Translation: An Unforgettable Day…

[TRANS] An unforgettable day…
It has been 1 year since the day my beloved nephew was born into this world!!!*^^* Hyun Ah ah… Happy birthday… But… in this happy day… all of sudden… dad got sick on his way (T/N: to the birthday party, I guess)..
 In the emergency room of the University Hospital.. major surgery in the middle of the night… Dad, please completely recover soon..

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TRANS 110624 JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Fanclub Donates To…

[TRANS] 110624 JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Fanclub Donates To The Korea Heart Foundation

Posted by ecaisme at Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Korea Heart Foundation revealed on the 24th that Kim Jaejoong’s fanclub ‘SarangJoong’ donated 6 million Won in surgery fees for a 14-year-old girl and a one-year-old baby boy.

The operator of SarangJoong stated, “The donations are from the treasured items auction and entrance fees that were collected to celebrate Jaejoong’s birthday,” and “Just like how Kim Jaejoong continues to move people and bring them joy by singing and acting, we will continue to donate to better society.”

SarangJoong has donated money in the past for the bone-marrow transplant surgery of a 14-year-old girl suffering from leukemia.

Source: Yeonhap news
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