[TRANS] 130423 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Is Seen Singing For His Cousin’s Wedding, ‘Amazing Vocal Talents

[TRANS] 130423 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Is Seen Singing For His Cousin’s Wedding, ‘Amazing Vocal Talents

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has become a hot topic for showcasing his explosive vocal talents at a wedding ceremony.

A video was recently uploaded on YouTube with the title ‘Even Wedding Songs Can Become a Work of Art with Junsu’.

The video shows Kim Junsu singing his own interpretation of H.O.T’s ‘Blessing’ at his cousin’s wedding, giving his all for his relative’s celebrations.

With blond hair and a clean-cut black suit on, Kim Junsu drew attention for his wedding guest attire as well. His proportional body and small head had him landed in the ‘Problematic Guests (for drawing too much attention)’ list.

He stole the eyes and ears of everyone at the wedding with his high notes and clear voice. He looked at his cousin with tear filled eyes and conveyed as many emotions as he could in his voice, giving everyone at the ceremony goosebumps.

A photographer who was at the wedding said, “I had always thought he was good at singer, but seeing him 1cm in front of me, I could see that he was so different from all the other singers and artistes I had seen at countless concerts and events and I could feel all the emotions he conveyed through my entire body,” and “His voice really got to me as he looked as his cousin with tear-filled eyes and so many emotions in his singing. I found myself forgetting about my camera and applauding him afterwards.”

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[Trans] 110302 Park Yoochun’s fan club ‘…

[Trans] 110302 Park Yoochun’s fan club ‘Blessing Yoochun’ donated 10 million won to Hallym Burn Foundation‏

‘Blessing Yoochun’, fanclub of JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun, recently raised and donated 10 million KRW for Hallym Burn Foundation which would be used for the treatment and surgery fees of burn children patients at the centre.

According to correspondent at Hallym Burn Foundation, “‘Blessing Yoochun’ contacted us in January and they had wanted to donate in the name of Park Yoochun.” One of the cafe (fanclub) administrator, ‘Player’ said, “Through Park Yoochun, the fanclub members seems to have received blessings and wanted to pass this blessing to the burn children who would be able to receive treatments. The members had wholeheartedly planned to donate 10 million won.”

Hallym Burn Foundation helped Park Hyun Bin, who had financial difficulties and thus unable to receive treatment, with the donation. Park Hyun Bin, a 13 year old boy, had 3rd degree burns when he was playing with the lighter at home in 2004. With the donation, he was able to have a surgery to correct his chronic skin damage which has resulted in bone growth problems due to the lack of treatments. He is currently back in Jeju and awaiting to continue his studies.

Fanclub members have visited Park Hyun Bin in the hospital and presented him with clothes and shoes. ‘Player’ expressed, “Through sharing, we are able to allow many people spread their love with this kind of charity drive in the name of celebrity. We hoped through this event, the burn children are able to have recovered beautiful skin like Milky Skin-like Yoochun after the treatments. This is why the members made such a decision. Though there are different kinds of fan supports, ‘Blessing Yoochun’ wish to let everyone share the happiness around and will continue in the future.”

‘Blessing Yoochun’ has previously donated 15 million won to children with brain illness and they have been introduced in news program as ‘the fanclub that shares in their love of celebrities.’

credit: Sports Chosun+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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