9 K-drama Stars Who May Be Leaving For Military Service This Year


What a blow to K-drama fans! The newest list of eligible stars who may be serving military service this year is shocking. At first this list was suspected of being a hoax, but the stars listed are at about the right age. Here’s a list of the actors who have been named by Korean media as soon to be taking their military leave, including their birth dates.

1. Jang Geun Suk (August 4, 1987, will be 27 this year)

janggeunsuk2. Kim Hyun Joong (June 6, 1986, will be 28 this year)


3. Park Yoo Chun (June 4, 1986, will be 28 this year), 4. Kim Jae Joong (January 26, 1986, already 28), 5. Kim Junsu (December 15, 1986, will be 28 this year)


Oh no! The entire JYJ group?


6. Jung Yunho (February 6, 1986)

yunhomilitary7. Lee Seung Gi (January 13, 1987)

leeseunggi8. Lee Min Ho (June 22, 1987, will be 27 this year)

leeminho9. Kim Soo Hyun (February 16, 1988)

kimsoohyunWatch a 400 year old alien hunk fall for a beautiful actress in My Love from Another Star

Fans are crying their hearts out already!

It is interesting how close these superstars are in their ages and even birth dates.


In South Korea it is an obligation of all males between the ages of 18 to 35 to serve their military service. The length of service varies depending on the military branch: 21 months for Army and Marines, 23 months for Navy, 24 months for Air Force. The non-active duty service, e.g. civil service or public service worker, is from 24 months to 36 months. Athletes who win medals at the Olympic Games or gold medals at the Asian Games are granted exemptions but still have to serve four weeks in basic training.


Aha, I see a loophole for Kim Soo Hyun: Someone who is at least 400 years old doesn’t have to serve in the military, right?

(Source: sohu, wikipedia, weibo.com/soohyunk)

JYJ Fantalk Source: www.dramafever.com/news

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[Translation] 120322 JYJ Tweets

[Trans] 120322 JYJ Tweets

Junsu: Oh right, today is the premiere of Yoochun’s drama~ I will watch it if I’ll be online tomorrow~ It’s interesting, right??? ^^

Junsu: Returning back home, leaning against the bed, kacha~ (T/N: camera sound) scary right…. Ke, good night everyone.

Junsu: Chelsea won today!!!!!!

Junsu: @JS_921214 Ju Seung ah… Hyung caught a flu too TT The symptoms started the night before, and felt so tired yesterday and today TT You have to go for a long while, do rest well~~~

Junsu: The phlegm that had never happened to me in my life, started since yesterday… Including sneezing ㅜ I thought I caught a flu… In the end its actually the allergy from seasons-changing… In the past, I have no relation with allergy reactions… As one ages, it appeared one by one… Ah! ㅠ It seems to have all started since the time I was in Japan, it started from that pollen allergy ㅠ

Kim So Hyun (@wowkimsohyun): @6002theMicky How are you ^^ I am So Hyun~ Yesterday’s crown prince!! Really really handsome~ little maiden shall retreat, and follow behind you supporting you!! Please work hard ♥ pic.twitter.com/F05Hdg7X (Words on placard: Rooftop Prince Fighting! Crown Prince Fighting ♥

Lee Min Ho (@93LeeMinHo): @wowkimsohyun You just forsaken the oppa who you worked with for 3 dramas just like that…

Kim So Hyun: @93LeeMinHo Oppa! Life is as such!! Oppa is very handsome yesterday ♥ Though it’s a bit late, fighting!!~

Yoochun: @wowkimsohyun So Hyun ah ^^ Thank you. ke. You must have started to be busy too, Have to continue working hard, okay!! Oppa will always give you support ^^

Junsu: I… am not feeling well ㅜ pic.twitter.com/R5ql3sUo

credit: baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

 Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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