and earnestly protect the legal rights and safety of citizens,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a briefing.

A Russian foreign ministry spokesman, in a statement on the ministry’s website, said Moscow was in solidarity with all G8 industrialized countries “as regards the rejection of Pyongyang’s current provocative and bellicose line of conduct”.

The North is also angry at weeks of joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises off the coast of the peninsula, with B-2 stealth bombers dispatched from their U.S. bases.

But the United States announced the postponement last weekend of a long-planned missile launch, a move officials said was aimed at easing tensions on the peninsula.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visits Seoul this week and the North holds celebrations, and possibly military demonstrations, next Monday to mark the birth date of its founder, Kim Il-Sung – the current leader’s grandfather.

In Washington, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter urged China to use its influence with the North and said Moscow wanted similar action from Beijing.

But Chinese criticism of North Korea is unlikely to mean tough new action against Pyongyang because China would see any collapse of its troublesome neighbor as a disaster.

(Additional reporting by Ju-min Park in PAJU, Jack Kim in Seoul, Ben Blanchard in Beijing; Manuel Mogato in Manila and Steve Gutterman in Moscow; Writing by Ron Popeski; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan)

JYJFantalk Source: yahoo news

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TRANSLATION 111026-111027 Post Of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 111026-111027 Post Of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, October 26th to 5:59am KST, October 28th.

We are indeed a plethora of information
(Min Young Ki, 9:54am KST, 111026) @0101xiahtic You’re in Germany?? Come back in success!!!
(Min Young Ki, 9:56am KST, 111026) @0101xiahtic Wait, you’re in Spain keke It’s nice that I can know where you are… thanks to your fans
(Min Young Ki, 10:07am KST) Come back in success!!! JYJ hwaiting!!!
(Junsu, 2:32am KST, 111027) @poimin73 Thank you hyung^^ Hwaiting to you at all times too, hyung~!!
(Yoo Hee Sung, 9:49am KST, 111027) @0101xiahtic @poimin73 haha Hwaiting to everyone and I hope you have a great time~~^^
(Junsu, 7:17pm KST, 111027) @he2sung I hope you’re doing well, Mr. Director^^ I miss you~

I’m on your side too~!!
(Jung Young Zoo, 11:14am KST, 111026)
 @0101xiahtic Junsu. Are you doing well? Wherever you are, no matter what you do, I’m on your side!!!!!
(Junsu, 2:33am KST) @Zoozooba40 I’m on your side too!! lol
(Jung Young Zoo, 10:41am KST, 111027) @0101xiahtic Woohoo, it’s Junsu. Don’t be sick. From the long flight. And the concert… Eat well. And have lots of fun and happy thoughts. Okay.?! Aja Aja Hwaiting!! That’s all I have to say. Till now, this has been JYJ Jung Young Joo from Yeonhui-dong, South Korea who loves JYJ.. kekekekekeke
(Junsu, 7:18pm KST, 111027) @Zoozooba40 keke Jyj!!!!!

Jaejoong looks so… yellow compares to the other two O_O
(Jaejoong, 2:30am KST, 111027) Ji Sung hyung, JJ, Musashi hyung. The two hyungs have become too close.. haha

The words are so melancholic… and then the picture is….. a little lolworthy
(Yoochun, 1:57am KST, 111028) The streets of Spain are slowly beginning to feel lonely as they take in the large drops of rain that fall and gently tell us of those emotions…

(Lim Mi Rang, 2:06am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky Oppa, you look great in that photo you took of yourself. ^.^! Seriously.~ kekeke
(Yoochun, 2:08am KST, 111028) @mirang_ Just go to bed~ This oppa’s just finished rehearsing~!!
(Lim Mi rang, 2:09am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky Okay… keke I feel like I’ve become a chatterbox. T_T Hwaiting oppa.!
(Yoochun, 2:10am KST, 111028) @mirang_ Goodnight~ ^_^
(Lim Young Pil, 2:43am KST, 111028) What about me~~~~^^ Tell me to have a good night’s sleep too~~~~ haha
(Yoochun, 2:54am KST) I don’t wanna~ I hope you have broken sleep~

…First question should be, You can actually read the menu… right?
(Junsu, 3:41am KST, 111028) What should I eat….??

Jaejoong trolling Yoochun, Junsu butting in, Xiahmori… the usual.
(Yoochun, 3:44am KST, 111028) I want to have someone to call my own…. Should I go on a blind date??
(Jaejoong, 3:56am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky I’ll set you up with someone^^ A girl you could break up with after just one week
(Yoochun, 3:57am KST, 111028) @mjjeje Hm~~~ I’d have to go through with it first to know what I think about that ^_^ Set me up~~~
(Jaejoong, 3:59am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky Knowing you, the two of you could possibly break up within two hours.. lol
(Yoochun, 3:59am KST, 111028) @mjjeje I’m really curious now that you say that~ of what kind of girl she is^^!!!!
(Jaejoong, 4:00am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky Her name is Seol In Soon.
(Junsu, 4:01am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky Are you getting set up on a blind date or something.?
(Yoochun, 4:01am KST, 111028) @mjjeje But in this scenario, I’m the one getting dumped, right?? hahahaha Yes, yes… Who in the world would like me
(Jaejoong, 4:01am KST, 111028) @0101xiahtic Tcah
(Yoochun, 4:01am KST, 111028) @0101xiahtic Get lost~~~~~
(Junsu, 4:03am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky kekeke
(Junsu, 4:03am KST,111028) @mjjeje kekeke

That’s why Yoochun should live with me… errrrrrr *hides*
(John, 3:53am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky Life is meant to be lived with someone… Life is too lonely to live alone. ^_^ Spain must be drenched~~ in the feeling of loneliness kekekekeke
(Yoochun, 3:58am KST, 111028) @elbowyeish Ack~~~~~

Ooooo pretty 😀
(Junsu, 3:58am KST, 111028) It’s kind of…..

Typhoid fever…?!
(Junsu, 4:01am KST, 111028)

(Yoochun, 4:03am KST, 111028) @0101xiahtic So you just didn’t want to eat dinner with us.. You say you’re not that hungry and then you go out to eat by yourself?????
(Junsu, 4:05am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky keke That’s not it, I actually came out to go shopping but.. I found myself feeling so hungry.. The smell drew me in…… sobbingㅜ
(Yoochun, 4:07am KST, 111028) @0101xiahtic Hm~~~~ darn typhoid fever~~ (T/N: Yeah… I’m sure he’s substituting swear words here like how we say sugar and fudge instead of.. you know;;)
(Junsu, 4:08am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky What’s with the typhoid fever…..

Dae to the Bak indeed X)
(Jaejoong, 4:04am KST, 111028) Gasp.. He’s asking about what he should eat.. Daebak.. And he wouldn’t even go out to eat with us.. (T_T)
(T/N: I’ve left ‘Daebak’ as it is since it’s now commonly used a little differently from its literal sense. It means more along the lines of ‘wtf/seriously?’ than ‘a big hit’)
(Junsu, 4:06am KST, 111028) That’s not it, there are so many restaurants in the streetsㅠ They kept calling out to me…. lol
(Jaejoong, 4:07am KST, 111028) @01010xiahtic That’s just… the smell is… Tcah. Dae to the Bak (T/N: Sometimes we like to spice things up a bit with ‘Daebak’. I say it a lot actually XD)

It’s so pretty!!
(Junsu, 4:06am KST, 111028) Does anyone know what this building is?? There were a ton of people in front of it… Is it a famous building?

omg these death threats remind me of Yunho’s ‘I’m gonna fold your spine in half’ threats X)
(Yoochun, 4:08am KST, 111028) @0101xiahtic Junsu~ I’m going to swap the location of your cheekbone and anklebone~
(Jaejoong, 4:08am KST, 111028) @mjjeje Junsu, I’m going to swap the location of your ribs and Achilles tendon..
(Jaejoong, 4:12am KST, 111028) @0101xiahtic Come back home~
(Junsu, 4;14am KST, 111028) @mjjeje I’m here, at the hotel~ I’m gonna take a shower

Forever alone~…. not
(Yoochun, 4:20am KST, 111028) @01010xiahtic @mjjeje Junsu~~ Goodnight and have a nice stroll with Jaejoong hyung~ I’m going to be have some beer in my room alone…

I agree on the blind date part!!! Unless it’s with one of us here *wiggles eyebrows*
(Yoochun, 4:28am KST, 111028) Kyah~~ I didn’t know there was whiskey here…
(John, 4:31am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky Gasp… Not alone! Don’t drink whiskey or go on blind dates kekekekeke It would be nice if we could have some drinks together on Twitter ^^
(Yoochun, 4:36am KST, 111028) @elbowyeish I have to have a little… so I can fall asleep…^^ I wish I could have a drink with you~

…I think he’s already sleeping but thanks for notifying us of your glorious return 😉
(Jaejoong, 5:56am KST, 111028) @6002theMicky I’ve come back to my room now^^

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