[OTHER TWITTER] 131214 Moon Sung Geun Twitter Update: ‘Sea Fog’ Storyboard

JYJ3′s Note: If you’re wondering about the ‘#4′ tweet, it was about the make-up team but since there was no mention of Yoochun, admin didn’t feel it was a relevant jyj update

Moon Sung Geun will be playing the father-figure role to Dongshik (Yuchun’s character) in ‘Sea Fog’


[TRANS] Revealing movie ‘Sea Fog’ filming site-5.

Finally introducing the cast
1. Yu Seung-mok, Kim Sang-ho, Lee Hee-joon
2. Moon Sung-geun, Park Yoochun
3. Kim Yoon-seok


[T/N: the text in the 2nd box are- 동식=’Dongshik'(the name of Yoochun’s character) and 완호=’Wan-ho'(the name of Moon Sung-geun’s character’s)]

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