[News] 141011 Kim Jaejoong Makes a Surprise Friendly Appearance at Gummy’s Concert


Kim Jaejoong of JYJ paid a surprise visit to his friend Gummy‘s solo concert on October 11.

The popular star had a surprise appearance at Gummy’s small-scale concert, “Fall in Fall.” Previously, Gummy has appeared at Kim Jaejoong’s solo concert for a duet stage.

At Gummy’s concert, Kim Jaejoong had a small event with the audience and performed a song. For the special event, Kim Jaejoong read a personal story from a couple in the audience, and as the man proposed on stage, he even copied him, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Both under the same agency, C-JeS Entertainment, Gummy and Kim Jaejoong are also good friends, even recording a song called “Heaven” together on the repackage of Kim Jaejoong’s album released in January.

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[Video] 120623 Behind The Scene of “Dr. Jin”–Kim Kyung Tak’s Proposal Scene To Young Rae [Eng Subs]

Love is two-sided. Kim Kyung Tak is so sincere in his proposal, yet he has forgotten to ask the lady if she is agreeable.

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‘Dr Jin’ Receives The Highest Overseas Broadcasting Rights Proposal In History

‘Dr Jin’ Receives The Highest Overseas Broadcasting Rights Proposal In History

Starfox Entertainment Company’s representative Lee Da Hee expressed, “In actuality, it’s difficult to bear the production fees of a drama just through PPL (advertisements) and sponsors. The usage of Hallyu stars and idols are effective in helping the return of production fees, thus broadcasting companies and production companies prefers them.”

When a Hallyu star is casted in a local drama, just solely the overseas broadcasting rights would have earned back 60-70% of the production fees. For MBC’s ‘Dr Jin’ whereby Kim Jaejoong was casted, a record-high overseas broadcasting rights proposal was received. The overseas importers are also engaged in a fierce battle for the drama.

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