[Vid] 130305 Jaejoong – JYJ Donation Ceremony to UNICEF Korea Press Conference

[Video] 130305 Jaejoong — JYJ Donation Ceremony to UNICEF Korea Press Conference

credit: upnewsTV+lovexiarin+ kpkjyj+재환 박

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[Pic] 130305 Jaejoong – JYJ Donation Ceremony To UNICEF Korea press conference {231 pic+3 Vid}

JYJ donated the money they received as honorary ambassadors of the ‘Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2012 (KBEE 2012)’ to UNICEF Korea.

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[Video] 121012 JYJ Donation for Thailand Flood Relief and Now..

[Vid] 121012 JYJ Donation for Thailand Flood Relief and Now..

Good news from World Vision Thailand! Children who were damaged from Thailand flood got school supplies and necessaries through JYJ’s donation. JYJ make them smile

credit: JYJ Facebook

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[News] TVXQ Yunho’s Fans Build A Library In China In His Name

[News] TVXQ Yunho’s fans build a library in China in his name

Fans of TVXQ’s Yunho have opened a ‘Yunho Library‘ in China.

A message was recently written on an online community site with the title, ‘Have you received this kind of a birthday gift?’.

Fans of Yunho have been planning to build this library for a long time coming, and it has finally opened on March 24th.

Fans explained the purpose of the library by saying, “Jung Yunho is a kind, warm, passionate and honest young man, and therefore we have respect for him. Because of him, our hearts have been moved numerous times.”

The library is located on the second floor of Chungam Elementary School, and the library provides students with books, bookshelves, desks, writing supplies, and more. The fans also handed the teachers and the principle a door plate that reads, ‘Yunho Library’. The library includes 1,688 books.

 Netizens who heard the news remarked, “Yunho’s fans are amazing. The library is awesome“, along with “Yunho must be so proud“, and more.


Source & Image: TVReport via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

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[News] 120229 Foreign fan club of JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong donates 10 million won

[News] 120229 Foreign Fan Club of JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Donates 10 Million Won

Prince JJ, foreign fan club of JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, recently donated 10 million won.

For Kim’s birthday, January 26, Prince JJ donated 10 million won and birthday presents for the Mango Tree Campaign from World Vision.

Mango Tree Campaign is a project proceeded by C-JeS Entertainment, which represents JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan. The project is to give over 2,000 mango and apple trees to Sudan, Africa.

Prince JJ also donated shoes, jackets, T-shirts, and CDs as birthday presents. People responded: “Kim’s foreign fans are so great.” “They are really nice to donate for Kim’s birthday.” “Kim must be happy because of his fans.”

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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[News] 111227 JYJ’s Jae Joong Donates 50 Million Won To His Schools

[News] 111227 JYJ’s Jae Joong donates 50 million won to his schools

JYJ’s Jae Joong has donated 50 million won to his schools as a development fund.

Jae Joong has recently donated 20 million won to Kong Ju Joong Dong Elementary School and 30 million won to Kong Ju Middle School Attached to Kong Ju University.

From the donation, Kong Ju Joong Dong Elementary School is going to build a library, a computer lab along with replacement of computers, and drinking fountains. And Kong Ju Middle School is going to award scholarships to its students, purchase books, and provide class equipment for special classes. It will also be used for the elementary school’s baseball team and the middle school’s swimming team.

Jae Joong says, “While participating in many donation activities to thank fans, I thought I should also support the students who were born and raised in my town. It could be greater if I could make a donation directly to the teachers and the students, but I’m sad that I couldn’t. If I ever get a chance, I really want to visit. I hope the students can study in better learning environments when the winter vacation is over.”

Jae Joong sent the message with his autograph on the closing day of the schools before the winter vacation, and the students enthusiastically responded to his sincerely heart.


Goo Ki Nam, a registrar of Kong Ju Middle School Attached to Kong Ju University said, “We thank Jae Joong for considering his school and its students. The students were so happy when they heard the news of Jae Joong’s donation. I’m so proud that one of students from this school has become a Hallyu star and makes a donation to his school. As Jae Joong has succeeded by maximizing his talent, I hope our students can also become talented people of this country. Thank your for providing a special closing ceremony.”

Jae Joong also donated 200 million to fix the damage made by the flood in Thailand with JYJ’s Jun Su and Yoo Chun, and he is currently proceeding the Mango Tree Project with World Vision.

source: TV Report
credit: en.korea.com
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[TRANS] 111123 JYJ Donate 200 Million Won To World Vision, “We Want To Help Those In Need In Thailand

[TRANS] 111123 JYJ Donate 200 Million Won To World Vision, “We Want To Help Those In Need In Thailand

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) donated 200 million Won to World Vision, the total amount the organization was hoping to collect for their second round of aid for those suffering in Thailand due to the recent floods.

Soon after the worst flood in Thailand’s history hit the nation, JYJ posted a video on their official homepage and expressed their sorrow as they stated, “We worry about the safety of our fans. Also, as there are many staff members who we’ve worked with in Thailand, we hope everyone is able to find stability in their lives as soon as possible.”

Now, JYJ have decided to donate 200 million Won to World Vision, the total amount the organization was hoping to collect for their second round of aid which will help with restoration, as well as provide daily necessities, sanitation, education and psychotherapy for children.

The donation will be used to provide necessities such as meals, emergency provisions, mosquito nets, blankets, water filters, drinking water and books.

JYJ stated, “We learned a lot from seeing just how much help our donation in Japan helped those who were mentally and physically strained from the earthquake and its aftermath. We heard that the situation in Thailand is severe and with the nation submerged in water, the aftermath and damage was quite extensive. As we receive so much love from Thailand, we decided that we had to do whatever we could to help. We hope the Korean community in Thailand and our Thai fans stay strong and find stability in their lives as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, JYJ are also working on a child sponsorship program with Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan. On the 25th, with Christmas only a month away, C-JeS will be releasing a video in Korea, English and Japanese to promote the ‘Mango Tree Project’, which aims to plant 20,000 mango trees of hope in Africa.

Source: [etoday]

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Translation 110808 U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fans Donate 6,400 USD For The Japan Earthquake…

[Trans] 110808 U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fans Donate 6,400 USD For The Japan Earthquake

TVXQ Member U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fans have gained attention for their donation to the Tohoku Earthquake.

Recently the online community uploaded photographs of the “Let’s go together” project’s donation information as well as presents for Yunho. The “Let’s Go Together” project produced towels, which were sold to the members (of the community) limited to one per person.

Approximately 500 fans participated in this project and on 29 July, they made a donation of 500,000 yen (Approx. 6,400USD.) This is their third donation, for a total of about 1,500,000 yen (Approx. 19,200 USD.) They were also noticed for giving the towel to U-Know Yunho, together with other gifts.

Seeing this, netizens said, “The kindness of the Japanese fans is amazing.” “I feel happy, seeing them do good deeds,” and other comments.

Source [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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TRANS 110624 JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Fanclub Donates To…

[TRANS] 110624 JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Fanclub Donates To The Korea Heart Foundation

Posted by ecaisme at Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Korea Heart Foundation revealed on the 24th that Kim Jaejoong’s fanclub ‘SarangJoong’ donated 6 million Won in surgery fees for a 14-year-old girl and a one-year-old baby boy.

The operator of SarangJoong stated, “The donations are from the treasured items auction and entrance fees that were collected to celebrate Jaejoong’s birthday,” and “Just like how Kim Jaejoong continues to move people and bring them joy by singing and acting, we will continue to donate to better society.”

SarangJoong has donated money in the past for the bone-marrow transplant surgery of a 14-year-old girl suffering from leukemia.

Source: Yeonhap news
Translated & shared by: Dongbangdata.net

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So proud of our mancubs That is my…

So proud of our mancubs. That is my own affectionate term for our five men. In this case JYJ’s giving to the relief effort in Japan is tender and definitely a heart-action.
Keep Fighting and we will all Keep the Faith, guys. Momma Cha

[News] Exclusive Interview With JYJ on Their Donation to Japan[Earthquake in Eastern Japan] JYJ Donates 600 million KRW… With Fans around the World, “Take Heart, Japan”

[Joong Ang Ilbo, Reporter Jeong Kang Hyun]

Korean Wave Idol group JYJ donated 600 million KRW (approximately 600,000 USD) for the restoration of the damages from the large earthquakes in Eastern Japan. Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun (from left in the lecture) also sent their messages of their sorrowful hearts in Japanese on their home page.

The idol group JYJ, comprised of the former TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, donated 600 million KRW to the international relief organization world Vision in relief funds for the damages due to the large earthquakes in Eastern Japan on the 16th. JYJ, who in their days as TVXQ had risen to be the top of all Korean Wave stars, are still enjoying a constant popularity in Japan after their reorganization into JYJ. On top of the donation, JYJ plan to also enthusiastically lead the effort to build awareness for the seriousness of the damages due to the Japan earthquakes through their 9-city World Tour that begins in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2nd.

They will also carry out a ‘Leave a supportive comment–“Take Heart, Japan”’Campaign on their World Tour SNS website (www.facebook.com/jyjworldtourconcert). They revealed with an interview with this newspaper (Donga) that: “Japan is a place that has fans who have loved us for a long time. The decision to give was only natural, there was no need to even (consciously) decide.”


Q: Your feelings upon first learning of the news of the earthquakes of the 11th?

Junsu: I felt that something quite serious must have happened because during filming in Tokyo the lights and the windows severely shook.

Yoochun: Because it was the day that Junsu was to come back from Tokyo, above all things we confirmed Junsu’s safety first, and also contacted our friends in Japan.

Q: Reason for deciding to donate?

Jaejoong: Japan is a place with people who have supported us for a long time. The desire to give help to a place that is suffering from such a horrible disaster is (I believe) not just ours but the common belief of all people.

Q: It’s said that you worried a lot on whether to disclose the fact of your donation.

Junsu: Actually we wanted to donate anonymously. But we felt that if we revealed our desire for giving, more people may join us in our effort. Already I heard that fans of JYJ all around the world are giving with their hearts, and felt that if we joined directly we may be able to help (Japan) in a greater way (than otherwise).

Q: How will the donated funds be used?

Junsu: They will be used to provide emergency relief items to Sendai and Fukushima, the areas that suffered the most damages, and also be used for the restoration and the reconstruction of the cities and for the programs of children’s shelters. For the children’s shelters, there will be programs that can heal the hearts of the children who suffered shocks.

Q: The calm response by the Japanese is gathering a lot of attention.

Yoochun: I was moved by how the Japanese so calmly responded (to the situation) even though the shock they received from the unexpected disaster must have been severe.

Q: Words you would like to send to the Japanese Fans?

Jaejoong: I want to tell them that we are always sharing the sadness of their hearts with them. We wish that they will take heart soon and have hope. We will pray for the fast restoration, as if they are our family.


Lee Byung Won, 700 million KRW Donation; Ahn Jae Wook, 100 million KRW Donation = The donations by the significant figures in the cultural industry to help Japan that has fallen into suffering are continuing. The Korean Wave star Lee Byung Hyun, who is called “Byun-sama,” gave 700 million KRW through the Korean Red Cross. Lee said: “Above all things, (saving) lives come first. I wish that it will help at least a little the Japanese citizens who are suffering from the natural disasters. Ahn Jae Wook, who is enjoying enormous popularity in Japan, also donated 100 million KRW to the Red Cross. The singer Kim Chang Wan will hold a “Help Japan Emergency Non-Profit Concert” with the few critical independent bands that perform in the Hongic University of Seoul. Crying Nut, Chang Ki Hwa and Faces, Seoul Electric Music Organization, Kingston Roodiska and such 17 teams will participate to perform on the 18th, 7pm, in the V-Hall of Hongic University.

Poet Kho-Eun Sends in Manuscript Fees = (He) revealed on Joong Ang Ilbo (2nd page, March 16th) that he will give all of his proceeds for writing “Letter to the Japanese People” as donation to help Japan.

source: Joong Ang Ilbo
credit: JYJ3
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