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[TRANS] 120130 Tohoshinki’s Yokohama Arena Live – Huge Popularity, Even “Restricted View Seats” At 8,500 Yen Sold Out Immediately

[TRANS] 120130 Tohoshinki’s Yokohama Arena Live – Huge Popularity, Even “Restricted View Seats” At 8,500 Yen Sold Out Immediately

“Ever since restarting their activities in January last year, we have always wanted to do their own solo live tour. We wanted to show our thankful feelings to those who gave us their support even when we couldn’t do activities as Tohoshinki, so we worked really hard in preparation for this tour.”

On 18-19 January, Tohoshinki started their largest tour in Tohoshinki history, the “Tohoshinki Live Tour  2012 ~TONE~”. With 24 performances at 11 location, it is expected to attract a total audience of 450,000 people.

It has been 3 years since their last solo tour. For Yunho (25) and Changmin (23) , this is the first time they are doing a tour as two. And Yunho spoke about these thoughts during the opening MC.

The location was covered in red penlights, from the seats in the stands that extended to the ceiling.

“Tickets this time were hard to obtain, even for fanclub members. Although a ballot was held after submitting their entries, they mostly couldn’t get tickets (weak laugh). Eventually, just before the concerts, not only “standing seats” but also “restricted view” and “restricted experience” seats were sold.”

Often unheard of, avex explains what these “restricted view seats” (8,500 yen) and “restricted experience seats” (8,000 yen) are, on their website, explicitly stating that they are “Seats where members cannot be seen during the performance and videos, and ‘restricted experience seats’ are seats at the ends of the stage, where there is a high chance that you cannot see videos as well as the main stage performances.”

However, this was still great news for fans who “want to see the movements of the two people,” and those seats were completely sold out as well.

Ms A, (45 years old, housewife) who was actually sitting at the restricted view seat, testified that, “Although there were stage equipment placed nearly, but actually compared to those at the back of the arena, and those at the 2nd and 3rd levels of the stands, I think we probably had a better view. I don’t really know why such good seats were considered as restricted view seats.”
Also, Ms B (48 years old, office worker) who sat at the “restricted experience seats” said, “For the performance at the hanamichi (t/n: the part of the stage that extends into the audiences’ seats) and the main stage, I could only see the backs of Yunho and Changmin. But as the two members walked in and out from the ends of the stage very often, the view then was so clear that we could even see the sweat on their faces. “
(Josei Seven, 9 February Issue)

Source : [News Post Seven]

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Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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